Best Alcove Bathtubs

8 Best Alcove Bathtubs

It would take a lot of time and work to locate the best alcove bath on the market. You don’t have to think about it because we’ve taken care of it. We invested many hours doing intensive analysis and going through hundreds of checked reports in order to understand all there is to know about alcove bathtubs.

The guide starts with a panorama of ‘s top alcove bathtub picks, followed by an exhaustive analysis of each product. Also, there is a purchasing guide that will help you pick an alcove bathtub that is ideal for your needs.

The 8 Best Alcove Bathtubs of [In a Nutshell]

1). American Standard Princeton Luxury Ledge Americast Apron-Front Bathtub  (TOP PICK) 

Combining Americast Engineered Steel, better durability, minimal weight, a dense insulating film, lumbar braces, and iconic design – the American Standard Princeton is the ultimate best alcove tub of !

2). American Standard Cambridge Integral Apron Alcove Bathtub  (BUDGET-FRIENDLY) 

This paradigm produced by American Standard is budget-friendly, yet also integrates a lot of advantages for the better. This tub incorporates Americast unique technologies, such as a polished enamel top layer that is both stronger and easier to clean than cast iron, as well as being lighter and simpler to install.

3). American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Alcove Bathtub  (MOST COMFORTABLE) 

This unit is common with customers who want a spa-like tub to go with the lavish amenities. The seat is fitted with armrests and an incline, and its headrest is broad enough to fit a bath pillow.

4). Kohler K-1100 Expanse  (BEST SPACIOUS) 

A big, inviting tub like the KOHLER Expanse is ideal for relaxing and soaking with your spouse. This angled acrylic alcove bathtub offers additional space to soak and chill with your girlfriend!

5). KOHLER K-1946 Alcove Bath with Integral Apron  (EASY TO USE) 

Anyone who fears moving into and out of the bathtub because of the normal 21-inch height should use this model from KOHLER as its entrance walls are only 19-inches high off the floor. Acrylic manufacturing is used, and various paint and finish choices are available.

6). American Standard Studio Bathtub  (THE MINIMALIST) 

A bathtub of simple nature with no frills, designed to fit into all sorts of bath spaces. This white tub is for those who want a simple, non-showy appearance. But it does incorporate that robustness and comfort bathing experience.

7). Kohler Villager Alcove Bathtub  (SHORTEST STEP-OVER) 

A 14-inch step-over makes it best for people with movement disabilities, the aged, and impaired individuals. On the other side, the significant characteristic is the hexagonal structure. This pool has a particular attraction for bathers who are drawn to tubs that are something out-of-the-ordinary.

8). KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L Alcove Acrylic Bathtub  (EASIEST TO INSTALL) 

Its drop-in architecture basically lets a plumber drop it straight into the opening of your bathroom and attach all the lines. An easy-to-install substitute for an outdated bathtub. Fiberglass-lined acrylic is stuffed with a resin for improved warmth retention and extra strength.

What Is An Alcove Tub?

An alcove bathtub is a bathtub that is placed in an alcove of the bathroom. Alcove refers to the place of the bathroom where there are three walls such that the bathtub is completely enclosed on three sides. After that, the open side of the alcove bathtub (the side that does not have a wall) could have a door, shower curtain, a non-slip rug, or as you prefer. There could be a shower head installed on the wall of an alcove bathtub or not.

Why Choose An Alcove Bathtub?

Alcove bathtubs are fantastic for most homes because of their quick and simple installation, as well as their general appearance, which looks great with nearly all bathroom designs. Alcove bathtubs offer homeowners the opportunity to create a tub-shower hybrid that enables them the chance to take a shower or relax in the bath. This is a cost-effective option for people who want both a shower and a bathtub in their house. Also, the number of open surfaces to clean are limited. They are also excellent for individuals who have trouble getting in and out of bathtubs.

A hot bath in alcove bathtubs has the power to soothe both the mind and body. Alcove tubs have many roles in modern bathrooms to accommodate the diverse needs of the space. They are simple to set up and have textured flooring to save the bather from slipping. While contemporary alcove bathtubs are most often constructed from either fiberglass or acrylic products, they can also be available in other materials such as cast iron and Americast, depending on their specific specifications.

The best alcove baths are built to take up very little room and have an outstanding bath experience, as opposed to standard tubs. Since it is built of sturdy materials, you can have complete confidence that it will last you for a long time. It’s a must-have for everyone looking to upgrade their bathing experience without breaking the bank.

Remember These Features When Looking For The Best Alcove Bathtub

As you might be aware, there are several various styles of alcove bathtubs on the market, each with its own unique style and features. Before you go to the favorite bath shop or purchase the one that matches your style on the internet, there are a few critical features to remember. In the light of these characteristics, you will find a bath ideally suitable for your desires.


When you are purchasing an alcove bathtub, it is crucial that you take into consideration the size of your bathroom and where you will be placing it. A big and comfortable bathroom implies the purchase of a large bathtub. In the case of cramped bathrooms, you can choose smaller bathtub models.

Another factor you can bear in mind is who would be using it. Smaller bathtubs are a smart idea if you’re planning to use them to bathe your children, for example. However, if you usually relax and stretch, or a couple-bather look for a tub that is big enough to accommodate you.


The materials used in your bathtub will determine whether or not you will have a pleasurable soaking time. Of course, there are coatings that are more suitable for cleaning and practical than some, but that doesn’t guarantee they would be beneficial to you. You’re better looking for an alcove bathtub constructed of one of the products below;

Cast Iron – If you’re searching for a tub that’s tough and durable, a cast iron tub is the way to go.

Acrylic – If you’re looking for a lightweight and solid construction, go for acrylic. One feature that is noteworthy about acrylic baths is that they are immune to scratches, and can be quickly buffed when damaged.

Americast – It is a material that blends a high-quality porcelain coating with an enamel grade steel and a shaped reinforced composite backing. As a consequence, the metal is the same thickness as standard cast iron, but it is lighter in weight, more robust, and simpler to install.


Capacity is a term used to describe how much anything may hold. Another significant factor to remember when purchasing a tub is the amount of water and people it can accommodate. Some tubs are built to hold two bathers at the same time. If you are single or living alone, a single-capacity bathtub would fit your needs. When it comes to water space, you’ll want to make sure the bathtub you’re considering will hold sufficient water to cover your whole body.


You should buy a tub that is comfortable for you to sit in. A minimum depth of 14 to 15 inches is recommended for an alcove bathtub. When you purchase a large pool, you may be assured that when you bathe, the water can reach the majority of your body. Having said that, it’s important to think of who would be using the deep tub before purchasing one. For instance, if you have physical disabilities or the individual who uses the bath has limited mobility, a really deep bath would not be a reasonable choice.

Anti-Slip Surface

Bathtub falls can cause fatal. Therefore, make sure the alcove tub you are purchasing has an anti-slip surface. This would prevent you from slipping or falling while entering or exiting it.


While you have the choice of installing your alcove bathtub yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional plumber. If you try to do it yourself, though, you must go through the manufacturer’s directions to determine the expertise and time needed for installation. A tub like the KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L has a drop-in design that lets a plumber literally drop it right into the bathroom without much-needed effort.

Surface & Support

It’s nice to rest and chill in a tub. Therefore, make sure the tub you are purchasing has arm support, headrest, and a wide ledge/counter to place bathing necessities at your side. The American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution, for example, has a place for a bath pillow.

Drain Location

Many shoppers ignore or devote little or no regard to the drain mechanism of a bathtub. The majority of them would later regret not paying heed. The drain position of a bathtub will reveal whether it is intended to be used on the right or left side of the bathroom drainage system.


On expensive orders, a warranty is often necessary. Alcove baths are costly, and warranties can support the expenditure. Warranties differ from brand to brand. If the warranty is just for a limited time, you can consider switching to a product with superior customer service and more warranty coverage.

8 Best Alcove Bathtubs ( Reviewed)

1). American Standard Princeton Luxury Ledge Americast Apron-Front Bathtub

American Standard Princeton Luxury Bathtub

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30, 60×32, 60×34
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

Our top choice for is the Princeton Luxury Ledge alcove bathtub.

The lightweight construction of this bathtub helps with installation, as it weighs half as much as a cast iron tub of comparable dimensions. The credit goes to Americast Engineered Steel, which blends a high-quality porcelain coating with an enamel grade steel and a shaped reinforced composite backing. As a consequence, the metal is the same thickness as standard cast iron, but it is lighter in weight, more robust, and simpler to mount.

This alcove bathtub comes in four different porcelain finishes – white, arctic white, linen, and bone. So, you’re spoiled with options when it comes to picking a hue that better complements the decor of your bathroom.

Steel strengthening has been applied to the porcelain enamel for added toughness. This guarantees that the bathtub is crack- and leak-free for several years to come.

Thanks to its dense insulating film, this model can retain heat better. Customers say the Princeton Luxury Ledge alcove bathtub holds water at a reasonable temperature for over an hour, making it something special for citizens in colder climates.

The bathtub is available in both right and left-hand drains. This means you have the option to mount the tub in the place where the bathroom pipes flow.

Kids and the aged are covered by completely slip-resistant flooring. The coarse padded stickers on the tub’s surface offer traction to the feet and avoid any accidental bathtub falls induced by the soap’s slippery existence.

This alcove bathtub also has a lumbar brace with a recessed lip for lying back and relaxing at bath time. The tub’s ledge is also 4-inches broader than the regular ledge, enabling you to have a maximum amount of your most-used bathing necessities near at hand.

  • Durable build quality
  • Glossy porcelain enamel finish
  • scratch resistant
  • easy to clean
  • Wide ledge
  • ADA compliant height
  • Better insulation
  • StanSure slip-resistant floor surface
  • Built-in leveling base for easy installation
  • This tub is shallow and narrow

2). American Standard Cambridge Integral Apron Alcove Bathtub

American Standard Cambridge Integral Apron Alcove Bathtub

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30, 60×32, 60×34
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

Crafted by American Standard, this model is inexpensive enough for the budget-conscious, but still incorporates a range of benefits for the more well-off. An exclusive Americast technology is used on the tub – a shiny enamel top layer that’s robust and simple to scrub, lightweight and simpler to install than cast iron, and far more immune to cracks.

In this style, there are several paint choices, such as Arctic, Bone, Silk, and White, to fit with your bathroom’s decor. This model also holds heat better than acrylic ones and provides homeowners with the added advantage of being able to soak in a hot, comfortable tub. The slip-resistant bottom avoids slippage when showering.

For a conventional home style, this tub is 60″ long and suits well in both narrow and wide spaces. This brings up a different comfort level. You should have absolute faith in the protection and happiness of your bathroom. It’s deep, and you can stay in it for long stretches of time in an ultimate relaxation mode.

While most labels in the industry wither and disappear, the American Standard Cambridge Alcove Bathtub is made to last and will constantly repay the owner with greater value as time progresses. This bathtub is finished with a steel core to optimize its longevity. These facts speak for themselves, which is why the product is more sleek and trendy, particularly as opposed to those around it.

So, if you are on a tight budget and are after a premium alcove bathtub, the American Standard Cambridge will be a perfect option.

  • Made from durable Americast
  • Lighter than cast iron and easier to install
  • 14-inch depth for soaking comfort
  • Excellent heat retention qualities
  • Slip-resistant textured floor
  • Scratch resistant and easy to clean
  • Padded carrying bars
  • In-built Leveling grid
  • You need to separately purchase a brass drain or American Standard’s Deep Soak drain for the installation.

3). American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Alcove Bathtub

American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Alcove Bathtub

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30, 60×32, 60×34
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

Thanks to American Standard, the next evolution in soaking and relaxing is here. The evolution arrives with an inclined back, which makes you relax with your arms on arm-rests on each side. Given these characteristics, this one is deeper than a majority on the market and offers optimum comfort.

The primary ingredient in the Evolution is acrylic, but additional fiberglass is used to strengthen it and extend its lifetime. The deeper you go, the more the Evolution tub indulges you.

At a depth of 18.5 inches, consumers of any height will soak in the warmth. These giant-sized measurements of this alcove tub are the perfect design for bigger bathrooms. The Evolution will be beneficial for those who like to stretch out and lounge in their bathtub. It carries a little over 112 gallons of water when it’s fully filled.

Many versions have rear inclines, although not all items are equipped with armrests. If you use baths as an excuse to read novels, the Evolution Alcove Bathtub provides you the medium to relax your elbows while you’re reading.

Tub tubs may be restricting and splashy when bathing active toddlers and pets. The Evolution is spacious enough to handle both naughty children and four-legged members.

  • Mounts over or under the alcove opening
  • Highly constructed and is deeper than other tubs
  • Has a slightly sloped back
  • Great value for your money
  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Integral apron with removable access panel
  • Dual built-in armrests
  • Deep Soak Max Drain by American Standard needs to be purchased separately for the installation.
  • Some customers have stated that their tub’s surface coating peeled off after a few months of usage.

4). Kohler K-1100 Expanse

Kohler K-1100 Expanse

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×32
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

The KOHLER Expanse is one of the best tubs for soaking and relaxing because it’s so large, and you may even find that two people can comfortably sit inside. A curved apron on the front has an integrated design that will not require separate installation but still provides access to the plumbing inside. Kohler Expanse model has two variants, K-1100-RA-0 and K-1100-LA-0 with drain and plumbing holes on the right and left, respectively.

A tile flange skirts around the back and both ends and allows you to install it right against three walls. The flange keeps water that spills out from getting inside or behind the walls.

The gracefully curved architecture of this acrylic alcove bathtub provides you with extra room to soak and relax. The curved tub is also lined up with a curved shower rod for a complete interior decorating look.

This 60-inch-long, 38-inch-wide model is at the widest point in the curve. Colors like white, biscuit, and almond are all present in the acrylic line. The textured anti-slip bottom assists in tub entry and departure. A comprehensive flange simplifies mounting and eliminates the spilling of water.

This bathtub is constructed from acrylic, which is a lighter-weight plastic than most forms of construction. This makes it convenient to build in your house. Curved styling looks beautiful on this bathtub, but this bathtub would not work in tiny baths since the jutted-out curved side would eat up a lot of floor space. This commodity is protected by a lifetime warranty.

  • Great soaking tub
  • Includes an integrated apron that makes installation easier
  • Tile flange protects the wall and floor from water that might otherwise seep down
  • Textured floor prevents slip and fall accidents
  • Uses acrylic rather than a blend like others use
  • Quality is not up to the mark
  • Fiberglass is thin in some spots
  • The sides slope down slightly so anything you put on the edge (e.g soap, shampoo) slips into the tub

5). KOHLER K-1946 Alcove Bath with Integral Apron

KOHLER K-1946 Alcove Bath with Integral Apron

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

This model from KOHLER is suitable for anyone who has problems getting in and out of the tub because it’s only 19-inches high instead of the standard 21-inch height that others have. The manufacturer guarantees that you will still get the same amount of space inside though. KOHLER used its own acrylic material in the construction of this model, which comes in a variety of different colors and finishes.

Other features include a left or right-handed drain and a flange that surrounds the top edge. This flange acts as a barrier and keeps water from spilling over the sides and causing mold or mildew damage. It also has a molded piece on one end that KOHLER designed to support your back.

  • Textured bottom is slip-proof to keep users safe
  • Tile flange prevents water damage to the walls and floor
  • Stands just 19-inches tall
  • Sloped ends may feel slightly uncomfortable
  • Uses a patented acrylic material that won’t last as long as fiberglass does

6). American Standard Studio Bathtub

American Standard Studio Bathtub

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30, 60×32, 60×34
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

The Alcove bathtub has a plain and simplistic style that fits perfectly in bathrooms of all sizes. It could also draw consumers who want a classic-looking style that is not too showy. The Arctic, in comparison to other hues, is better characterized as having the color of freshly falling snow. In contrast to the creamier pigments, the flat white does not conflict with an active or diverse bathroom color scheme.

The Studio is an interesting choice for bathroom design when taken as a whole, particularly when coupled with the regular length and width (60 by 32 inches). People that have bathrooms that carry the term “the smallest space in the building” should seriously consider purchasing this pool.

For those of you who want a simple bathtub, the Studio’s minimalist style is appealing. There are no needless lines or swirls. A clean-lined style doesn’t indicate discomfort. While the Studio looks tidy, it offers built-in armrests for you to lay back and relax.

The 14-inch depth is very generous when you consider the compact size of this product. The tub’s floor has an anti-slip grip added to it.

This alcove bathtub weighs 60-pounds only, so it should be easy to carry. As long as you have access to the tools, you should be able to perform the installation on your own without experiencing any lasting injury to your back.

  • High-gloss acrylic
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for durability
  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Three-sided tile flange for easy installation
  • Water seepage prevention
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Some customers have complained the development of a ring inside the tub after several months of usage.

7). Kohler Villager Alcove Bathtub

Kohler Villager Alcove Bathtub

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30.25
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

Kohler Villager’s most distinct feature is its peculiar design. It has a hexagonal shape instead of being oval or rectangular. Because of its distinctive nature, this pool attracts bathers who crave a tub with an intimate touch.

Households who place accessibility and ease of use above everything else may like this tub. It has a short step-over height of 14 inches, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are frightened about falling.

Bending over to place and extract bath mats can be challenging whether you are disabled or physically restricted. Thanks to the Villager’s anti-slip hold, your feet remain securely rooted to the tub’s floor.

All, regardless of age or skill status, has the right to a healthy, soothing bath. But, a hop over a wall that is higher could be risky. Many individuals should be able to comfortably maneuver around in the 14-inch step-over.

A flat, finely textured floor is built to provide a reliable anti-slip grip. This ensures you will no longer have to do the regular task of putting up a bathmat and washing it afterward. When you’re dealing with someone who is influenced by clumsiness, you don’t want to be nervous about injuries during their showers.

The Kohler Villager Alcove Bathtub is made of cast iron that has been enameled for strength. This tub should be able to hold heat, and not get scuffed, dented, or scratched. Additionally, you would not have to be overly careful when caring for it, as daily washing would not harm it.

8). KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

  • Available Dimensions (inches): 60×30
  • Drain: Right Hand, Left Hand

For a simple product that will match the look of your bathroom without costing a lot of money, there is this contemporary option from Kingston Brass. The bottom sits higher off the ground, which reduces the space inside and makes it more shallow, but it can still hold up to 64 gallons of water. Its drop-in design lets a plumber literally drop it right into an opening in your bathroom and connect all the lines.

Made of acrylic plastic, this modern commodity also uses resin and fiberglass. A 3 to 5mm  Acrylic sheet is formed, lined with fiberglass, and packed with a resin for better warmth preservation and strength.

Because of their lightweight and strength, acrylic tubs are simple to transfer as opposed to conventional cast iron content, and acrylic tubs have proved to be extremely stain-resistant. It scratches more quickly than porcelain enamel, but the scratches are simpler to fix.

This acrylic bathtub has the best of the advantages of cast iron but without the additional weight. There are also holes on the sides to avoid overflow of water.

  • Safeguard slip-resistant finish
  • A short step-over height of 14 inches makes it ideal for disabled, old, and kids
  • It is ADA-compliant. Offers a more comfortable alternative to people with limited mobility
  • Integral apron for quick installation
  • KOHLER enameled cast iron
  • Some customers have complained of the development of black dots on the tub’s surface after several months of usage.

Alcove Bathub FAQs

How High Do You Need to Step to Climb Over the Side?

Manufacturers use the term step over height to refer to the total height of the product. A standard height is 21 inches, but some make shorter tubs for those with mobility problems. KOHLER makes several models that are only 19 inches high but are slightly wider and can hold the same amount of water.

Do You Need a Right or Left Drain?

These products only have one finished side, which is on the very front. The other three sides are unfinished and designed to sit flush or flat against the bathroom walls. That is why you must purchase one with a left or right drain that will work with your existing drain.

The easiest way to determine what you need is with a look at your existing model. If you buy one with a drain in the wrong spot, you cannot use it because this will make the unfinished side face the bathroom.

Are There Any Support Features?

Support features aren’t that important for those who just want to hop in and out, but those features are important for anyone who wants to take a long soak. Many come with a sloped end that you can rest your back on as you soak, but others have built-in lumbar support that cradles your back as you rest. You may find some with armrests too.

What Material Is Best?

The most common material used in these tubs is some type of acrylic. This material is cheap, which helps manufacturers bring down their costs, and as manufacturers mold the products from one piece, any scratches or chips will blend because the same color comes through.

The main problem with this material is that it doesn’t last that long. You’re lucky to get 10 years out of one. Fiberglass lasts longer and comes in a number of different colors.

As you look at fiberglass though, look for those that feature both resin and fiberglass. You may find some with a cast iron or metal base that has layers of resin and fiberglass poured over the top. These models can last for 20 years or even longer.

How Many Gallons Can It Hold?

These products can hold a different amount of water that manufacturers measure in terms of gallons. Basic models will hold between 40 and 50 gallons, but other models can hold 60 gallons or more. Those that hold more water are larger in size and may be too large for your own bathroom.

How Can You Measure Your Bathroom?

Before purchasing any model to replace your old one, make sure that you measure the size of that old model. Use a measuring tape to check out its total depth as well as its width and height. This lets you know what size you need and whether you can set up a deeper model.

The standard measurements for one designed to fit in a specific space in a bathroom like an alcove is usually 60-inches long and 31-inches wide. These measurements refer to the outside edges of the tub though, which will make the inside a little smaller.

What’s your experience with alcove bathtubs? Don’t forget to share your best and worst experiences with different brands in the comment section below.