Can You Flush Tampons in Ireland? What’s The Right Way To Discard Used Tampons in Ireland?

If you are female living in Ireland, or planning your vacations in Ireland – you might be wondering whether you can flush tampons down the toilet or not. Here we have provided a complete information and flushing laws (if any) on tampon flushing in Ireland.

Can You Flush Tampons in Ireland?

There aren’t any strict laws or punishments for those who flush items such as tampons down the drain in Ireland. But environment protection agencies, do forbid Irish people or tourists in Ireland from flushing tampons. This is because plastic-based tampons are left untreated at waste-water-treatment plants, they take several years to decompose, they lead to clogged up sewers, and they pollute the ocean and have a bad effect on marine life.

In a survey of more than 1,000 Irish citizens by Clean Coasts and Irish Water, 3 in 10 were admitted to flushing hygiene products down the toilet. Of these, 58% confessed to flushing baby wipes down the toilet, 40% face wipes, 26% cotton bud sticks, 24% tampons, and 21% cigarette butts. More than half of the citizens committed this act because of a lack of awareness.

Analysis has shown that the amount of plastic-based feminine goods washed into the toilet every day pollutes the environment and has a negative impact on aquatic life. Therefore, it is advised that you do not flush tampons in Ireland and/or any part of the world.

What’s The Right Way To Dispose Of Tampons In Ireland?

The best way to dispose of pads and tampons includes throwing them in a bin, not flushing them into the toilet. Wrap them in a loo roll, and discard them in the bin. If you have privacy concerns, you can use tampon disposable bags for the discreet disposal of tampons.

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