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Best Bidet Attachment Reviews

Last Updated: April 02, 2021

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Tushy Spa

A top-rated bidet attachment known for its easy installation and universal fitting across all toilets. Pressure and angle monitoring, grant it a 95-point great excellence!

Best Budget: Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Low on money? The Luxe Bidet Neo uses its single nozzle for smooth, irritation-free cleaning of places where the sun does not shine!

Best Dual Nozzle: GenieBidet Ultra Thin Toilet

A high-qualit, self-cleaning bidet attachment with dual retractable nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing.

Best with Dryer Attachment: Brondell Swash SE400 Bidet

A sensor-fitted bidet seat that automatically comes into action when you want it. It guarantees comfort and air drying for a highly hygienic bathroom experience.

Best for Elders: Bio Bidet BB-70 Simple Bidet Attachment

An ideal bidet attachment for the senior and mobility limited individuals — all thanks to its one-touch, easy-to-use controls.

Best Durable: Omigo Element+

A highly robust bidet attachment, that is designed to last for ages. Stainless steel water valves, ABS plastic manufacturing, and no empty gaps between the bidet and seat are some of its top features to be appreciated.

Best Left-Handed: Brondell SouthSpa Bidet

A top-rated bidet attachment, designed for the Southpaws to be exact!

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the paper crisis, there is rising popularity of other methods of waste management (i.e Bidets). It is a one-time purchase that reduces your toilet paper costs + enhances your hygiene. Our experts have reviewed the best toilet bidet attachments for 2021. Let’s get started!

Bathrooms in the United States are at last are actually getting to see the value of bidets. Up until today, this bathroom device that has the functionality of washing your private areas has been most common in Europe and Asia. In certain countries, individuals use a bidet after each bathroom visit.

More recently, Americans have become more enthusiastic about the bidet than ever. Furthermore, it tends to be more hygienic than just wiping with toilet paper.

Bidet enthusiasts assert that it leaves their tushes cleaner, fresher, and hygienic. Others concur that a bidet is more convenient than toilet paper for individuals who have just undergone surgery, delivered a baby, or suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.


Because wiping with water is much gentler on your nether regions than rubbing dried paper over it. The skin is also very delicate, with many vulnerable nerve endings. If you wipe with dry tissue, the sensitive skin in that region can get irritated and damaged.

Do not ignore your derriere, says Carrie Yang, a sales development associate at TUSHY. “You wouldn’t clean a bird’s feces off with a tissue if it fell on you. You’d need soap and water. Why should the buttocks be handled differently?” Furthermore, using toilet paper is expensive and, in the long term, detrimental to the climate.

“Bidets help you feel clean”, according to Rabia De Latour, MD, a gastroenterologist and assistant professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health. As a general matter, as long as there’s no tear in the skin, it’s not harmful. And you do feel more sanitary, Dr. De Latour says.

Bidets are built to keep you and your hands clean. In fact, the findings of a 2005 survey conducted of 22 nursing homes that had built bidet toilets, found that half of the residents and workers indicated that bidet had a favorable impact, with urinary bacteria content declining later.

If you don’t wash your butt with water, you will quickly transmit intestinal bacteria from your hands to others. Using a bidet makes you feel like you just finished your shower, making you clean and fresh when you are done. You don’t have to worry about your cleanliness, says Carrie Yang of TUSHY.

Best Overall: Tushy Spa

Tushy Spa Best Overall

The Tushy Spa’s elegant and futuristic style makes heading to the bathroom feel pleasurable—even luxurious. is one of the most popular bidet attachments among people because you can change the temperature, water flow angle, and the water throw pressure.

As for many modern items these days, the interest of the customer has been gained further from the consumer-friendly nature and value pricing that Tushy has employed in its goods. delivers a customizable warm water element on top of the classic model to fit the tastes of customers.

The only crucial aspect to consider is that your toilet must be placed next to your sink in exchange for access to heat. It just requires four measures to mount it: remove the toilet seat, attach it to the clean water source, then install the seat back, and then connect the seat to a warm water supply if needed.

The Tushy Spa does not need any electrical or complex plumbing installation. It adapts to round and elongated toilets so well as if it was built for them. Pressure and angle monitoring is also included. A number of different colors, including gold and bronze colored knobs, give this bidet attachment a top-notch look.

It takes a few attempts to get accustomed to the bidet feeling, but if you find your new cleaning device not pleasant after a while you will be allowed to return it within 60 days in accordance with the Give Back program of the brand.

Best Budget: Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Best Budget

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 has a lower price, but the same sanitary and experiential impact compared to other expensive bidets on the market. There is a single nozzle, which withdraws back with a sanitary gate if not in service.

This non-electric bidet attachment dispenses water at higher psi levels via its steel tubing and allows for smooth, irritation-free cleaning of body parts. While there is no trial period, you can shop the bidet online and obtain an extended warranty of 18 months.

Since the chrome-plated bidet only comes with one nozzle and dual knobs, it is easy to mount and economical to run. The bidet is supposed to be installed just in a few minutes and can be conveniently added to any two-piece or one-piece regular toilet. To stay safe from unintended impacts, the bit stays in the uppermost location, retracts below the guard gate, and then drops back into the guard while it is not in service. It washes itself automatically as well, so you don’t have to offer it a second wash after each use.

It is a bidet that uses cold water and has many pressure levels that can be changed through the chrome knob. Trying this add-on saves plenty of resources in terms of trees i.e toilet paper. The color of the commodity is either blue or white.

Best Dual Nozzle: GenieBidet Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment

GenieBidet Ultra Thin Toilet

GenieBidet is a reputable company that manufactures outstanding, high-quality bidets. The GenieBidet Ultra Thin is a mechanical bidet that operates on cold water. Unlike several bidet attachments, the Genie Bidet features dual retractable nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing, as well as a self-cleaning function. It has an ultra-thin profile that eliminates some distance between the seat and the toilet, so you don’t feel like you’re falling forward when using it.

The bidet may also be modified to the desired angle, and a sleek-looking knob allows you to easily regulate the strength of the cleaning spray. When not in operation, a hybrid T-connector enables the water source to be switched off. Additionally, the kit includes a travel bidet for when you need to feel clean while away from home.

Best with Dryer Attachment: Brondell Swash SE400 Bidet Seat

Brondell Swash SE400 Best W/Dryer

It’s feasible to get a full-radius bidet; nevertheless, it will cost you a fair amount of money. Though not a typical budget-friendly product, the Brondell Swash SE400 should be taken into consideration if you’re looking for comfort, air dryness, and a heated bench.

The bidet, which is fitted with sensors, can even sense when you sit and get up — to help save power. It takes no more than an hour to mount the attachment, given that you know how to use a wrench.

Available for both circular and oval flushing toilets, this bidet attached seat can guarantee a highly hygienic latrine experience. It has a self-adjusting and oscillating backwash nozzle which is useful to people with vulvas.

According to Dr. De Latour, wiping in a back-to-front motion can introduce bacteria into the vulvar or vaginal urethral regions, potentially raising the risk of infection. She cautions that you may contract an illness, such as a urinary tract infection [UTI], regardless of whether you wipe back to front or front to back. Therefore, a bidet like Brondell Swash SE400 can be helpful to prevent such infections.

Best for Elders: Bio Bidet BB-70 Simplet Bidet Attachment

Best for Elder Bio Bidet

This bidet is suitable for seniors due to its simple-to-use (Positive Stepping Pressure Regulation P.S.P.C.) selection dial that regulates the frequency of the water stream. The bidet attachment attaches easily to your toilet and utilizes your freshwater source to provide a steady, forced stream to clean yourself without the usage of electricity or batteries. This bidet is simple to mount and comes with a splash-protected nozzle, so you’ll be clean after each toilet usage without creating a mess.

In the United States, approximately 36 billion rolls of toilet paper are used per year, which is why many people choose to use a bidet, which would remove the need for TP entirely. As a result, the quality is assured to be quite high with this one, since it comes with a brass control valve, a braided metal hose, and a silver hose barb fitting. The big dial for controlling water pressure is simple to use. A good plus is that the BioBid doesn’t need batteries or have to be plugged in, and even when used in unheated water it’s very convenient for most people.

Best Durable: Omigo Element +

Omigo Element Toilet Best Durable

The Omigo Element+ is made of sturdy materials including ABS plastic with a ceramic core internal valve, as well as stainless steel cool and warm water T-valves for a long-lasting solution. Since it measures just 1/4 inch thick, there is no wasted gap between the bidet and seat. The retractable nozzles hide away thus staying clean when not in operation.

The dual temperature knob allows flipping from cold to warm water quickly, but access to the sink connection is necessary, and front and rear pressurized sprinklers ensure an accurate, directed rinse.

Best Left-Handed: Brondell SouthSpa Left-Handed Bidet

Brondell SouthSpa Left-Handed Bidet

While the majority of bidet accessories are intended to work on the right side of the toilet, Brondell has created one for left-wingers. Bathrooms may be very crowded, so it’s a good option if your bathroom is full of little space and you do not want to take up more room on the right.

The Brondell bidet attachment is available in a number of different styles, based on your budget and preferred functionality. The most comprehensive variant is the Brondell SouthSpa — offering adaptations to the temperature of warm or cold water, front and rear sprinkling angles, retractable nozzles, and an independent cleaning system.

What to Look for in a Bidet Attachment

Nozzle type

Some bidet accessories have a single nozzle with a broad sprayer to clean as best as practicable, whilst others feature dual nozzles for more customized coverage. If you want a single nozzle connection, search for one with adjustable angles to ensure that the water stream is guided in a useful direction. Additionally, take into account if the nozzle is retractable and antibacterial for sanitation purposes.

Temperature Regulation

If you like warm water, aim for a bidet attachment with temperature regulation. This requires connecting the connection to the hot and cold water supply lines—which could require connecting a pipe to your sink. While a bidet that uses just ambient water temperature might be more convenient, some people prefer using warm water.

Handheld Attachments

If you’re searching for a bidet that offers more detailed washing, choose one with a handheld adapter. These connectors are typically found attached on a wall by the toilet—just bear in mind where you’ll store the extension and if the string is long enough to reach the nether regions when using the toilet.

Pressure Changes

It will take some time to adapt to a bidet, and the degree of comfort will be strongly reliant on the pressure applied. If you’re uncertain of the level of pressure you need or have never used a bidet before, search for a bidet with adjustable pressure settings and a return policy.


Although certain bidets need the assistance of a plumber to fit correctly, others may be assembled without the assistance of a professional. The majority of our picks are simple to mount on your own but can need a few tries to get properly configured. If you have an outdated plumbing device or anticipate difficulty with setup, search for a kit that provides specialist installation.

Nozzle with Self-Cleaning Capability

Using a bidet adapter with a self-cleaning nozzle guarantees the constant hygiene of the bidet. This is particularly critical for individuals with agility and dexterity impairments.

Final Verdict:

Our top choice is the Tushy Spa, which comes equipped with a warm water rinse, variable pressure settings, and a chic look. Luxe Bidet’s Neo 120 has all the basics without a heavy price tag for a more economical solution, which is ideal for introducing bidets. The Brondell Swash SE 400 may be the best choice if you’re searching for a Hi-Fi solution.

Why Trust The Best Flushing Toilet?

Bob Peterson, the author of this piece, is a professional plumber with years of expertise in the plumbing industry. Having served hundreds of clients in his hometown Wisconsin, he has tested several types of bidets. He personally owns a bidet attachment and says that once you try one, you won’t want to use toilet paper ever again.

The source of this article, Bob Peterson, is a licensed plumber with years of business knowledge. Having served hundreds of clients in his hometown Wisconsin, he has assessed several types of bidets. He has a bidet attachment and believes that after you’ve used one, you’ll never want to buy toilet paper again.

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