American Standard Champion 4 Review – Should You Get It?

2002.014.020 Champion-4

American Standard has a strong reputation for providing customers with the best products at a low price. Unlike other companies that make toilets and similar products for the kitchen and bathroom that costs thousands of dollars, this company makes products that cost a fraction of the price. One product that might look good and work well in your bathroom is the Champion 4.

This model is one of several that the company makes, which comes in a Right Height size. This brings the overall height down closer to the floor and allows you to sit down without feeling like you need to squat just to use the bathroom. It also comes with a flushing system that features four different valves to help it flush faster and remove more waste without using as much water as similar models do.

With a flow rating of 1.6 gallons per flush, this model meets California standards and the water standards found in other states. When upgrading from an older toilet to this model, you’ll notice that your water bills start going down almost right away.

Before making an investment, you can look at some of the pros and cons of this model and find out if it’s a really good model or not.

Worth the Investment?

The only real issue with this product is that the photos you see online clearly show a seat on top but it does not actually come with that seat. This does mean that you can use a seat of your own choosing though and that you can pick one that fits better in your bathroom.

It features an attached tank and bowl that all have the same EverClean surface. American Standard designed this surface to make the bowl and tank easier to clean. It specifically resists the bacteria and germs found in most bathrooms and is resistant to scale build up too.

Many users also like the elongated bowl, which makes using the bathroom a more comfortable experience. It has a 12-inch rough-in and a 10-year warranty too.

A suitable alternative is the TOTO Ultrmax II, which features a glossy coating that also resists build up and germs. This model flushes quietly and comes with double cyclone technology for clean and powerful flushing.

2002.014.020 Champion-4

Product Specifications

• Has a rough-in of 12 inches that will work with many different types of bathroom pipes and plumbing
• Accelerator valve designed by American Standard is four-inches wide, which is larger than those found on other toilets and allows this one to create a faster flush that removes more from the bowl
• Trapway comes fully glazed and measures more than two-inches across to keep debris and waste from clogging inside the trap and forming clogs in the pipe
• Stands just over 16-inches tall from the floor to the rim, which makes it easier for users to sit down and helps them get into the proper position for using the bathroom with minimal discomfort
• Is just over 32-inches tall from the floor all the way to the top of the tank
• Measures just over 13-inches wide and has an overall depth of nearly 31 inches
• Maximum flow rating of 1.6 gallons of water per flush eliminates all waste from the bowl without wasting additional water
• Features a two-piece design that separates the tank from the bowl but gives it a one-piece look
• Comes with the bolts, bolt caps and other supplies needed to install the toilet but no hardware for the separate seat
• ADA compliant for installation in handicap and disabled bathrooms


• Has an elongated toilet bowl for added comfort and is compliant with ADA regulations
• Uses an accelerator flushing valve that increases the speed at which the bowl flushes and fills back with water
• Includes a handle with a shiny finish mounted on the right side for automatic flushing of the bowl
• Features a special flushing system designed by the manufacturer that uses four valves with each flush to remove more waste from the bowl and sides of the bowl
• EverClean surface material stops mold and mildew from growing inside the bowl and reduces the risk of bacteria and germs growing too
• Special surface material blocks stains from forming to make cleaning the bowl easier
• Tested in the manufacturer’s factory to ensure that it flushes smoothly and properly each time
• Coupling system makes it easier to connect the tank and bowl to your pipes and bathroom floor
• Made from a vitreous china that keeps the bowl, tank and all other parts shiny and clean
• Includes a warranty that covers all parts and some repairs for 10 years after your purchase


• Tightening some nuts and bolts is very hard when installing it
• May develop some leaks where the tank meets the base

Final Verdict

2002.014.020 Champion-4

Though this product may not be the best toilet ever made or the top on the market, it is a great deal for the price. You’ll have a hard time finding one with better features or even the same features in the same price range. The top of those features is its EverClean surface.

This is actually a coating on top of the surface of the product that you’ll find on the tank and base as well as in the bowl. It resists the build up caused by chlorine, calcium and lime found in hard water that can leave behind a rusty or residue or a white powder. It also makes the product resistant to germs and bacteria.

It also features a larger trapway on the base that allows more waste and debris to go down the drain without clogs forming. Even if you have more money to spend on a new toilet for your bathroom, you’ll still appreciate the features found on the Champion 4 from American Standard.