All You Need To Know About BAMBOO BATH MATS

Looking to join the bamboo shower mat revolution? This article here shares a complete insight on Bamboo bath mats, their versatility and usage, and their pros and cons.

What is a Bamboo bath mat?

It is a mat made from 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo. Sturdy and stylish in design, this wooden mat features wide slats across the front for easy water drainage and quick automatic air drying ability.

Most of these mats are temperature-treated or coated with varnish to resist water, stains, and mold. They’ve also got non-skid stoppers on the bottom that’ll keep you from slipping after a shower or bath.

Bamboo bath mats serve a variety of purposes and are available for placements both inside and outside the tub or shower area.

Benefits of Bamboo Bath Mat

Unlike the cloth variety, bamboo bath mats stand up better to water, staining, mold, and bacteria. Plus, you won’t need to step onto a smelly, damp sponge after every shower. Bamboo won’t get as gnarly and is easier to clean than cloth, which requires machine washing.

Here are the advantages of using a Bamboo bath mat:

1). It is a Low Maintenance product.

Fabric bath mats are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. This is because the fabric absorbs water with nowhere for it to go.

Unlike the cloth variety, bamboo bath mats stand up better to water, staining, and bacteria. This is because they are quick drying and don’t keep submerged in dampness for a prolonged period.

2). It is Self-Cleaning.

Fabric bath mats tend to get dirty very quickly. If regular machine washing is skipped, the fabric mats get accumulated with mold, stains, bacteria, and a nasty smell. Plus, if they get very wet, you have to hang them upside down or air dry them to prevent mildew development.

Bamboo wooden mats, on the other hand, don’t get as gnarly and are pretty easier to clean than fabric mats, which require machine washing. In fact, due to its structural design, it keeps itself clean most of the time without any assistant from you.

However, to clean it, simply wipe it down with warm water and let it air dry. Actually, you could just occasionally give it a shower and let it dry in the tub. Cleaning can’t get much easier than that!

If you want to go the extra step, you can apply some mineral oil to keep your mat looking vibrant and well-conditioned. However, it is not necessary.

An inexpensive $6 bottle can last you many, many years. Plus, you can use it on cutting boards and other wooden items to keep them looking new.

3). It Resistant To Molds & Bacteria.

Water does not stand a chance on Bamboo bath mats – all thanks to the ventilation slats that allow for proper air circulation and water draining. Both the design and material make every drop of water to be dried out quickly, thus preventing mold development.

4). It has an Elevated Design.

First of all, this raised bath mat allows water to evaporate via its elevated design. This keeps both the mat and floor clean and sanitary.

Unlike traditional rugs, water does not soak into the mat. Constant airflow through the elevated mat keeps the space cleaner and healthier (with less effort!).

Don’t want mold or mildew growing on your mat? Get an eco-friendly bamboo mat!

5). It is Long-Lasting.

A good quality bamboo bath mat can last for ages. This is because it does not require harsh cleanings, does not get accumulated with mold, and does not contain cotton microfibers that shed with time or lose their plushness.

6). It is anti-skid.

Today’s advanced bamboo bath mats come with an anti-skid backing for preventing slippage and falls in the bathroom. With an anti-skid, anti-slip base – the bath mat gets firmly bonded to the bathroom’s surface.

7). It is Eco-Friendly.

Since the world is corrupted by pollution and a toxic amount of materials, making it sustainable can be a good call. So play your part by going eco-friendly with a Bamboo bath mat.

What gives bamboo the edge in eco-friendliness is the plant itself. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that grows quickly, takes up less space, and uses no fertilizers or pesticides.

It can grow 3 feet in the space of 24 hours, without any need for fertilizer or pesticides. It doesn’t need to be replanted and can be harvested just once a year. It doesn’t require as much water as hardwood trees and it gives back to the environment by producing 35 percent more oxygen.

Downsides of a Bamboo Bath Mat

Nothing is perfect in this world. So apart from the huge list of benefits, a Bamboo bath mat also has a few drawbacks.

1). It is costly.

Unlike a traditional fabric bath mat which is available for as low as $5, a Bamboo bath mat is at least 200% more expensive than the former.

2). It is not comfortable.

Fabric bath mats feature pillowy padding and standing on them gives a very luxurious and comfortable feel to the toes and the heel. Bamboo bath mats, on the other hand, are not comfortable to stand. You will feel as if you are standing on a hardwood floor with no cushy padding to soothe your heels or no 1-inch dense microfibers to wiggle your toes into.

3). It does not absorb water.

A bamboo bath mat can never give you a warm and comfortable feel when standing on it after a shower. It can’t absorb water from your feet + the water from your body is drained through it on the flooring underneath. So it can be a bit of a mess and an uneasy feeling.

Our Favorite Anti-Slip, Mildew Resistant Bamboo Bath Mat

ZPIRATES Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat

This ZPIRATES bath mat is made of pure bamboo and features a block pattern that is both visually appealing and practical, enabling air and water to drain through it. The durable bamboo rug is strengthened, making it ultra-durable, but sufficiently flexible to roll or fold for easy storage.

To provide you with an additional sturdy base, the mat has non-slip rubber pads on the underside.

To stop slipping down, the rubber pads are reinforced to firmly grasp the tile floor.

And the fantastic…?

Bath mats are a breeding ground of mold. But with this bamboo toilet pad, this dilemma is going to end. Not only does the rug cleans in an instant with a simple water splash or damp cloth, it is also safeguarded with 3X colorless topcoats for stain resistance.

Moreover for optimum longevity, the product is crafted from top-quality bamboo wood products. From our research, we can confidently infer that if properly handled, this mat can remain in the best shape for many years.

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