Can You Flush Biodegradable Tampons? [THE FINAL VERDICT]

Flushed tampons are left untreated at waste water treatment facilities, thereby, finding their way to polluting the natural water sources. That is why ecologists and tampon producers demand that tampons be discarded inside the bin.

What are biodegradable tampons made of?

Biodegradable tampons comprise only plant-based ingredients that can be broken down into natural ingredients. These tampons, exempt from toxins and harmful additives, are produced from nothing but 100 percent organic cotton. Using this content ensures that you realize precisely what you bring into the environment and the health.

Could biodegradable tampons be flushed?

Yes and No. This is a disputed study.

Biodegradable, 100% cotton produced tampons are an eco-friendly option than normal ones, however since most sewage and/or toilet facilities are not equipped to accommodate them, they should also not be flushed.

In principle, flushing compostable and biodegradable tampons is fine, but most water-waste facilities are actually unable to deal with goods such as tampons. Over time, they can accumulate and clog drains.

However, if you have a powerful flushing toilet, you can flush biodegradable tampons. Plus, they are suitable for usage with composting toilets and septic tanks as well.

Are biodegradable organic tampons compostable?

Yeah, tampons that are biodegradable are compostable. They are produced from raw, plant-based products such as organic cotton. They can decompose back into normal plant-based matter under the appropriate composting conditions.

How to dispose of tampons that are biodegradable?

When you use natural tampons, it is simple to dispose of them!

Composting – they would be compostable because biodegradable tampons use just plant-based products. Make sure you establish the right compost bin conditions.

If you do not want your tampons to be composted, seal them either in a compostable container and throw them out in the garbage.

Recycle everything you can – Some tampons are made of recyclable 100 percent plastic or cardboard so you’ll get them dumped into the recycle bin.

Flush it – If the tampon does not contain the plastic applicator part, and features 100% organic cotton, you can confidently flush it down the drain. But ensure you have a powerful flushing toilet and a super fine plumbing system.

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