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#3 Best Toilet Plungers: Power To Unclog Toughest Drains!

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Neiko 601661

The best top-rated plunger of 2021. With a four-tiered rubber flange and ridged collar, this plunger forms a tight seal around all sizes of drains.

Best Powerful: Oxo Good Grips

Fits in most toilet bowls, and easily suctions even the most stubborn of clogs.

Best Anti-Bacterial: Clorox Plunger and Hideaway Caddy

A one of its kind plunger, made from anti-bacterial and mold resistant material for a smell-free, and clean plunging experience.

A toilet plunger is essential for every bathroom. Many of us don’t give much thought while purchasing one. We pick whatever is available on the shelf. If you choose the right one, it will pay off when you’re in a jam.

You can avoid that call to the plumber and save up that extra cost on the tools. All of us have experienced the clogging of the bathroom and the overflow of water. When you invest in a good plunger, you can avoid potential water damage. Surprisingly, today we have a variety of plungers with exceptional functionality.

They come with great designs and features, allowing several models to rise above the basic plunger. It might get challenging to choose between these plungers. We have reviewed a few to help you decide.

Best Overall: Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger Review

Neiko 60166A Plunger

It is one of the best plungers in the market. The rubber flange has four tiers making it a unique suction cup that can fit four different drain sizes. It has ridges around the collar to form a tight seal around the drain. Many cups tend to flip upward and retain water in it. This flange will not flip upward. 

The handle of the plunger is slim and made of aluminum. Aluminum is better than the traditional handle due to hygiene reasons. The handle also has a peg hole, so it is easy for you to hang it instead of standing it on the ground. Hanging helps to avoid the spreading of disease-causing bacteria.

Neiko 60166A is surprisingly very light in weight as compared to most plungers. When the plunger is light, it makes it easy to use and less tiresome. It is easy to handle the sanitization of this plunger due to the aluminum handle. Most plungers have wooden handles. 

Wood is known to retain bacteria and mildew that could be a potential health hazard. The aluminum handle is rust-free, and the unique design makes it easy to store. The flange fits four different types of drains, making it convenient because no matter what the size of your drains, you need just one plunger.

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Best Powerful: OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger Review

Oxo Good Grips

If you’re looking for a plunger that’s not only powerful but also looks good in your bathroom when not being used, then OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger is the plunger for you. While using the plunger, you get good leverage with the molded knob that’s integrated with the top giving you that extra force with a stubborn clog. The flange will not fold back and retain the un-sanitized water.

The rubber flange is flexible and fits in most toilet bowls giving it a good seal. Unlike most plungers, this one doesn’t have to hang above the ground. It comes with a canister, an intelligent design. This canister holds the plunger when not in use. The excess water on the flange will drain off from a ventilated slot, maintaining hygiene.

OXO Good Grip has functionality and style. The company is well known for its product internationally—the design fits most drains. There has been a lot of thought behind the design. That’s what makes it preferred by most people. This plunger works on all toilets, even the low-flow models. The handle of the plunger is long and helps you to keep your hand away from the water.

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Best Anti-Bacterial: Clorox Plunger and Hideaway Caddy Review

Clorox Plunger

The Clorox Plunger and Hideaway Caddy is available in a neutral color and will fit in any bathroom space. The flange is made of rubber and will not overturn and retain unclean water. The cup has an antimicrobial protection that helps to keep away bacteria that cause a foul odor.

This plunger will help prevent the form of mildew and mold, which can be very harmful to health. Hanging the plunger above the ground may not be preferred by most people, hence the caddy feature.

When the plunger is not in use, it can be conveniently stored away in the caddy. The caddy has a clamshell-like design and automatically opens when you lift plunger.

A clog happens at the most unexpected times and can get messy if you don’t have the right plunger. Water overflow can also be potential damage to wood. With Clorox Plunger, you know that you’re ready for such situations.

The flange is made of quality rubber and creates a tight seal around the drain giving you the right amount of force required. The ergonomically designed handle is 15.5″, giving you a good grip and leverage to get the job done.

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A plunger is an essential tool among the many household supplies needed to clean your toilet. We all understand the features and usage of a plunger, but for the inexperienced: plungers have a suction cup head and an elongated handle used to remove toilet blockages. 

We have chosen a couple of models made of a variety of materials that include rubber, aluminum, plastic, and more. Some of them have been long-standing best sellers. While some plungers are heavy-duty and make an excellent addition to your tool kit, the others have caddy’s that make storage simple and avoids mess. 

All of them have effective and intuitive designs built to handle the toughest blockages. With one of these plungers, you can be confident that you will have a clog-free toilet and an addition to your bathroom set.

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