Can You Flush Tampons In A Composting Toilet? How Long Does It Take To Compost?

Very little detail is included on the internet when it comes to flushing tampons in a composting toilet. But worry not. The team @TheBestFlushingToilet has assembled a knowledgeable guide to flushing tampons in a composting toilet.

Can You Flush Tampons In A Composting Toilet?

Yes, but only 100% organic cotton-based tampons are appropriate for use in composting toilets. Produced only from raw, plant-based products like organic cotton, this would break down into natural plant-based matter under right composting practices.

What if I flush a tampon with a plastic applicator?

The cotton portion of the tampon is decomposed and only the plastic part remains. So the plastic applicators, must be separated from the produced compost for the good of the environment.

Therefore, use tampons that are 100% cotton and biodegradable. And use applicator-free tampons, so you don’t have the plastic applicator to discard of.

How much time does it take to decompose organic tampons in a composting toilet?

It will take about 12-18 months for natural cotton-made organic tampons to decompose.

How should you compost natural pads and tampons?

  • First, make sure you are using natural tampons, i.e tampons manufactured from natural, plant-based products such as cotton.
  • Establish the right compost conditions (i.e., wet and warm) by creating a properly-sealed bin and adding your tampons inside it. It’s necessary to use a properly closed tin to prevent pest infestation.
  • Make sure that your compost has a healthy green and brown compost mix
  • Green compost contains lighter, damper material that breaks down reasonably easily such as vegetable peelings and grass cuttings.
  • Brown compost consists of fibrous elements including cardboard and natural tampons, which take a lot more time than green compost to biodegrade.
  • It’s a smart idea to separate the plastic applicator from the tampon, before throwing them in the compost bin to accelerate the composting phase.
  • For picking monthly items that would not lead to landfill, pat yourself on the back!
  • We suggest that you wait 18-24 months for the full breakdown of menstrual compost items. Make sure that it is biodegradable waste, and make sure that it remains wet, moist and well ventilated. This means that it melts down in a beneficial manner that carries back to the soil all the basic elements of nature to help boost future growth of plants.

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