best portable bidet

Best Portable Bidet in 2021

best portable bidet

Buying a bidet is an important decision. This is because it is a long term investment and will last you for decades. There are a few good portable bidets on the market. We have reviewed the best in terms of price, durability and ease of use. 

Best Portable Bidet Reviews

We have reviewed for you four best cheap portable bidets on the market. Let’s check them below:

The Palm TP70 by Bio Bidet Review


Bio Bidet’s TP70 is a perfect solution when you want to take the benefits of the bidet while on the move. Store it in your purse or backpack; it is small enough and very affordable. The soft squeeze bottle allows you to use this bidet without battery requirements.

One of the characteristics of this bidet is that it has an extended nozzle which locks to spray. It has an angled nozzle of 7.5 inches, which allows for better reach and maximum efficiency in cleaning.

This device has five nozzle holes in two sets. This feature allows more pressure and covers a wider cleaning area. So you’ll get done quickly and not have to squeeze over and over again.

It is very user friendly and has a sizeable 450 ml capacity. For maximum cleaning, you need to fill the bottle with water, point, and squeeze. The bottle is quite ergonomic because squeezing is easy. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into squeezing and get tired.

The base of the bidet includes an airlock preventing unwanted leakage by merely placing your finger over it. This results in much better spraying. The pressure of the spray can be easily adjusted by altering your force.

The large nozzle can be easily pulled back into the body with just a tap. This makes the bidet very travel friendly. The travel pouch lets you carry the bidet conveniently wherever you go.

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Everone Portable Travel Bidet Bottle Review


Everone’s portable bidet is one of the best travel bidets for everyone because it has a user-friendly design. The bidet is small and inexpensive.

This bidet is a versatile personal cleaning device. Children and the elderly can easily use it without having any difficulty. Just fill the bottle with a little water, aim, and spray. It is so simple. The bottle is capable of holding up to 450 ml of water, more than sufficient for single use.

The bottle allows air to enter through an air vent but does not allow leakage of the water. It also allows you to control the pressure of the spray. The better you squeeze, the greater will be the pressure of the stream.

The bidet allows the elimination of toilet paper for improved hygiene. The long nozzle of the bidet can spray water at 60 degrees. This provides a wider pattern of spraying and gives better cleaning. The bottle is made of long-lasting rubber material and is durable. It is also very soft, so you can squeeze it easily.

The nozzle can be pulled back and reduces its original size to half. So you don’t have to feel embarrassed to carry it around.

This travel bidet is especially useful for women who are more concerned about their personal hygiene.

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GenieBidet-GO Portable Bidet Review


GenieBidet-GO portable bidet is easy to use and is made of BPA-free plastic material. This makes the bidet quite soft to touch. It gives you confidence that you are using a product that is completely safe.

The bottle comes with an extended nozzle. The middle section of the bottle is curved and allows a good grip for the user. It has an angled spray nozzle that perfectly splashes water.

The bottle is ergonomic and squeezable. It has a capacity of 400 ml, which reduces the need to refill while you’re traveling. The best part of this bidet is, no batteries are required to operate it.

The bidet can easily be stored by pushing the nozzle inside. And, it is not going to leak. The bottle also comes with a free carrying pouch. So when you’re on the move, you can carry the bidet conveniently. Due to its robust construction, it is long-lasting. The bidet has a one-year warranty, in addition.

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Hibbent Travel Bidet Review


The Hibbent travel bidet is a portable battery-operated bidet. It has 165ml of water carrying capacity. The bottle is soft and also squeezes easily. It comes with 3.7V/500mA lithium rechargeable batteries, which take only two hours to get recharged. At full charge, the batteries have an average duration of about 100 cycles.

This bidet has a unique design featuring a spray function with two cleaning speeds. It has a low spray for 1-2 m operation and a water jet high spray of 3-5 m height. When spraying on low, the average cycle time is 60 seconds. It takes about 30 seconds to spray high. The two modes of spray speed allow you to choose the best fit to suit your needs.

If the bidet runs low on the battery, then the spray pressure will be reduced and eventually stop working. It also has a battery indicator that shows your battery status while charging. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will go off. It also has a low-noise motor that is waterproof and performs incredibly well. Also, the bottle is very easy to fill, use, and store.

The bidet has a long nozzle that easily reaches out without needing to move too much. The air locking technology makes sure that it has the right water pressure. It also reduces leakage chances.

This bidet makes cleanup a snap. It is ideal for female personal hygiene. It can also be used for baby washing after changing the diapers. For convenient travel, the package also includes a USB charger, cable, and carrying pouch.

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HappyPo Portable Easy-Bidet Review


Are you looking out for a convenient bidet with a precise stream of water that will clean you gently? Then you should definitely consider HappyPo Easy-Bidet. This bidet does away with the need to use toilet paper and cleans much better.

This portable, simple, squeezable device will help you feel cleaner, wherever you go. It cleans incredibly, giving a soft touch to your skin. It is made from BPA free material and is ideal for sensitive skin.

The bidet has amazing benefits. It’s better not only for your skin but also for your health and the environment. It’s hassle-free, too. This device is very easy to use. You only need to fill in the bottle with water and squeeze. It will provide you with a comfortable and precise stream of water, cleansing you gently.

This bidet comes with an angled nozzle that reduces movement during use. The seven holes of the nozzle ensure that, when you squeeze, sufficient pressure is let out through the spray. It’s long enough to reach exactly where you’d prefer.

HappyPo has a reasonably large capacity and can carry up to 400 ml of water. This limits you from making numerous refills. It is very light even when it’s filled up. This makes it great for traveling.

This bidet is ideal for feminine needs since the nozzle is thin. It is perfect for people who are conscious of cleanliness and anyone who loves to feel great.

You can travel with this bidet for your comfort, confidence, and wellbeing. HappyPo comes with a handy travel pouch, so cleanliness is never far away.

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Happy Bottom Portable Handheld Bidet Review


Happy Bottom bidet has a simple and elegant design, which makes it easy to handle and squeeze. It operates manually. You have to press to determine the pressure level you need. The bidet’s soft material makes it easy to use, even by older people.

To give it a good grip, the middle part of the bottle is slightly curved. It has a specially designed angled nozzle sprayer, which makes it easy and effective to clean. The nozzle measures 6.5 inches. Its seven holes allow sufficient water pressure for efficient cleaning of your bottom. The nozzle’s pullback feature makes storage much easier.

The bidet has a 400 ml water capacity that limits the number of refills you make when you are traveling. It has a single-way air valve at the bottom of the bottle. This allows enough pressure to be applied when you squeeze.

The head of the sprayer offers a generous pattern of spray. It’s kind of like a mini shower and lets you feel incredibly fresh & clean all day.

The bidet is lightweight. It also comes with a travel bag to ensure you don’t have any problems carrying it whenever you’re on the go.

This device can also make a great gift for a loved one. It gives you a very fresh feeling and enhances your confidence.

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As you can see, there are many excellent portable bidets on the market that are reasonable. I hope you have identified the best cheap portable bidet for you.

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