American Standard Cadet 3 Review – Should You Get It?

270AB001.020Are you look for an inexpensive model that you can add to a guest bathroom, the bathroom that your kids use or a powder room that you recently built?

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a good choice for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars and those who want a product with high ratings that is both easy to use and clean. You can even install this model in a bathroom you need to renovate to meet the needs of someone with a disability because it is ADA compliant.

Another nice feature found on this product is an Ever Clean surface that actually stops the spread of bacteria and germs that can spread all the way around your bathroom. This surface not only kills germs but also eliminates the bacteria that causes common bathroom odors too.

To help you decide whether to order this model and have it shipped to your home or go with another model, we compiled some of the information that you need. You can find out the pros and cons of this product, discover whether we think it’s a smart investment and even find out if other models are a better buy. Use our guidelines to make the right decision for your home.

Worth the Investment?

The Ever Clean surface is one of the top reasons to have this product shipped to your home. Another reason is because it meets the WaterSense certification guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA considers this one of the ultra low water consumption models on the market because it uses only 1.28 gallons of water to flush down the bowl.

Another model that also uses the same Cadet 3 flushing technology as this one is the Champion-4, which also comes from American Standard. This product has an elongated bowl and sits further away from the wall to make you feel more comfortable and less like you might fall off. We also like the Aquia from TOTO because it uses more water per flush to remove more from the bowl while still reducing the water that you normally use and waste.


Product Specifications

• Seat is 17.5 inches from the floor, but the bowl height drops to 16.5 inches when you remove the included soft closing seat
• Works with a 12-inch rough-in like those found in most bathrooms to keep the tank from sitting too close to the wall
• Weighs just over 92 pounds, which makes it easier to move into the bathroom and around your home after it arrives
• Has a total height up to the top of the tank of 28.5 inches, a width of 15 inches and a depth of 28.5 inches
• Comes with mounting bolts that work with the existing holes in the floor and a wax ring that keeps the base from leaking
• Designed by the manufacturer to match back to all the sinks, tubs and other products in the Cadet Collection
• Manufacturer offers a longer warranty on this model that lasts for five years after the date of your purchase
• Includes both a cover and a seat made from plastic that are durable enough for daily use by your family and guests
• Gravity fed flushing technology uses the natural force of gravity to push the water down the trapway
• Large trapway and flapper valve removes water and waste quickly


• Comes with a separate bowl and tank that fit together seamlessly to create a more complete design that is still easy to clean and repair
• Is an ultra low consumption product because it uses less than 1.3 gallons of water each time you need to flush
• EPA certified this product and included it in its WaterSense program because it uses much less water per flush than other models
• Has a round bowl designed to give you more sitting space while also reducing the total footprint of the product
• Right height has a standard height from the rim to the floor, which makes it compliant and suitable for use in any ADA bathroom
• Ever Clean surface on the seat and inside the bowl resists the build up of bacteria and the growth of mildew and mold
• Included seat has a slow close design that lets you use a small amount of pressure to gently close the lid without it slamming into place
• Comes with a wax ring for use on the floor to keep water from leaking out around the base
• Features a three-inch flush valve that lets water rush out faster to fill the tank and drain the bowl quickly at the same time
• Features a traditional white finish and comes with a chrome flushing handle on the tank


• Requires quite a lot of venting
• Does not provide nearly as much flushing power as other models do

Final Verdict


Our final verdict on the Cadet 3 from American Standard is that it’s best for use in rooms that don’t get a lot of use such as a half bathroom, powder room or guest bathroom. Though it uses the flushing technology that the manufacturer designed for use on many products, it just doesn’t have the intense flushing power that other models have. This may require that you sacrifice more of your time to clean the bowl to remove stains.

The biggest benefit that it has is that it comes with the Ever Clean surface that makes the bowl resistant to odors. This surface kills the bacteria and germs that can spread through the bathroom and cause odors to form in the air. We recommend that you take a look at some of the other products from this company and other manufacturers like the Champion-4 before spending your hard earned money on this one.