20 Best Single & Double Bathroom Vanity Sinks Reviews For Your Home

Replacing your existing bathroom sink with a new vanity sink can add value to your home and make that bathroom one of your favorite rooms. You have the option of a single vanity, which is just right for a smaller home or bathroom, or a double vanity sink, which gives everyone in your family the space to spread out. These vanities now come in contemporary and modern designs as well as more traditional designs that will work with your decor.

Our hunt for the best bathroom vanity sink led to us looking at both models:

The best double vanity sink we came across is the Virtu USA MD-2193-WMSQ-ES 93-Inch Caroline Parkway, which features a rich espresso finish and plenty of storage.

For a single vanity sink, you can’t go wrong with the RONBOW Calabria 48″ Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set that walks the line between traditional and modern.

How to Choose

Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about finding the right sink. With our convenient list of what to look for, you’ll make sure that you choose the best sink for your bathroom.

Single Vanity Sink

Single vanity sinks are perfect for those with smaller bathrooms. These sinks have a more compact design and take up much less space than a double. You may find that you can save on the overall cost of both the sink and installation with a single model.

Double Vanity Sink

Double vanity sinks come with two sinks on top, which make these models perfect for larger homes. Both you and your partner, spouse or kids will have a sink of your own. This can cut down on the time that you spend getting ready every morning.

Top vs. Under Mount

A top sink is a common choice for bathrooms because the sink itself is slightly larger than the counter, which lets you simply drop the sink in place. An under mount sink mounts underneath the counter, which means you’ll need to install the sink and then add the counter.


As you look over vanity sinks, pay special attention to the material used in the construction of each sink. Porcelain is a good option for many homes because it is easy to maintain, but some may prefer a ceramic sink. You’ll also find sinks made from stainless steel that work well in a contemporary bathroom.


The size of the sink refers both the width and the length of the sink. A larger sink will give you more space to wash your hands and brush your teeth, but it may limit the amount of space on your counters. Smaller sinks take up less of your valuable counter space.


Vanity sinks now come in a range of shapes, but the top options are rectangular and round. Rectangular sinks have a more contemporary look that works well in both a kitchen and a bathroom, but a round sink has a more classic or traditional look.

Compatible Design

You should look for a bathroom vanity sink that has a compatible design, which lets you swap out the faucet later when you renovate your bathroom. Some manufacturers make sinks with faucet holes on the top that are only compatible with its own line of faucets, but other companies make sinks that are compatible with faucets from other manufacturers.

Wall-Hung Sinks

An alternative to traditional vanity sinks is a wall-hung or wall-mounted sink that you can mount right on your wall. These are great for smaller bathrooms because you waste less floor space. The downside is that many of these models lack the extra storage that you need.

Cabinet Size

As vanity sinks typically come with an attached cabinet or base, you need to measure the size of your bathroom and find out how much space you have available. Look for a cabinet or base that can easily fit in that room without taking up too much space.

Cabinet Color

Cabinet color is equally important as the sink itself or even the size of the sink. These cabinets and bases come in colors that range from light or unfinished wood to deep and dark shades of mahogany. Find a shade that will work best in your bathroom.

Top Single Bathroom Vanity Sink Reviews 

1. Martha Stewart Vanity Review

The Martha Stewart granary vanity is one of a kind. It has a midnight blue finish. It has stunning looks that
will add to the beauty of your bathroom.Dressing tables and makeup vanities are as classically stylish as they
are immensely practical. For someone with a lot of accessories – whether that means makeup, jewelry, ties, or
beauty products – finding the perfect space to store, showcase, and organize your items can be tricky!

It consists of a white cultured cloudy sky marble countertop. It is built of brass hardware. It is pre-drilled
for a mono faucet that’s one centered. It is constructed in MDF + solid wood. It is pre-assembled for easy
installation. Its dimensions are 22.05 inches L X 30 inches W X 34.49 inches H. It weighs 123.5 pounds. It is
fashioned from a thick slab that’s double in size with a straight edge, matching high backsplash of 3 inches,
and a rectangular sink(under-mount).

It has a spacious paneled cabinet having a double door with brass hardware and doors with soft-close hinges
that reveal an interior shelf with adjustable height. It also has an open bottom decorative self with a woven
basket that’s included with the product, which is great for storing toiletries and bathroom tools. The vanity
set also comes with self-leveling legs making it is easy to be adjusted in case of any bathroom renovation.

This excellent product is inspired by the appealing designs of Martha’s homes, Martha’s vanities are crafted
keeping especially you in mind. This brand uses only quality materials for the construction of its products and
keeps in mind thoughtful storage. The designs created are a perfect addition to any bathroom setting.

2. ARIEL Bathroom Vanity Review

Vanity tables offer extremely practical solutions to your bathroom. Not only do they add to the beauty of your bathroom but also help in arranging your cosmetics and toiletries. Now you can have easy access to all your bath and make-up needs.

The Ariel bathroom vanity comes with a host of features. It is constructed of solid hardwood along with plywood. Solid hardwood is the best material out of wood to build a bathroom vanity. The finish type is expresso painted and satin nickel for the hardware. Carrara marble which is one of the best quality Italian marble is used in it. It has an oval under-mounted sink. No mirror and faucets are included.

It features dovetail drawers which are better than ordinary drawers because it ensures due to the locking joints that the drawer front and sides are held together securely. The craftsmanship and precision that is needed for making a dovetail gives it a feel that’s premium that’s considered a high standard in luxury vanity cabinet making.

The Ariel bathroom vanity has 2 soft-closing doors featuring adjustable hinges so you don’t have to worry about slamming sounds caused due to the closing of the doors. It also has 5 full-extension, self -closing drawers to take care of storage needs.

For easier installation, this vanity comes with an open back. Some assembly is required; you will have to fix the sink to the countertop and the countertop to the cabinet. Free curbside end of driveway delivery is provided but by appointment only. It comes with a three-year warranty

3. Kohler Verticyl Rectangle Bathroom Sink RevieW

It is a well-known fact that bathroom sinks are a must for any bathroom. The Kohler Verticyl bathroom sink is no exception to that fact. It is sleek and compact. Its construction is sturdy and it is very durable. It is made of high-quality materials.

Kohler is one of the best brands internationally for bathroom fittings and is well known for its bathroom fittings and accessories. The moment your bathroom will be fitted with a Kohler product/s it will add to your class and prestige.

This is a rectangular basin having vertical sides. It has an overflow drain. There is no presence of any faucet holes and will require counter-mounted or wall-mounted faucet. Its color is white and it is crafted of vitreous china. It is 100% ceramic. Its style is enhanced-packaging. The Kohler Verticyl rectangular bathroom sink’s dimensions are 19.82 inches in length, 15.63 inches in width, and 6.75 inches in height. It has an unglazed underside.

Now your bathroom can get a sophisticated look with Verticyl that features vertical sides for a deep geometric basin. The under-mount installation allows this sink to integrate easily into your powder room or bathroom. It is a great space saver as well.

This bathroom sink will be a great choice for you if you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, or even it would be well suited for a newly constructed bathroom

​4. Simpli Home 3AXCVPAG-20 Paige 20 inch Bath Vanity in Grey

One of the more charming bathroom vanities that we found is this Paige 20” Bath Vanity with White Quartz Marble Top from Simpli Home. This single sink vanity is perfect for anyone who wants to add style without sacrificing space. It comes with three hidden hinges tucked inside that give you complete access to all its storage without requiring that you open the door all the way to get into the cabinet.

Many shoppers will like that this vanity comes with a simple design that works well with the shabby chic decorating style that is trendy today. The soft white finish of the wood makes this vanity work in any bathroom, and it comes with a dark black background in the center of the cabinet door that makes this the focal point of the room. It also has pre-drilled holes on the top that help you easily install any four-inch faucet.

Designed to look like the vanities found in upscale spas and salons, this vanity measures just 20-inches across, which makes it great for smaller rooms. The scalloped legs and bright finish on the metal handles adds to its upscale look. A cabinet door and a small drawer on the bottom gives you additional storage.

5. 30 in Cambridge Single Sink Vanity in HALE NAVY BLUE with 5cm Calacatta

The presence of a vanity cabinet adds a classy look to your residence. It can be used to arrange and keep your cosmetics and make-up. The Cambridge single sink vanity will be a great addition tour. It is crafted of hardwood. It has willow cabinets constructed from environmentally friendly plywood which helps these units withstand more weight, more usage, and more pressure. It is made using multi-stage preparation for the wood used allowing longer lifespan compared to units made from particle wood or MDF.

The vanity cabinet has a base cabinet that is factory assembled for an easy installation. The cabinet is made of Birchwood and solid rubber. It has superior moisture resistance. It also has a countertop with backsplash and a square basin(white). This vanity cabinet has soft close hinges for drawers and doors that prevent the slamming sound while closing doors and drawer, allowing them to close gently with ease.

All the drawers of this vanity cabinet are built with dovetail construction that enhances the durability, sturdiness, and craftsmanship that can’t be matched by ordinary drawers. It comes in a halenavy blue color.

If you ever need a vanity cabinet this Cambridge single sink Vanity cabinet should be one of your top choices, not only because of its looks buts features are well which are found among premium vanity cabinets. The construction is also very sturdy and the unit is extremely durable.

6. WONLINE Bathroom Vanity Review 

If you are looking to purchase a vanity cabinet for your bathroom your search ends here. The Wonline modern vanity cabinet is stylish as well as multi-functional. It is constructed out of engineered wood and has two doors. Its modern and classy design fits flawlessly with any bathroom décor. It has a natural wood color for elegance.

The wall mount design saves space for your bathroom and is also easy for cleaning water on the floor.
It is constructed of MDF for the cabinet vanity and has a ceramic sink with drain and faucet. It also has a mirror.

The sink dimension is 24’’L X 18.1’’W X 6.2’’H. The dimension of the mirror size: 23.6”L X 18.1”W. The dimension of the vanity size 23.6”L X 17.9”W X 17.7”H

This bathroom vanity has a high cost to performance ratio with large storage capacity. The color of the wood is the best color choice for any bathroom renovation and it suits any bathroom style. You can easily install it by observing the installation instructions. Its luxurious design willadd value to your property as well as brighten your bathroom.

It is extremely sturdy and durable. Hinges of high quality are used. It has an alloy vanity handle to prevent corrosion. It comes with ample space for storage as the 2-door construction gives plenty of storage space for toiletries hence keeping the countertop clean. This vanity cabinet can also fit in a small bathroom. It is easy to assemble and move.

​7. Legion Furniture WLF6020-W-BS Bathroom Vanity 24" White

Enjoy all the space that your bathroom offers while increasing your storage with this Legion Furniture 24” Single Sink Bathroom Vanity. This vanity has a somewhat traditional style that includes wood paneling on each side, but the addition of sleek metal handles on the front cabinet bring this vanity into the modern era. The white ceramic top works well with the white finish on the base, and this top comes with pre-drilled holes for installing your own four-inch faucet.

The two doors on the front open to give you access to your pipes while also giving you access to any items you stored inside. You may like the additional storage awarded by the bottom shelf too. This shelf features several small slats that run across the bottom to support the included basket, which matches the traditional look of the vanity and lets you tuck embarrassing bathroom products out of the prying eyes of guests.

As this vanity does not come with a faucet, you can put your own stamp on it and customize the vanity to fit with the overall design of your bathroom. You can also remove that basket and use the bottom shelf for larger things.

​8. eclife 24" Modern Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo Units Cabinet

For a twist on a traditional bathroom vanity, check out this Eclife 24-Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity that comes with a pedestal sink. Unlike under mount sinks that mount under the cabinet, the white ceramic sink that comes with this base sits right on top of the cabinet and draws the eye of anyone who steps foot in your bathroom. The whiteness of that sink adds a bold touch to the otherwise dark finish of the cabinet.

Made from brass and other durable materials, this is a set that you can use well into the future. The aluminum foot base is resistant to rust, which is helpful in a bathroom setting, and it comes with most fittings as well as a faucet, which lets you install and use the sink as soon as it arrives. Measuring just 24-inches across and 20-inches deep, this sink will help you save on wasted space.

Eclife includes a mirror with a matching dark finish around the reflective glass that you can hang directly above the sink. Despite its smaller size, this sink and cabinet combo gives you more storage than you might imagine. Not only does the small cabinet on top of the base open, but the base also features two sliding drawers.

9. 24 Grey Bathroom Vanity

U-Eway Vanity set is a 24″, eco-friendly, made for convenience. The vanity is made from MDF wood that is sturdy and durable. The 15mm wood is of natural texture and makes cleaning and maintenance simple. The vanity has two drawers, soft-closing cabinet doors, glass panels (frosted), one cabinet.

The vanity has a sleek and stylish look that fits in bathroom spaces that are low on space. You can organize the clutter and arrange your daily essentials in the vanity, improving your bathroom space. The vanity comes with a stylish sink with tempered glass that is resistant to scratches. The glass is ½” thick that increase the life on the bowl. The bowl fits perfectly on the countertop of the vanity.

The handmade artistic pattern adds to the elegance of the combo. The curvy edges and smooth finish makes maintenance of the sink simple. Not need to use up on extra water to clean the bowl regularly. The glossy finish of the bowl makes it dirt resistant. So you can save up on time and water.

U-Eway Vanity Combo is a convenient vanity with a mirror. It is designed for people who are looking for a vanity that is stylish and eco-friendly. The faucet that you get along with the combo meets all the criteria of the EPA.

The brass faucet has a water flow of 1.5 GPM will help you to conserve water. The chrome finish faucet releases high-pressure water and comes with a 3/8″ connector for the hose. The basin has a pop-up drain made in solid brass. The hinges of the cabinet doors are made from stainless steel. The handles made from zinc alloy are sturdy.

The table corners are waterproof; this is an excellent feature, especially if you have kids at home who cannot keep the water in the sink.

Wiping the table after liquid is spilled is sufficient, no need to worry about it. The vanity is self-assemble and comes with a user manual. It makes it easy for you to carry upstairs or anywhere in the house and then assemble it. You can do it yourself, no need to hire a handy person. The U-Eway makes an excellent bathroom décor.

10. Vanity Art 30 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set

Vanity Art presents a 30″ Vanity Set Combo. The vanity is made with premium quality oak that is apt for your hotel, restaurant, office, and home bathroom. If you are looking for a vanity combo to spruce up your bathroom, reduce clutter, and improve bathroom space, then Modern Bathroom Vanity Combo Set is apt. You can store your daily essential like bath towels, hand towels, shampoo’s, etc.

The smooth finish of the vanity makes it easy to clean and maintain. Each vanity set is made from quality material for longevity and quality. The vanity is available in different sizes and colors too. It has ample storage with a 30″ countertop, large dual-door cabinet, and two drawers.

The handles and hinges on the doors and drawers are made of stainless steel. Along with the vanity you get a mirror that is full-sized and has a matching frame.

The Vanity combo has s sleek design to fit in tight spaces. The ‘set comes with a high-quality ceramic sink. This sink has a smooth surface that helps in maintaining the hygiene of the bowl. You don’t have to spend time washing the sink regularly. In this way, you will be able to conserve water and time. The vanity set is sleek; however, the basin is wide and comfortable.

Many clients have installed the vanity combo is all their bathrooms. It not only organizes clutter but also improves visual space. The cabinet is durable due to the lacquer and paint coats. The product comes with a user manual to help you assemble it with much ease—no need to hire a handy person. The Vanity Art vanity set combo will make an excellent addition to your bathroom décor.


Vinnova 723060-WH-CA-NM Gela 60" Double Vanity Set

Vinnova Double Vanity Set is crafted from the finest laminated wood. It is designed to fit in modern bathroom setups. The 60″ Double Vanity is built for convenience and comfort. You no longer need to stress on who gets to use the bathroom first. It is apt for households with a big family. The mornings seem to be more peaceful without the kids fighting over the sink. It is excellent to store all the bathroom essentials like soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, towels, etc.

It clears the counter space making more room in the bathroom. You can install the vanity in all your bathrooms for convenience. The classic finish adds a chic look to the bathroom. The vanity has four soft-closing cabinet doors and six soft-closing cabinet drawers. Every door and drawer has a high-quality nickel finish handle. The soft-closing feature means unlike the regular cabinet doors and drawers, these won’t make a loud sound when closed. This feature increases the lifespan by resisting splitting on the edge of the door and the frame this is ideal for homes with kids and seniors who don’t have a sturdy grip avoids the loud, disturbing noise.

The countertop is made from white marble that is sturdy and durable. The dual-cabinet has a dual sink – one on each countertop. The sink is made from premium-quality white ceramic. The under-mount sink is round and deep with pop-up drains to avoid clogging. The sink’s surface has a smooth finish, making it resistant to the residue, dirt, and reducing the maintenance.

You will not have to scrub the bowl regularly and use extra water for it. Given today’s busy lifestyle, people don’t have that extra time periodically to spare in scrubbing and cleaning. With this set, you can now save up on excess water and your time in doing something important. The rectangular vanity gives an ostentatious contrast with the dark-colored cabinets adding to the décor of your bathroom. It comes with a user manual to help you set it up.

If you need any assistance, you can call the customer service number, and they will be happy to help.

Small Bathroom Vanity Wall Mounted

The Modern Bathroom Vanity Combo is a wall-mounted cabinet. It is designed to save up on space by clearing clutter. By mounting the unit on the wall cleaning the area becomes very simple. You can wash the bathroom floor with much ease without wetting the cabinet. The vanity is made from eco-friendly engineered MDF wood. The wood is eco-friendly and durable. The vanity is white as white makes an excellent addition to most bathrooms and most too. It has one large single door cabinet storage space.

It offers ample space to store your daily bathroom essentials. The door has stainless steel hinges that are durable. The rectangular sink is made with premium-quality ceramic. The curving edges of the sink are resistant to scratches, hence increasing the life. Despite the compact size of the vanity the sink is big enough. The glazed layer on the sink makes it resistant to the residue and maintains the sink’s hygiene. You will not have to use harmful detergents to scrub the basin clean; in fact, you will not have to wash it regularly due to the glazed layer.

It makes it easier to conserve water and save time as well. The basin also has a pop-up drain that avoids clogging. The chrome faucet has a water flow of 1.5 GPM and a cartridge that is ceramic dic increasing the durability of the faucet. The valve meets the standard American plumbing requirement.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Combo is designed for luxury and brightens the bathroom as well. The P bend is convenient while installing the drainage pipe. The set has an adjustable P-Trap. With the P-Trap, you can be sure that no odorous gas will enter your home through the pipes keep your family safe from potential health hazards. The Soft-door is also an added feature.

The premium-quality hinges keep the door from slamming after every use. It also prevents the door from damaging, increasing the life of the vanity. The wood is moisture-proof; if water spills on the wood, all you need to do is wipe it dry and not stress of it depreciating. The vanity set can be easily ordered and assembled; all you need to do is follow the user manual enclosed with the product. All material required for installing the set is provided. The sleek vanity combo is ideal for bathrooms with tight space. It adds to the decor of most bathrooms.

Ove Decors Trent 30 Single Bowl Bathroom Vanity

Ove Decors Trent is a classic vanity made with premium quality wood to meet your daily bathroom requirements. The vanity has a smooth and neat finish to make cleaning and maintenance simple. The cabinet has a double-door opening with a single shelf that offers ample space for storing your bathroom requirements like towels, shampoo bottles, etc.

The door has two hinges made from stainless steel ensures the doors don’t slam and make a loud sound. The soft-close door is beneficial in the long run, slamming of the doors lead to the frame of the door chipping. The vanity has a chic look with black beautiful ornamental moldings. The countertop is of ivory marble with plenty of space. The round sink is made of white ceramic with a smooth surface.

The smooth surface makes it resistant to the residue and reduces the maintenance of the sink. The antic finish vanity is ideal for bathrooms that need a change of look. The vanity allows you to maximize your bathroom space. It helps you to improve the visual area and organize your bathroom essentials so that you find them when you need them. The round ceramic basin has a 4″ hole that allows you to attach the faucet with ease. This product doesn’t come with a tap; you will have to purchase it separately. The vanity set is fully assembled and saves you the time to assemble the unit.

All you need to do is stand it up in your bathroom space. While decorating your bathroom, there is no need to go overboard with the décor-less is always more. Wood always adds to the beauty of the bathroom. We are confident the Ove Décors Vanity Combo will make an excellent addition to your bathroom.

eclife 24'' Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo

Well-designed bathrooms have stylish and durable vanities. Suppose you’re redesigning your bathroom and planning on giving it an aesthetic design, then Eclife Bathroom Vanity and Sink combo are apt for you.

The Vanity is made from MDF material, which is known to be eco-friendly. MDF is Medium Density Fibreboard that is sturdy and durable. The thickness of this board is 15mm, with a smooth surface that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. It is resistant to wear and tear that contributes to the prolonged life of the product.

The stylish 24″ vanity combo is sleek and fits in bathrooms that are low on space. Even though the unit may look sleek, it provides maximum space for storage. The storage space is ample, so you can store most of your essentials and find it when you need it.

Today, most of us look at doing our bit of conserving water. The faucet with the sink has aerators with a water flow of 1.5 GPM. It allows you to save up to 30% of water- so you can save money on your water bills. It also has a cold/hot water hose. The ½” thick sink glass fully tempered with a gradual and glossy color surface. It has a textured foil inside the handmade, giving it an artistic look.

Along with the sink, you get the 1.5GPM faucet that has a cold/hot water control. The durable glass sink has a classy look. The Vanity has hinges that are stainless steel and a soft-close cabinet door. The zinc alloy handles on the door, and aluminum foot pads are highly durable. You can install the unit on your own by following the user manual. If you are exploring bathroom vanities, then Eclife vanity combo is a wise choice.

24-inch Bathroom Vanity Set

YourLite AMZ has an intuitive 24″ Bathroom Vanity Set that’s eco-friendly. The MDF cabinet has a glossy surface that makes cleaning and maintenance simple making it durable.

The top of the Vanity has a faucet hole and drainage hole to make mounting the sink and faucet easy. The professionally designed cabinet has an opening at the back of the cabinet for the supply line, wall valve, down drainage, P-Trap, and back drainage.

In cabinet has flexible shelves that make it convenient for you to adjust the internal space to your requirement- making it easy to organize all your essentials. The chrome brass faucet is durable and has a glossy surface making it easy to clean. The faucet aerator provides a water flow of 1.5 GPM to save up to 30% of water. Now you can not only conserve water but also reduce the high water bills.

Yourlite Vanity combo is ideal if you are redecorating your bathroom and looking for a stylish yet eco-friendly unit, then this product is apt for you. The tempered glass sink is oval and wide. Even though the Vanity is sleek, the bowl is wide, unlike most narrow and small basins.

The bowl has a 3D design on it, giving it a classic stylish Italian look. It makes a perfect addition to modern bathrooms. The frame of the glass is made from MDF and simple to maintain. The product is easily available and user friendly. The unit comes with a user manual that instructs step by step installation process.

You can do it yourself, no need to hire a handy person. If you need any assistance, you can call the customer service number. A dab of Yourlite Vanity Combo in your bathroom is a perfect addition to a bathroom that’s tight on space.

Stufurhome GM-6412-60PW-CR 60-Inch Malibu Pure White

With this Stufurhome GM-6412-60PW-CR 60-Inch Malibu Pure White Double Sink Bathroom Vanity, you can give your bathroom the look and feel of a Malibu beach home in minutes. Made from solid hardwood and not the cheaper plywood found in other sinks, the Malibu is durable enough for everyday use and will look just as great for years to come. The Carrara counter uses a white background with gray veins running across the surface to add to its rich look.

Stainless-steel handles along the cabinet come in different sizes and pick up the soft white shade of the cabinet to create a more elegant look. The two oval sinks on the top have an under mount design that won’t get in your way, and at 60-inches long, the sink is large enough for you and your spouse to use together. You’ll like that this sink comes with pre-drilled holes that let you change its look easily with the addition of new faucets.

One of the best reasons to love this model is because of the ample storage it offers. Four drawers running down the center of the cabinet glide open and closed with a simple pull or touch, and you get two larger cabinets and two extra drawers on the bottom.

Fresca Manchester 24" Black Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Fresca Manchester Vanity is a traditional 24″ black vanity unit. It is made from eco-friendly MDF material that is sturdy and durable. The unit is ideal if you are looking at organizing and styling your bathroom. The timeless and clean design vanity adds to the décor and helps you organize your essentials.

The cabinet has ample space and has a stylish and sleek look. The surface has a smooth finish that helps you to clean and maintain the Vanity with much ease. The unit has soft-close cabinet doors. Unlike most cabinet doors that make a noise when closed, this unit has hinges that allow the doors to close without making a noise.

It is apt for homes with kids and seniors who don’t have a sturdy grip. This feature prolongs the life of the door, keeping it away from cracking and chipping. The handles are brushed nickel that completes the look on the chic black Vanity.

The Vanity comes with an integrated ceramic sink that’s a round basin. Unlike the sleek look of the Vanity, the basin is big and wide and adds to the aesthetic. For convenience, it has a single hole to mount the faucet. The unit is available in a variety of finishes like Black, Gray, Gray Wood Veneer, and White.

So you can make your choice according to your bathroom décor. You can assemble the unit on your own; all you need to do is follow the manual. It also has all the material required for installation. You can also get it in size 30″ if you wish to have a size bigger. The Fresca Bathroom Mirror is sold separately.

The vanity set comes with a user manual that helps you to assemble it on your own. The Fresca Vanity Set is a must-have if you are looking at redecorating your bathroom and improving the visual space.

Okeysen 13'' Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

Okeysen Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo is an eco-friendly unit. The Vanity is made from moisture-proof material with a thickness of 15mm that increases the unit’s life. The sleek and stylish Vanity can fit into a modern bathroom that is low on space.

The glossy white finish of the cabinet makes cleaning and maintenance simple. The MDF wooden board makes the cabinet sturdy and durable. The cabinet has dual- storage space. Space can be adjusted; you can adjust the clapboard to the height of your requirement.

The hinges on the door are made with high-quality stainless steel. The zinc handle on the door is sturdy with a smooth finish making opening and closing the cabinet convenient. The plastic footpad is solid and durable. The top of the cabinet has a hole that makes the installation of the faucet simple.

The faucet aerator has a water flow of 1.5 GPM, allowing you to save water and money.

Okeysen Vanity combo has a glass tempered sink that’s 0.5″ thick. The sturdy bowl has an artistic pattern with a gradient color. The square bowl is scratch-resistant, prolonging the life of the bowl. Although the Vanity has a sleek design, the sink is not narrow but rather wide and deep.

The stylish bowl has an ORB faucet that has a glossy finish keeping away residue and stains. This feature makes the maintenance and cleaning process simple. The faucet also has a lever to control the temperature of the water. The pop-up drain is an added feature that also comes with a chrome finish ring.

You can easily assemble the unit on your own with the help of the user manual. There are a variety of bowls available. You can choose the one that fits your bathroom décor. This unit is value for money.

Ove Decors Tahoe-Lux 60 in. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Ove Decors Tahoe-Lux Bathroom Vanity Cabinet is designed to fit master bathrooms perfectly. The 60″ Vanity optimizes the use of the bathroom-no need to fight over who goes first.

The charcoal finish vanity is made with ply and solid wood. It features three soft-close drawers, one double-deep drawer, one tilt-down soft-close drawer, dual concealed soft-close cabinet doors, one shelf can be adjusted, and one shelf is a pullout.

The durable and sturdy handles on the doors and drawers are brushed nickel finish giving it a classy finish. This unit includes leveling legs and fixed legs. The 20″ rectangular basins are under-mount with pre-assembled glazed ceramic to the countertop.

The glazed surface is resistant to dirt and residue, reducing the cleaning making maintenance and cleaning easy.
The OveDecor Vanity Cabinet is designed to save space. The intuitive design has ample space for you to store your essentials, bath towels, hand towels, etc.

Clients with large families have installed this cabinet in all their bathrooms. The life-changing dual sinks keep away the early morning arguments over the bathroom. The large countertops have enough space for two people to use it at the same time.

The soft-closing door is a feature that will keep you from waking the entire house. It is apt for homes with kids and seniors who lack a sturdy grip. Unlike most vanities, this unit comes with two USB slots, and two sockets, the power bar is included.

It has a holder for a hairdryer and a holder for a curling iron. This unit will make an excellent addition to your modern bathroom.

SHACO 28" Stand Cabinet Bathroom Vanity

Shaco Bathroom Vanity combo is eco-friendly made from MDF wood that makes the Vanity durable and sturdy. The Vanity will help you manage all the clutter in your bathroom- it has ample storage space. With much ease, you can line up all your morning essentials and improve the viewing space of your bathroom.

The light gray Vanity adds a nice touch to the modern-day bathroom. The 28″ sleek cabinet can be a perfect fit in a bathroom with tight space. The cabinet has dual doors with metal hinges that are durable, corrosion-resistant, and flexible. The hinges don’t rust easily. It has a big draw at the bottom that is wide and deep.

You can store all your morning essentials and much more. The three handles on the Vanity are silver brushed, adding a classy touch to it.

Shaco Vanity has a round basin attached to it. This basin is made from high-quality ceramic. The surface of the bowl is a glossy finish. This feature keeps the bowl free from stains and residue- reducing washing and maintenance of the sink.

The ceramic is scratch-resistant, increasing the life of the basin. The countertop is made from premium quality glass, making it durable and sturdy. The vanity set is easily available and simple to assemble.

This unit comes with countertop, cabinet, ceramic basin, material required for assembling, and a user manual. You can assemble on your own no need to hire a handyperson.

If you need any assistance, you can call the customer care number. This unit doesn’t come with pop-up drain and faucet- you will have to purchase it separately. This vanity set is value for your money and also adds a modern vibe to your bathroom.