#4 Best Freestanding Floor Mountable Tub Fillers 2021 [Reviewed]

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The Rundown

Best OverallDelta Trinsic Floor Mount

The best, top-rated freestanding tub filler with a hand shower, and 80-inches flexible hose.

Best BudgetPfister Modern

An economical-yet-quality freestanding tub filler with universally compatibility across all hardwares. It is made entirely from metal that won’t rust.

Best ChromeOve Decors Athena

Coated in a sleek chrome finish, the Ove Decors Athena with its long spout reach adds a visual appeal to your bathroom.

Best ModernJiaYouJia

It has taken the faucet innovation up a notch with its quality manufacturing, modern characteristics, a maximum flow rate varying between 2.5-6 gallons per minute.

While many people dream of installing a claw foot tub or a similar freestanding tub in their bathrooms, they don’t think about the logistics. As you cannot use a standard faucet set, you’ll need to purchase a freestanding tub filler that provides all the water you need for soaking and bathing.

Best Overall: Delta Trinsic Floor Mount

When you have Delta hardware in other areas of your bathroom, you can invest in the Trinsic and create the look you always thought only existed in magazines. This product comes with a faucet that has an eight-inch reach and a separate hand shower with its own flexible hose. That hose extends to a length of more than 80 inches.

Delta added a cartridge inside that provides the balance necessary to keep it from topping over. It also features a knob for diverting water from one feature to the other in seconds.




Pfister makes a number of modern bathroom accessories that will work with hardware and pieces designed by other companies like this tub filler. Designed for installation beneath the floor, it has a rounded base that provides some stability, though you may find that it wobbles a bit because it sits off balance. Pfister used metal in this product that won’t rust.

Though the hand shower sits right next to the tap, it has its own attached hose that lets you pull the sprayer across the bathtub. This sprayer has small nozzles that allow more water to come out every minute.




Best Chrome Plated: OVE DECORS ATHENA

The sleek chrome finish on this product from Ove Decors is just one thing that shoppers like. They also like that it features both a tap and a sprayer and that they can use the attached handle to switch between those features. Both elements have a high flow rate and make the most of your home’s water pressure.

To help you use the sprayer anywhere you need to, Ove Decors included a long hose that can stretch all the way across the bathtub. This hose is so long that it might actually brush against your bathroom floor.



Best Modern: JIAYOUJIA

Though JiaYouJia isn’t as recognizable as some other faucet manufacturers, it still makes some great products like this one that will work with a pedestal tub, though you may decide that it looks just a little too modern. It features both a faucet that extends over the bathtub and a hand shower that you can use while soaking. The hand shower has a flow rating of 2.5 gallons per minute, while the faucet has a six GPM rating.

Conveniently located handles on the side make it easy to switch between the faucet and hand shower. Depending on where you install it, you might reach both handles while leaning back.





While you can look at the overall weight, some manufacturers list the shipping weight, which includes all the hardware and accessories that come with the product. Looking at the base gives you an idea of how solid it is and whether it will stand up to your family’s demands. A larger base will keep that filler upright.

You’ll also want to look at whether it comes with a round or square base. Rounded bases are usually smaller and can fit in more spaces. A square base may need to sit further away from the tub because it bumps against the legs or base.


Before buying one of these larger bathtubs, you might not think about what a hassle taking a bath is each time you need to clean up. Unless you have a standalone shower in the bathroom, you’ll need a tub filler that comes with its own hand shower. Also called a sprayer, these heads let you wash your hair, rinse off and even clean the bathtub.


Another thing to consider is the hose that attaches to the end of the hand shower. This hose may use rubber or another material and have a protective cover on top, but some use all metal in their construction. The metal keeps the hose from tangling as you move it.

The hose should be long enough that it will reach from one end of the bathtub to the other. This lets you get access to water when soaking and provides water for cleaning and rinsing out the tub.


The GPM is the gallon per minute rating, which states how many gallons of water will flow out of the product in a minute. Top models will have a flow rating of between six and 10 gallons per minute, though you may find some with an even higher rating. Keep in mind that the GPM may vary between the spray head and the tap.

Taps will usually have a higher GPM because the water actually gushes out of the tap at a high speed. The hand shower will often have a lower GPM that is right around the rating found on any shower head.


Spout reach is a term that refers to how far the spout extends from the filler. Many models with a curved or arched spout have a shorter reach. Those with a flatter tap have a shorter reach.

Reach is important because it tells you how closely you need to install the product to your tub. The product that you buy should also be tall enough that it fits over the edge of the bathtub without rubbing against that rim.


Old faucets often feature washers that sit inside the tap and attempt to keep water from dripping down, but tub fillers come with cartridges that do the same thing. The top cartridges are those made from a ceramic material and those that are roughly the same size as the tap opening. Those cartridges will grab any water before it can leak out.