About Us

Hi, I’m Bob. Bob Peterson. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a “Bob of all trades”, floating from job to job. I picked up a lot of skills on the way. I can do a bit of electrical, a bit of heating and air, repairs, landscaping, you name it. You could call me a handyman by trade, though I’m mostly a plumber. I live in Wisconsin, so you can bet I know my business. As a plumber I get most of my work. You wouldn’t believe how often I get calls for all sorts of insane problems with peoples’ plumbing. Shoddy work from a contractor I need to sort out, burst pipes, a few ruptured septic tanks…but mostly I get called about peoples’ toilets. Installs and clogs, mostly, and an unbelievably huge amount of both. The first I understand, but the second? It’s so avoidable I have to laugh sometimes.

Toilets are kind of a funny thing. Everybody has at least one. Usually two or more, even. Everybody knows they’re necessary, but nobody really likes them. They’re just there, and occasionally cause a problem you call in a guy like me to fix.

Let me let you in on a little secret: I don’t really like toilets either. Plumbing pays well but that doesn’t mean I like rooting around in someone’s pipes or fiddling with their toilet (which is probably a bit dirty, even if it wasn’t before they had to call me in). It’s not a fun experience for you or me.

And a lot of these problems are caused by skimping on a toilet. It honestly boggles the mind a little bit. Here you have something that you use every day, multiple times a day, and when you’re installing you look to save something like a $100, $200 tops on this thing. It’s uncomfortable, hard to clean, and clogs a lot but hey, you saved that money right? Doesn’t matter if it’s a pain in the…you know.

To be fair, maybe people are just uninformed, I thought to myself one day. They just go to the nearest department store or home improvement joint and grab what looks like the best. Nobody really shops around for toilets because maybe all these people think they’re all the same, right?

So I got one of my more tech savvy nieces to set up this site for me: Best Flushing Toilets. I break down how and why each of these toilets is the best. It makes your life easier, it makes my life easier, everyone wins. If I do my job right you’re informed on what kinds of toilets last longer, feel better to sit on, clean easily (or barely need cleaning at all) and rarely, if ever clog.

No more excuses. You come to this site, you read my reviews, you know what to get. It’s as simple as that.