Bamboo Toilet Paper Water Dissolvability Test: Does it break down in the toilet?

Recently, it appears everybody has concentrated on subtle improvements in our everyday lives that will reduce waste and safeguard the ecosystem. Bamboo items, especially bamboo toilet paper, are a hot subject of discussion when it comes to eco-friendly solutions.

Yet eco-conscious customers have too many major concerns regarding this groundbreaking product:

Does bamboo toilet paper block drains? Is it flushable and safe for plumbing? Does it break down in the sewerage lines?

Bamboo toilet paper is a replacement for conventional toilet paper and is 100 percent environmentally friendly. It’s plush and soft on your butt. It’s even lint-free.

It also does not include chlorine or dyes and thus is the ideal bathroom tissue for everyday use.

All about bamboo toilet paper is fine, except for this: “It breaks down spontaneously and won’t clog up the pipes or your tank.”

You might have seen this assertion everywhere, but this is not valid, unless and until you have a pressure-assist toilet at home or use a clog-free Bamboo toilet paper of the highest standard. So this statement can’t be universally applied.

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We experimented to assess the disintegration of bamboo toilet paper vs normal toilet paper, and this is what we found:

Bamboo is less degradable in water as compared to tissues produced from timber. It disintegrates in water, but it does not transform into a fine mushy pulp-like condition like standard tree-based tissues. It can also pose a challenge to weak flushing toilets or poor plumbing systems.

Bamboo Toilet Paper Dissolvability Test
A side by side comparison of Bamboo Toilet Paper (left) and Standard Toilet Paper (right) – when left submerged in water for 30 minutes.

I took two different papers, immersed them in two water-filled basins, and left them submerged for 30 minutes.

At the end of each cycle, I could pull the bamboo tissue out of the water and shake it until it began to display signs of disintegration. It didn’t crumble at first contact. With no special treatment, I was able to extract the partially unscathed Bamboo toilet paper from the water.

I wasn’t attempting to show that I could be so fragile that I could extract all of the tissue intact. I picked from one corner, offering it every opportunity to break apart and show myself wrong.

On the other side, the regular toilet paper split quite well. Within a half-hour, it disintegrated to almost nothing. Small little pieces were all that remained after swirling it a little. It almost broke down altogether.

From this testing, we concluded that bamboo paper does break down in the sewerage line, but it needs powerful flushing and maybe more time for proper disintegration like a standard wood-pulp made toilet paper.

Poor Quality vs Top Quality Bamboo Toilet Paper Test 

We also conducted a second test, but this time a local quality bamboo toilet paper vs best quality bamboo toilet paper. Both the bamboo toilet papers were kept submerged in water for 30 minutes, and the results clearly showed the difference between the local and best quality.

The local one remained intact with mere a 10% disintegration. The best quality one got 70% disintegrated, and turned into a very fine mesh after a bit of stirring. So the latter ones.

So Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Safe For My Plumbing System?

As long as you are using one of the top-rated bamboo toilet papers and have a normal or good standard power flushing toilet at home, you can safely use Bamboo toilet papers without wreaking havoc on your home’s plumbing system.

Clog-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper: Our Top Pick

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives a Crap Bamboo Toilet Paper

This Australian-made product is a revolutionary toilet paper solution. It is constructed of 100% forest-friendly bamboo and has recyclable packaging. Each roll is free of ink, dye, and fragrances and comprises 400x environmentally sustainable, 100% recycled papers, made entirely without trees.

The tissues have been engineered to be super soft. They don’t sound crinkly, like most eco-TPs on the shelf. However according to some critics and our own reviews, we find the paper to be ‘thinner’ than common products, but at the same time very smooth, absorbent, and CLOG-FREE!


Septic Safe Bamboo Toilet Paper: Our Top Pick

Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper

This household paper is made from bamboo and the softest sugar cane fibers and is one of the most comfortable, durable, and 100% biodegradable toilet paper.

Besides being an environmentally friendly alternative, you’re going to love Caboo because it’s lint-free. The TP sweeps up your privates without leaving behind a linty mess.

The production of Caboo does not involve any use of hazardous chemicals. The item is 100% septically secure, as both sugar cane and bamboo fibers are unbelievably robust yet quick to decompose. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about sewer blockages or congestion, as Caboo toilet paper is quickly dissolving during the septic cycle.

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