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Best Non-Electric Bidet Seats [Under $200]

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The Rundown

Best Overall: GenieBidet Non-Electric Bidet Seat

“The century’s best non-electric bidet seat known for its durability, luxurious spa-like feel, and a top-notch cleaning of the nether regions!”

Best Budget Pick: Kohler Model K-76923-0 PureTide Manual Bidet Seat

“An ideal bidet seat for those on a frugal lifestyle. No extra frills. Just a basic bidet made to offer thorough cleaning of the private body parts.”

Best Durable: Bio Bidet BB-70 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

“Don’t want to deal with costly replacements every now and then? Robustly manufactured, the Bio Bidet BB-70 is made to perfection with one-year warranty.”

Best Innovative: Luxe Bidet Neo 180 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet

“A technologically-advanced bidet that incorporates many premiums such as braided steel hoses, auto retracting dual nozzles, and one-hand adjustable pressure lever.”

Having a non electric bidet in your house really helps. In case of an electric cut or a power outage due to storms or a hurricane, a non electric bidet helps as you can use the bidet. 

Gone are the days when a majority of us relied on toilet papers to wipe clean our nether regions. Issues with hygiene, the possibility of infections like UTI, and a host of environmental issues connected with the toilet paper has as of late made a lion’s share of population switch to bidet seats — an innovative plumbing fixture that installs in place of your standard toilet seat, sparking fresh water on your private areas to clean your genitals after answering the clean of nature. Not only do bidet seats promote cleanliness and wellbeing, but they also help reduce deforestation done for the manufacturing of toilet paper.

Although standalone bidet flushing toilets may cost you an arm and a leg, bidet attachments (that get connected to the existing toilet seat) and bidet seats (that are mounted in place of the standard toilet seats) are the best replacements to turn your existing porcelain throne into a bidet toilet and enjoy all the advantages that a stand-alone bidet unit — but at a fraction of the cost.

The two main types of bidets included in this segment are: electric bidet seats and non-electric bidet seats. Since not everyone can afford a $300-500 electric bidet seat, you can still experience the EXTRAORIDNARY by opting for non-electric bidet seats which cost no more than $200. Here, we have reviewed the best cheap non-electric bidet seats under $200.

Best Overall: GenieBidet Non-Electric Bidet Seat Review


The GenieBidet is a non-electric bidet seat designed for the most popular models of elongated toilets. It’s sturdy, durable, and comfortable, giving you a spa-like, luxurious experience in your bathroom. It is a highly adjustable bidet seat.

The device features dual nozzles that extend with a touch of a button from under the toilet seat. The self-cleaning retractable nozzles have feminine and rear washing modes that ensure thorough cleaning. Depending on your preferences, the spray is easily adjustable from mild and gentle to solid and cleansing.

The temperature of the water is not adjustable, but the water is maintained at room temperature. This bidet makes sure that you get a softer wash with an aerated stream of running water. It provides you with the ultimate in personal cleansing.

The bidet comes with a soft closing lid. It’s also very simple and easy to install, as it only needs to be attached to a water pipeline. The unit does not have electrical cabling and is absolutely safe. It also includes a hybrid T-Connector that features pressure control and shut-off.

All of the above functions make this bidet toilet seat much easier to use. Additionally, it also comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

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Best Budget Pick: Kohler Model K-76923-0 Puretide Manual Bidet Seat Review


Dump those expensive electric bidets and go for this economical yet highly efficient Kohler Puretide bidet toilet seat for your bathroom. The Kohler Puretide bidet seat operates with an easy to use lever which can be manually pushed up or down. No electric power or batteries are needed for this bidet to operate. This feature makes usage of the bidet far safer.

This bidet seat has a premium built single wand providing warm water for cleansing thoroughly. The spray position is easily adjustable by a side handle. There are two wash modes available to the user. One is posterior, and the other is anterior.

The water pressure can also be adjusted to suit your preference. Just turn the wand to your left or your right. The wand is self-cleaning and rinses automatically after each use, so it stays neat and clean.

The seat is ergonomically designed for comfort and has a sleek, stylish appearance. It also includes the Quick Close technology, which enables you to close the seat silently yet quickly without slamming it. The tight grip bumpers guarantee a perfect, secure fit. The seat’s fast release hinges allow you to uninstall the seat for convenient cleaning easily. The seat is easy and simple to install too.

Due to its durability and adjustability, the KOHLER K-76923 Puretide is one of the best non-electric bidets.

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Best Durable: Bio Bidet BB-70 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Review


The Bio Bidet BB-70 has a universal design providing a secure fit for your toilet. It gives you a refreshingly, clean feeling. It is an adjustable bidet toilet seat. It connects directly to your supply of fresh water, providing you with a continuous stream of water at varying pressure. The BB-70 is easy to install and does not operate with electrical power or batteries. This feature makes the bidet very safe to use.

The positive stepping pressure control feature helps to adjust the water pressure and provides comfort & ease of use. It allows the user to feel each level physically as the dial pressure is increased. This feature helps those with restrictions on mobility who find it hard or inconvenient to check what they are choosing visually.

The bidet has a retractable, detachable nozzle that provides refreshing hygienic wash whenever you use it. It also comes with an integrated splash guard. The removable nozzle feature guarantees the highest level of quick and easy cleanliness. 

The bidet also features a brass inlet and a water supply hose of braided metal. It is also fitted with a brass ball valve of silver. This provides the bidet with extra durability.

The BB-70 also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Best Innovative: Luxe Bidet Neo 180 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Review


The Luxe Bidet Neo 180 will give your bathroom the next level look. The Neo 180 comes with a slim, sturdy design, and strong internal hoses that channel water properly. This promotes the bidet’s longevity and strength. It is designed to fit comfortably between the seat and the bowl under standard toilets with zero gaps.

The Neo 180 is built with quality high-pressure faucet valves. The core of the valves is made of metal-ceramic, and the hoses are of braided steel rather than traditional plastic. The bidet also comes with a cold water t-adapter made of metal. This provides extra strength and durability.

This bidet seat features dual nozzles—one for feminine wash and the other for the rear wash. The feminine nozzle is specifically designed to aim lower and softer spraying.

The nozzles are protected by a guard gate. For your ultimate sanitary experience, the guard gate shields the nozzles and opens manually for nozzle access. After each wash, the nozzles retract automatically behind the guard gate, ensuring protection until the next use. The nozzles also have a self-cleaning feature.

The Neo 180 also features a one-touch pressure lever and a fully adjustable mode control knob. You just need to pull the lever to switch the spray on. You may select the spray using the knob. The bidet is also easy to connect to the water pipeline.

This bidet seat is great for women, the elderly, and people with limited mobility. The installation of this bidet is also effortless. In addition, it is also backed by eighteen months of limited warranty.

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As you can see, there are many excellent non electric bidets on the market that are reasonable. I hope you have identified the best cheap non electric bidet for you.

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