10 Best Camping Toilets – Which One Should You Get?


Though you might hit a campground that features modern amenities, you may prefer camping in the great outdoors and enjoying the peace and quiet of being away from others. Camping toilets let you bring some of the amenities of home with you and let you use the bathroom while reducing the impact that you have on the environment.

How to Choose the Right One?

Do You Absolutely Need Water?

One of the main differences between the camping models on the market is whether one uses water. Some prefer those that use water because they want to eliminate smells and ensure that the waste moves into a separate compartment that keeps the waste safe until it’s time to empty it. If you want to save money, you should look for one of the more basic models that does not require any water at all.

Is a Bucket or Chair Better for You?

Those that do not use any water fall into one of two categories: bucket models and chair models. Chair models, sometimes called commode chairs, have a basic design that features metal legs on the base and some type of plastic piece on top. That plastic piece might serve as a seat cover or look like a ring, but the piece will always support and secure the bags that you use.

Buckets models are, as the name implies, products that look similar to ordinary buckets. A lid on the top lets you keep wild animals away from the waste while outside and prevents accidents. Some models are a little flimsier than others but generally offer more support than chair products do.

What is the Weight Capacity?

No matter how much you weigh, you should always ensure that the product you buy can support your weight as well as the weight of anyone else who might use it. That capacity typically varies between manufacturers and products. Base models will usually support between 200 and 300 pounds, but spending more helps you find one that can accommodate 400 to 500 pounds or more without breaking.

How Easily Can You Carry it?

While weight capacity is important, so too is the weight of the product itself. The more it weighs, the more help you’ll need to use it. Lightweight models weigh so little and are so compact that you can actually store one in a cabinet in your camper or carry one in your hiking pack.

Those that have a separate container for waste and one for water will weigh more. These models often break apart into pieces that others can help you carry though.

Top Camping Toilets on the Market

Thetford Portable Toilet Review

Porta Potti Curve PortableThe Thetford Porta Potti 550P MSD portable toilet is an excellent option to those who like travelling without facing the hassles of an unexpected emergency. It is compact and durable and can be easily stored and carried along with you as you travel, camp, hike, go boating, or even on a long drive. It is great for boats and RVs. This Porta Potti weighs only 11.85 pounds and its dimensions are 16x16x16 inches. It a great choice to buy, even for the elderly or patients.

Thetford is a world leading manufacturer for mobile sanitation products. Thetford products are top of the line and world class in features. You will never be disappointed on purchasing this great brand’s products especially their Porta Potti, which is excellent, sturdy, durable and lightweight as well.

You don’t have to worry about any leakage while using this portable toilet. It can support weight of around 300 pounds with no issues. It is a pump-out toilet and has pump-out and vent fittings. The flush tank stores up to 4-gallons of fresh water. The waste water tank has capacity of 5.5-gallons. It has a larger base and is taller than its competitors.


  • Absolutely no leakage
  • 4-gallon flush tank capacity for fresh water
  • 5- gallon waste water capacity
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for boats and RVs


  • Has only the pump-out feature

Camco Standard

No matter where you go camping, you can use this model because you can fill the water tank with fresh water before setting off. This tank holds more than two gallons of water and allows you to flush away waste up to 50 times on a single trip. As the holding tank stores more than five gallons, this one is large enough to accommodate two people for a few weeks.

A handle on the lower base functions as a flushing mechanism to get rid of waste. You’ll also find a latch on the front that secures the top to the base. This latch loosens to remove the base for emptying.Camco Standard Portable


Holds more than five gallons of waste and more than two gallons of water
Has a separate waste compartment that you can dump or use as compost
Features a latch to keep the two parts connected


Not as durable or sturdy as some need
Can tip or lean to one side when you sit down


SereneLife Portable Toilet Review

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal The SereneLife travel toilet with a rotating spout, 3-way pistol flush, and a level indicator is a must for your travel and camping needs. It lets you be free of the worry in any emergency that can come up during your outdoor recreational activities. It is ideal for frequent travelers, boating enthusiasts, road tripping families and camping lovers. This portable toilet allows you to go whenever and wherever nature calls! This portable toilet is extremely compact, so you can take it along without it occupying too much of room and thus help you travel hassle free.

It features a toilet tank that’s extra-large. The 5.3-gallon capacity toilet tank stores more than most other portable toilets in the market, which results in emptying it less often. The water level indication at the waste tank helps you to know when it is time for emptying it. This outdoor portable toilet is easy to empty too. It features a rotating pour spout that’s splash-free, allowing you to discretely and quickly empty it when filled. The odor-resistant constituents also take care so that it doesn’t stink.

A carrying case is included with the camping toilet chair. That helps to carry this portable toilet around when travelling with ease. It is also resistant to corrosion and cleaning it is easy. It doesn’t require any external power connection or water supply.

• Durable &rugged construction
• Easy to access waste tank leading to quick disposal
• Easy-to-clean & corrosion-resistant
• No external power connections or water supply required
• Rinses bowl and flushes using fresh water stored in it


• The bowl is a bit smaller than expected

JAXPETY 20L Porta Potti

This porta potti is one that you can use inside or out because it works in campers that have running water and outdoor locations where water is a luxury. You can actually fill the included tank with several gallons of water before heading out and use the holding tank to keep your waste out of the environment. Its holding tank stores up to 20 liters of waste before it needs dumped.

Designed for adults, it has a larger seat and a durable design that can accommodate those of more than 300 pounds in size. Clamps and latches keep the holding tank attached to the water tank and seat to reduce accidents, but those pieces open quickly to give you access to the tanks.


Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
Holds up to five gallons or 20 liters of waste
Clamps and latches hold the pieces together


Cannot use it in higher temperatures
Using it in direct sunlight can cause significant damage

JAXPETY Flush Portable Toilet Review

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 GalThe JAXPETTY portable toilet is an innovative product. It comes with a flush. This portable toilet has a 2.8 gallon / 10 L capacity waste holding tank. The waste holding tank has secure latches and clamps, and can be emptied easily. No tools are required to operate this portable toilet. No external power connections or water supply is required for it to function. It has an adult sized seat and lid that are sturdy making it strong enough, even to stand on.

It is great for road trips, outdoor leisure activities and camping. It can also be used by the elderly who have difficulty in movement or patients. The color of this product is Gray.The dimensions are as follows: Seat Post Size :13.79” x 13.40” /35 x 34cm (L x W ) Cover Dimension: 14.38” x 13.79”/ 36.5 x 35cm (L x W ) Height:12”/30.5cm Gross weight:11.9lb/5.4kg Net weight: 9.7lb/4.4kg

It is easy to operate; you must first just open the holding tank for fresh water, then fill fresh water into the tank just below the neck mouth and you must then tighten the cap; you must pull out the slide valve before you use it. For use you must press the bellows pump one or more times to rinse bowl after brush if necessary, next close slide valve by pushing fully for next use Warning; Young children or elderly, should be under the care of healthy people and adults to use.

• A flush is present
• Extremely easy to operate
• Portable
• 2.8-gallon waste tank holding capacity
• Presence of secure latches and clamps to prevent leaks

• May be a little low to sit for some


Cleanwaste Go Anywhere

Though it looks flimsy, the Go Anywhere really can go anywhere and can support up to 500 pounds at the same time. Each of the three legs on the base fold down to provide extra stability, which lets you use this model on uneven surfaces. All the pieces fold in together to form a package that is roughly the same size as a suitcase.

A mesh bag inside lets you add a bag to collect your waste, but this mesh piece also prevents waste from leaking out the bottom or around the sides. Despite being small in size, this one has the same surface space as a standard bathroom model to help you feel comfortable when sitting. As it sits low to the ground though, it may not work for taller people.Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable


Sets up in just a few seconds
Three legs keep the center stable, even when used on an uneven surface
Can support up to 500 pounds when set up properly


Is on the weak and flimsy side
Much too short for most people

Reliance Products Fold to Go

The Fold to Go is another product that comes with three legs that fold down to give the top more stability, and its design can support up to 300 pounds of weight. It works with the bags that the manufacturer makes, which slip between the base and seat. Though you can share bags with others, you can also remove the bag after using the bathroom.

When you fold up the legs, this product stands just five-inches high and becomes easy to store. It has an integrated handle for carrying in a folded position and a seat that snaps down. The manufacturer also gives you a five-year warranty that covers all defects.Reliance Products Fold to Go


Works with standard bags and bags from the manufacturer
Stands just five-inches tall when folded down
Three legs fold down for more stability


Is too small for some adults to use
Legs do not always lock properly in place


Included with the Hassock is an Eco-Fresh packet that you can sprinkle inside to significantly cut back on the odors and smells that come out before you can change the bag. An inner bucket inside completely comes out of this product for dumping more waste and rinsing the interior to eliminate odors. It also comes with a contoured seat that might not be as comfortable as you would like, and its short height can make sitting uncomfortable.

Some of the top features on this model include a built-in roll holder and a splash guard. The roll holder holds one full roll of TP, and the splash guard keeps water and waste from splashing onto your skin. You can use plastic bags to make this one easier to clean and dump too.Reliance Products Hassock Portable


Works with Reliance Products bags and bags from other sources
Inner bucket completely comes out for rinsing with fresh water
Included Eco-Fresh packet significantly reduces foul odors


Not as comfortable as you might want
Is less than 15 inches tall, which makes sitting difficult

Luggable Loo

No matter how far away from home you go camping, you’ll appreciate bringing along the Luggable Loo because you can use it just as it is or with one or more plastic bags. The seat surrounds the top and overhangs a few inches to ensure that the waste your produce goes right to the bottom of the bucket. Also on top is lid that you can snap closed to ensure that liquid or solid waste doesn’t spill out when you carry it by the included handle.

Designed to hold up to five gallons, this model works with many different types of disposable bags and gives you the option of using it as-is and rinsing out your waste later. When used with bags, the seat lifts up and drops back on the plastic to keep the bag securely in place.Luggable Loo Portable


Weighs only three pounds before you add any waste
Lid snaps down to prevent accidents and leaks when transporting it
Works as-is or with the use of bags inside


Stands a few inches shorter than a standard model
Requires the use of a deodorizer to prevent smells

Thetford Porta Potti Review

PARTYSAVING New Travel OutdoorThetford Porta Potti is an award-winning product in the category of portable toilets. It is top-of-the-line and extremely versatile as compared to its competitors. It is best suited for boats, vans, RVs, trucks, camping, medical, healthcare and even for unconventional lifestyle. It has a 4-gallon water tank capacity for fresh water and a 5.5 -gallon capacity tank for waste water. The flush tank gives over fifty flushes per fill.

The Porta Potti has a modern, sleek and homelike design. The Porta Potti Curve comes with an increased bowl size, comfortable seat height, and battery-powered flush. It also has advanced functionalities like it is easy to clean and use. It has a carrying handle that is ergonomic, toilet paper holder that is integrated, and an indicator for the tank level. You can stop guessing how much water is there in the tanks with built in waste water and fresh water tank level indicators.

It is leak proof and odorless. This portable toilet has a sealed valve to avoid the escape of odors. It also features a rotating pour-out spout that helps in emptying the waste water tank without any splashing of water back towards you. It also has a hold down kit which helps secure the toilet to the floor, keeping it in place while you are on the road. The airtight valve stops leakage. The dimension of this portable toilet is Height with lid closed: 17-5/8″, 44.8 cm, Depth: 17-3/4″, 45 cm, Width: 15-1/4″, 38.8 cm. it weighs 13.5 pounds.


·         4-gallon fresh water tank and 5.5-gallon waste water tank

·         Leak-proof

·         Almost 56 flushes per single fill

·         Odorless

·         No back splashing when flushing


·         Might be a little awkward for tall people