Best American Standard Flushing Toilets

7 Best American Standard Flushing Toilets in USA & Canada ( Plumber Reviewed)

The Best American Standard Toilets [In a Nutshell]

1). American Standard Champion 4 MAX Toilet » Score 10/10

The Champion 4 MAX is the most sought-after American Standard flushing toilet, and for a reason! The product has been designed to achieve maximum flushing performance while using 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This means you are assured of larger masses being flushed away (clog-free) in water-efficiency mode. Both elongated and round variants are available.

2). American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet » Score 9.9/10

The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 is an ideal option for those who are on the lookout for a compact toilet that suits perfectly in even the smallest of bathrooms [but this concept will work well in larger bathrooms as well]. Although it is sold as a compact toilet, the height of the bowl and the elongated toilet seat render it a comfortable toilet.

3). American Standard H2Option » Score 9.5/10

The goal in using toilets is to use as little water as possible while still getting the job done. The American Standard H2Option toilet is a shining and budget-friendly illustration of that!

4). American Standard Edgemere 10-inch Rough-In Toilet » Score 9/10

The pleasing and simplistic architecture of the American Standard Edgemere toilet makes it nice to the eye and enticing to customers who want to use new and contemporary design while having efficient flushing capability on a low gpf.

5). American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet » Score 8/10

Many bathroom labels approach elderly consumers. But what about the small ones? American Standard Baby Devoro provides a special paradigm for people who are small of height, whether they are kids or small-statured adults.

6). American Standard Advanced Clean 100 Bidet Toilet » Score 8/10

Prepare yourself for an all-new, rejuvenating experience by enjoying a soothing and revitalizing time with the American Standard Advanced Clean 100 Bidet Toilet. The dual nozzle SpaLet Bidet Seat provides hands-free washing to both the front and the rear of the body by routing water to both locations with two nozzles.

7). American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated » Score 9/10

If you have someone living in your home who has disabilities, this American Standard is a great choice for your bathroom. It features a larger base and a taller seat that helps those with limited mobility and other medical issues use the bathroom with ease. The toilet also uses EverClean technology to help clean the toilet and cut down on the time you spend cleaning the bathroom.

American Standard is undoubtedly every plumber’s top recommended flushing toilet brand for American and Canadian consumers. And the plumber reviewing the top-rated American Standard toilets in this post is no different as well 😜!

Whenever someone reaches out to me saying…

“Hey Bob! Can you please recommend to me an ideal toilet brand for everyday home usage?”

My first recommendation to such individuals is always the flushing toilets manufactured by American Standard, as long as those homeowners have the budget to purchase the American Standard toilets (because they are a bit at the heavier side of the price, compared to other best flushing toilets in the market 😜)

Ok, Ok! Although there’s no denying the fact that American Standard is the best flushing brand for Americans and Canadians… but not every one of its manufactured toilets can be considered best for flushing. Furthermore, the toilet company continues to break new grounds with innovative products every year.

Therefore, here I have reviewed and compiled a list of the best American Standard flushing toilets to buy in 2021. These reviews and buying guide comes straight from plumbing experts and consumer reports. This ensures the end-users are recommended products that really are the 2021’s best!

7 Best American Standard Flushing Toilets in USA & Canada (2021 Plumber Reviewed)

Best American Standard Flushing Toilets

1). American Standard Champion 4 MAX Toilet

American Standard Champion 4 MAX Toilet

Many that want a hassle-free toilet with a good flushing mechanism, but decreased water use, will love the American Standard Champion 4. Available in both elongated and round-front variants, this toilet has a surface that prevents the development of mold and algae and is shaped in a manner that is more convenient for the elderly and disabled.

One of the key selling points of American Standard Champion 4 is its extra-wide 4-inch flush valve, which gives this model greater evacuation capacity for a clog-free performance every time.

The American Standard Champion 4 is eco-sustainable, consuming just 1.6 gallons of water per flush without losing flushing capacity. Reduced water use would also make the toilet compensate for itself because of the toilet saved on water bills.

A glaze (surface treatment) is added to the American Standard Champion 4, which stops chemicals from binding to it, enabling it to remain cleaner longer. It is therefore smooth and slick on the exterior, causing waste to slide into the drainpipe with ease. The glaze is antimildew and antimicrobial, holding the bathroom tidy even when you skip toilet cleanings for several weeks. The only drawback to a glazed surface is that chlorine additives cannot be used as they can weaken the surface. If you have an American Norm Champion 4, make sure you use a bleach-free toilet cleaner.

The one-piece concept of the American Norm Champion 4 is a combination of both positives and negatives. It’s perfect because it’s very simple to keep tidy, with no nooks and crannies where bugs or debris will build up. The drawback of a one-piece design is that the entire toilet weighs quite a ton. Therefore, you need a decent deal of upper body power (and a strong back) to lug heavy weight. Two-piece conventional styles, on the other hand, make it simpler to carry the toilet upstairs piece by piece.

Flush Rate:1.28 GPF
Rough In:12-inches
Rim Height:16.5-inches
Seat included:No


  • Champion Flushing System
  • PowerWash rim scrubs bowl with each flush
  • Durable Vitreous china material
  • EPA WaterSense compliant
  • Color match bowl caps
  • Chrome finish trip lever
  • EverClean Surface
  • Many customers say that the flush valve seals need replacement after several months.
  • Seat not included

2). American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet

American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Small-sized bathrooms can limit the selection of toilet bowls. With the Compact Cadet 3, you get the best of both worlds. Because of its compactness, you’ll be able to save space while also enjoying a more comfortable elongated bowl. Since Cadet 3 is so lightweight, it takes minimal work to set it up.

The measurements of this toilet are the most convenient. The chair height is achieved with the installation of the seat. Additionally, the material used (vitreous china) gives the item a dazzling and antibacterial appearance. Vitreous china is commonly found in the toilet manufacturing industry. This is attributed to the fact that this material is suitable for bathroom accessories. The porcelain is durable, ensuring that the seat will serve you for a long time. Additionally, you won’t have to exert much effort when cleaning it.

The coating is EverClean, which implies that it is stain-free. Furthermore, there will be no unpleasant odor. The most prevalent concern in bathrooms is mildew, which is often avoided by the EverClean surface.

Cadet 3 is one of the most effective goods produced by this organization. It just needs 1.28 gallons of water per rinse. This volume of water is 20% smaller than what a normal toilet uses; as a consequence, you can save money for each flush. Despite utilizing a limited volume of water, the toilet has the highest output overall flush value. It makes the American Cadet 3 flushing machine efficient enough to drain a bucket of 1kg golf balls with ease.

It’s a 3-inch dual flush valve that, when coupled with the glazed trapway, allows for 100% waste disposal in single flushing. FloWise water management technology offers the best degree of water conservation. Furthermore, there is no need to deep clean the toilet on a daily basis. With each flushing, the PowerWash Rim scrubs the bowl. To put it another way, the system cleans itself any time you use it and also saves you water.

While it is not the cheapest option, it does come with a longer warranty. The bulk of products come with a ten-year warranty. This one, on the other side, comes with a lifetime guarantee on chinaware and five-year protection on all mechanical pieces.

Flush Rate:1.28 GPF
Flush Valve:3-inches
Rim Height:16.5-inches


  • Compact design
  • Ideal for small bathrooms
  • EverClean Surface
  • Slow-close, Silent-Closing
  • Durable One-piece construction
  • Right Height bowl [ADA Compliant]
  • High Water Efficiency
  • Large 3 inch flush valve for a powerful flush
  • Sanitary lift tab on the seat
  • N/A

3). American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

The American Standard H2Option not only is a double flush toilet, costing cheap, but it is also a high-performance two-burner toilet that uses almost 20% less water than the EPA’s standard advises. Half-flushing uses 0.92 gallons of water, while a full flush uses 1.28 gallons.

To guarantee that the toilet is cleansed properly with each flush, the PowerWash technology underneath the rim is used to optimize cleanliness and effectiveness. Plus, the EverClean surface with a hard-baked ceramic foundation ensures nothing sticks to it.

Thinking of how one gallon of water is making strong flushing performance possible? Two separate technologies are responsible for this. The PowerWash rim is the first component we’ll be discussing. It works this way:

  • When you flush, the air is already in the bowl’s hollow rim. When water rushes in and inflates the air, the air presses back towards the water, thereby increasing the impact.
  • The rim’s holes aren’t angled downwards. Instead, they are twisted back against the wall of the bowl and clockwise.
  • The water rushes out and swirls about while the siphon operation from the drain extracts the waste and the water.
  • The bottom of the bowl contains a divot that houses a pool of water. The water in the reservoir helps improve the water’s momentum, resulting in further pick-up and go capacity.

The second is Jet-Powered Siphon. It works this way:

  • After the flush, the water passes from the tank to the chamber. Since the chamber comprises pressurized air, it adds force to the water.
  • The water is then expelled from the holes and the entire bowl is cleaned fully.
  • The water, though, does not drain directly from the chamber rims. Rather, it is circulated through a bowl jet. It contains a jet-powered siphon, which is enabled upon pushing, and which guarantees that the water level is retained during the flush.

The toilet seat is located at about the same height as a normal chair (the surface measures approximately 16-1/2 inches). This ensures that most adults can comfortably sit and stand. It is also helpful for the aged and the mobility-impaired.

Like several other traditional toilets, this high-efficiency toilet is constructed from vitreous china. It even comes with an EverClean glaze, rendering it exceptionally clean. It also prevents the growth and production of odor-causing microbes, molds, and mildew.

A 12-inch rough-in is required for the American Standard H2Option, similar to the American Standard Champion 4. Installing the toilet is just as easy as most 2-piece units. Additionally, it comes with two pre-installed bolt caps that will help you save time when you’re mounting it. This toilet comes with a 5-year warranty on its flushing mechanism.

Flush Rate:0.92/1.28 GPF
Rough In:12-inches
5-year Mechanical / Lifetime Chinaware


  • Dual flush for maximum water saving
  • Siphon jet bowl technology
  • PowerWash rim
  • EverClean surface
  • Chrome plated top mounted push button actuator
  • Sanitary lift handle on bowl
  • Color-matched bolt caps
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria
  • Seat not included
  • Some customers say that their flush flapper malfunctioned after several months of usage.

4). American Standard Edgemere 10-inch Rough-In Toilet

American Standard Edgemere 10-inch Rough-In Toilet

For top-notch dependability and distinctive style, you can’t go wrong with the Edgemere Right Height Round-Front Toilet from American Standard. It is particularly eye-catching with its tapered tank, which carries a forceful flush to easily expel waste.

It is a 10-inch rough-in toilet with a circular front. It is a perfect height, which ensures it is higher than the normal alternatives and in line with ADA regulations. Right Height toilet provides outstanding convenience and ease of usage. It flushes with a flush pace of 1.28 gpf, thus satisfying the WaterSense criteria.

It’s pretty quick to install, and its EverClean material does help keep it clean by inhibiting the development of bacteria, mold, and odors on the surface. While the  PowerWash Rim’s pressurized water washes the bowl thoroughly.

The Edgemere toiler lends an eccentric look to your house, supplying you with the chic style you want to achieve in your bathroom.

Flush Rate:1.28 GPF
Rough In:10-inches
5-year Mechanical / Lifetime Chinaware / 1-year Seat

  • Powerful Flushing with PowerWash Rim
  • Quick and Quiet Operation
  • Easy Installation
  • Elegant Design
  • High Efficiency Toilet (HET) meets WaterSense requirements
  • Slow-Close, Slam-Free Toilet Seat
  • Right Height Design for Added Comfort
  • A few customers have stated that their toilet’s flushing power has minimized over the years.

5). American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet

Devoro aims to serve citizens who are shorter than average. This is often ideal for preschools, pediatric hospitals, or potty training your child. It has a seat height of 10.25 inches, and a rough-in of 10 inches. That ensures that it would be compact enough to fit in teeny-tiny bathrooms as well.

It is a u-front framework, with an open-front rim. This add-on brings a trendy look to your bathroom while providing excellent spill and slam resistance. However, there is no lid. This Devoro FloWise toilet uses just 1.28 gallons per wash, rendering it EPA-compliant.

Owing to the probability that it may be used by infants, the toilet is checked for flushability in greater depth than most American Standard toilets. When an infant is terrified by their commode seat, it will set them back in their potty training. Or perhaps worse, there’s the chance of fishing it out because it’s within arm’s access. Therefore, American Devoro Flowise is made to function without glitches to prevent frustration development in kids.

The chrome-plated flush lever is to shield it from grimy hands. Kids have plenty to contend with when it comes to potty training. Fortunately, this toilet has a single flush system owing to it being mainly geared at kids.

The tried-and-true formula of selling to children has long been successful for toys and fast food establishments. However, this is one instance where the usage of targeting children is to the advantage of their guardians. Plus, it encourages these young ones to start flushing and stop filling their diapers!

Flush Rate:1.28 GPF
Rough In:10-inches
Rim Height:10-1/4 inches

  • Makes for an ideal potty training
  • Great for short-heightened people
  • Durable Vitreous china coating
  • High Efficiency, Low Consumption 1.28 gpf Toilet
  • Easy access by kids and small people
  • Siphon action flushing
  • Chrome trip lever
  • Sanitary dam on bowl
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • Color matched bolt caps
  • Flushing power is not up to the mark.

6). American Standard Advanced Clean 100 Bidet Toilet

American Standard Advanced Clean 100 Bidet Toilet

In actuality, American Standard has been producing premium plumbing goods for over 140 years and has been creating bidets for over 50 years (who knew!). The current SpaLet Bidet seat is a magnificent example of their decades-long history in the business.

The Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Seat delivers ultimate personal hygiene. It is perfect for mothers-to-be and those who hate using their hands in places where the sun does not shine – providing calming, warm water spray, heated seat, and warm air dryer with intuitive remote control.

It functions with two distinct setups: working with controls placed on a side-console or a wireless remote. We enjoy using the remote-controlled edition, which helps us to position it anywhere we think it would be useful. Regulation of temperature, heat, location of the nozzle, and toilet seat temperature are all possible with the remote. If you would like to change the temperature of the toilet seat, you may do so by using the handle at the base of the seat as well. For all of us who reside in the northern part of the world where the winters are long and freezing, a heated toilet seat is bliss!

There are two different nozzles on the SpaLet bidet for washing the front and back, as needed. While most consumers believe that the nozzles need repair and can become polluted during each usage, the manufacturer asserts that the nozzles are self-cleaning and store entirely inside their compartments after each use. You’ll even find an odor-control feature with an activated charcoal deodorizer, which simultaneously triggers and deactivates when you’re sitting on the commode. When you get up, the fan switches off. According to the maker, the deodorizer’s lifetime is 10 years.

In comparison to other bidet toilets, the revolutionary Triple Vortex Flush Device of the American Standard Advanced Clean Bidet Toilet produces a strong but silent vortex of water that swirls around to clean the entire tank. Even though this strong machine will work impressively, it is unlikely to spill, has low water usage, and implements a dual flush that requires only 1.32 GPF for a complete flush and just 0.92 GPF for a quick flush. To ensure that absolutely nothing remains after a powerful suction is formed, the Triple Vortex mechanism flushes from three outlets instead of either one or two. Each nook and cranny in the bowl is scrubbed!

Other prominent features are the auto open/close soft-close seat and colorful night light.

Flush Rate:1.32/0.92 GPF

  • Auto flush for no-touch convenience
  • Self-cleaning front and back nozzles
  • Multiple sprays for better hygiene
  • Triple vortex dual flushing
  • Water Efficient
  • Heated seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Deodorizer keeps odors at bay
  • Integrated bathroom air freshener
  • Auto open/close seat
  • No-touch lid convenience
  • Soft night light
  • External manual flush button
  • ADA compliant
  • Very expensive
  • Hard to find service technician
  • Does not flush effectively without direct pressurized water supply

7). American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated

American Standard Champion 4 Right Height Elongated

The Champion 4 gives best in class clog-free performance, with leads to the production of a faster, powerful, yet more silent flush that can help to move almost 70% of larger mass as compared to standard toilets. It is a guarantee that we will be getting a clean and fresh toilet after the first flush itself, so no need of repeatedly flushing and wasting water and time.

The Right Height toilet has a height of 16-1/2″ for the rim to enhance the effort for use and make the user more comfortable. It makes the use easy for the user. The Height has been calculated to suite majority of the users in a general population and hence almost anyone would be comfortable on it.

This current one-piece design encompasses our state of the art EverClean surface which is effortless to clean, it also stays cleaner longer. This feature helps us to have a clean surface most of the time and prevents frequent cleaning of the toilet.

Also included in this toilet is the revolutionary slow close seat that will keep away the loud sound of seat slamming making an environment for a quiet and peaceful household. The unnecessary noise that is created by the seat cover slamming creates a lot of disturbance and this noise is minimized in this toilet model.

Flush Rate:1.6 GPF
Rough In:12-inches
Flush Valve:4-inches
Rim Height:16.5-inches


  • Siphon Action Bowl
  • Vitreous China coating
  • EverClean surface prevents stains
  • Speed Connect/easy installation
  • Clog-Free performance
  • Seat is sold separately
  • A few customers have complained of the development of a leaking hair line crack after few years of usage.

Knowledge Panel

What is ADA compliance in American Standard Toilets?

ADA Compliant toilets are those toilets that are made to offer comfortable commode seating to people with disabilities or limited mobility. ADA stands for American Disabilities Act, and any American Standard with an “ADA Compliant” tag is actually a toilet with a right chair-height bowl and comfortable seating, so that old and disabled people can easily get on and off the toilet.

What is EverClean Surface in American Standard Toilets?

EverClean Surface is a standard feature in almost all American Standard toilets. It makes the toilet stay clean for longer by maintaining a gloss on it. The EverClean surface has a super smooth, mirror-like finish that doesn’t find it tough to keep clean even after years of usage. It ensures you have more time to rest and less time for toilet cleaning. It resists stains, bacteria, dirt, grime, and mold development. It also prevents poop streaks inside the bowl. You don’t have to use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach, as it would damage the EverClean coating.

What is Right Height in American Standard Toilets?

The usage of toilets is not meant to place any unnecessary burden on your body, right? As a consequence, American Standard has produced toilets with the Right Height feature that takes into consideration the human body shape. It means their toilet bowls stand to such a height that you don’t have to exert any stress on your back or legs when sitting on the toilet or standing up from the toilet bowl.

What is Water Sense in American Standard Toilets?

The WaterSense logo is added on toilets that have been independently accredited to follow strict consistency and quality requirements. The WaterSense mark is only awarded on water-saving toilets that successfully fulfill the certification process. It means toilets that offer maximum flushing efficiency on minimal water usage or at least 20-30% less water consumption as compared to non-WaterSense toilets.

Top Pick

American Standard Champion 4 MAX Toilet

The Best Overall American Standard Toilet!

The Champion 4 MAX is the most sought-after American Standard flushing toilet, and for a reason! The product has been designed to achieve maximum flushing performance while using 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This means you are assured of larger masses being flushed away (clog-free) in water-efficiency mode. Both elongated and round variants are available.

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