best hand held bidet

Best Hand Held Bidet

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A hand held bidet is much more easy to use as compared to a normal bidet. You can use it to ensure that you clean yourself completely. It helps you to have control over the cleaning process. 

Hand held bidets are relatively few on the market but we have made sure that we identify the best for you. We have kept in mind the price, quality and the durability of the hand held bidet while reviewing the products. 

Best Hand Held Bidet Reviews

We have reviewed for you four best hand held bidets on the market. Let’s check them below:

Aqua Nexis Bidet Toilet Sprayer Review


The Aqua Nexis Bidet Toilet Sprayer takes cleanliness and comfort to a whole new level. A self-controlled powerful pressure nozzle and no-tangle design render this unit the best choice in the market.

Its construction is sturdy and durable. The compact size renders the cleaning and hygiene maintenance process a pleasant chore. Its unique back level button at the nozzle provides better control and comfort.

This handheld bidet sprayer is of high-quality stainless steel and pure brass, providing long-lasting effects. There is no chrome plating involved. You just need to affix it to the toilet bowl or any other convenient surface of your toilet. This way, you obtain an efficient & hygienic cleansing system with a touch of class in your toilet.

It provides gentle pressure water flow as also warm water flow as per your preference. You get the desired water pressure that is required to feel clean and fresh every time.

It comes with all the required components needed for an all-purpose toilet sprayer or a personal hygiene device.

This handheld bidet features a 360-degree pivot handle. It has leak-proof seals to ensure that powerful water spray is directed exactly to the spot where you desire. So there is no water all over the place.

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SmarterFresh Handheld Bidet Sprayer Review


The SmarterFresh Bidet Toilet Sprayer is an economical option to achieve freshness with just an attachment to your existing plumbing. 

It conveniently attaches to your toilet by a hook & holder, which can be clipped to the toilet tank side. Or it can be wall-mounted anywhere in your bathroom. 

 It is constructed from quality components and provides added comfort and luxury to your bathroom.

 This bidet sprayer has multiple uses. It can serve you as a cloth sprayer, a shower, or toilet sprayer for cleaning & rinsing. The handicapped, seniors, and disabled will find it a great advantage for assistance and care. 

 The bidet comes equipped with an adjustable spray trigger allowing for either a slow, gentle spray or high jet spray. That would, although, depend on your purpose and personal taste.

The T-Valve lever needs to be turned off after every use. This ensures that the water supply to the bidet sprayer head is closed. This rules out the risk of weakening the sprayer’s internal components and hose, leading to water leakage and flooding. This, although, is not a big issue. The valve lever conveniently fixed on the T-Valve adapter just takes a moment to shut off.

The bidet comes with brass or stainless steel construction options. Its jet spray can be adjusted to just your requirement. The user is in control of the water pressure. It easily cleans up all the residue without much of a fuss. Here the cleaning of residue is achieved by technique rather than force.

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Joyway Bidet Handheld Toilet Sprayer Set Review


You couldn’t do better than pick the Joyway Bidet Spray for your daily personal hygiene in the toilet. It is supplied with all required components necessary for a complete standard toilet bidet spray. 

Its upgraded design guarantees adjustable water flow, leak proof functioning, and comfortable self-cleaning experience with no signs of residue. The ceramic and brass combination construction renders this handheld bidet spray set absolutely solid and durable. 

A spray trigger controls the water pressure. Just the slightest pressure on the spray handle permits a soft personal hygiene spray. Full pressure allows tackling tasks such as cleaning soiled diapers.

You can choose between a standard handle or a brass handle depending on your preference. Unlike most other handheld bidets on offer, these handles do not need much force to activate them. Just a gentle force will get the water flowing to your desired pressure to get rid of the residue. The unit’s components are made of top-quality stainless steel treated repeatedly for corrosion and rust.

The water supply in the unit is effectively controlled by a brass disc cartridge. This serves to ensure that water is not needlessly wasted and prevents messy puddles all over the place. Sporting a hose with a three-way valve, using the bidet, is most convenient and comfortable.

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Easy Giggles Stainless Steel Handheld Bidet Spray Review


The Easy Giggles Sprayer is constructed from very high-grade stainless steel material. The resultant product is unit oxidation & corrosion resistance with increased durability. This sprayer withstands very high water pressure, which makes it a sturdy sprayer. The elegant design with brushed nickel finish provides the sprayer a superb look giving any bathroom a touch of class.

The sprayer’s hose is also of stainless steel having a coil design, which facilitates maximum flexibility. Its inner tube is of high-grade material, which is further reinforced with dense nylon thread material. This provides increased support to the inner tube. The washers used in the hose are of high-grade rubber rendering more durability and providing a leak-proof snug fit.

The T-valve adapter’s body and its inner surface are made of brass. The result is a more durable T-valve than a ceramic core T-valve. It does feel a bit heavy in hand, but then you have a sturdy and efficient unit. The unit with its chrome finish appears very attractive.

The hanger and holder are attractive stainless steel with brushed nickel finish. This complements the sprayer’s appearance and makes it sturdy, strong, and durable.

The sprayer works amazingly too! It is perfect as a diaper sprayer and a bathroom hygiene toilet sprayer. The water pressure can be adjusted using the lever on the T-valve adapter. When set to the highest setting, the high-pressure water spray is perfect for cleaning the toilet or potty.

The sprayer set is supplied with everything needed to install the unit into the existing setup without plumber’s help.

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YECO Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Review


The YECO Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer is manufactured from top premium stainless steel. Its brushed finish ensures that it is geared for rust & corrosion-free operation. It is leak-proof, easy for maintenance and operation, and has a long life.

A strong brass T-valve adapter with a ceramic seal inside ensures durability, no leakage, and can be manually shut off. It is provided with a four feet long sturdy brass hose for comfortable & convenient spraying. The opening or closing valve provided enables direct control of the flow of water into the bidet.

The YECO bidet sprayer sports a trigger for adjustable spraying. It allows a soft spray or high jet spray for various purposes and personal needs.

This sprayer set conveniently attaches to your existing toilet by clipping to the side of the toilet tank. If you prefer, you can wall-mount it conveniently anywhere in the bathroom. You can do the installation yourself in a few minutes. It greatly reduces the stress of soiled diaper cleaning with an effective spraying system.

The bidet is ideal for those who have hemorrhoids and for senior citizens suffering from limited mobility. It also comes in handy for very young children not adept at wiping themselves.

This bidet sprayer is of amazing assistance for giving your family pets regular baths.

The sprayer permits its use for personal hygiene, cleaning soiled diapers, toilet and floor with adjustable spray.

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SonTiy Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Review


The SonTiy Hand Held Bidet Sprayer offers multiple uses and is an alternative to paper or wipes and more hygienic. It helps in tackling your hygiene problems most effectively. Use it as a bidet attachment, diaper sprayer, powerful spray jet for rinse and clean, personal hygiene, and toilet wash.

It is ideal for the injured or people with limited mobility, senior citizens & pregnant women.

The SonTiy sprayer is constructed from sturdy, impact, and corrosion-free solid brass material with an attractive chrome finish. A T-valve ensures zero leakage. A gentle finger pressure controls the spray pressure.

It is leak-free and free of blasting. A right-angled control lever facilitates the selection of gentle rinse or jet spray.

The unique design is great for angle adjustment for targeted cleaning. The spray wand can be adjusted to tackle personal hygiene and for rinsing and cleaning. The T-adapter’s knob helps to obtain the ideal water pressure.

The spray wand has sufficient length for use frontally or from behind easily. A rotating lever on the nozzle enables you to choose a convenient water pressure: gentle or soft.

The installation is very easy, with no need for tools or a plumber.

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As you can see, there are many best hand held bidets on the market that are reasonable. I hope you have identified the best hand held bidet for you.

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