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Best Cheap RV Toilet Reviews

cheap rv toilet

Buying a toilet is an important decision as it is an item that will last you for years. This is why many people spend a lot to ensure that they have a good toilet. What if I tell you that you can get a cheap toilet that is high in quality and durable?

Cheap RV Toilet Review

We have reviewed for you four best cheap toilets on the market. Let’s check them below:

Nature's Head Composting Toilet Review


Composting toilet/ dry toilet is an efficient- sewage treatment without the use of water. It is totally different from the regular toilets as it eliminates the use of water. If you are looking at making your own compost or have a farmhouse with the scarcity of water, then Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is the right choice. It is ideal for marine problems or RV sanitation. This toilet will biologically process the waste, making it soil nutrient.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is a vast improvement compared to the older composting toilet designs. It can be easily installed by any handy person. This toilet is designed for a better experience. Unlike the earlier toilets, this one leaves no odor what so ever. No maintenance is needed at all. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

This composite toilet comes with a huge capacity. If two people are using this toilet full time, they will need to empty it every 4-6 weeks. Emptying the toilet is hassle-free. It will take under 5 minutes to empty it.

Enjoy a risk-free purchase with full refunds, and no questions will be asked. It also offers toll-free support at all times. You can call and seek advice and discern if the composting toilet is a solution for your household. Nature’s toilet offers a 100% guaranteed satisfaction. You can now eliminate the costly, complex, inconvenient, and space-consuming septic system. No need to ever search for a station to pump out.

The Natures toilet with a spider handle is an excellent composting toilet. It has great service when it comes to handling customer queries and individual support.

The composting toilet is very easy to fix and install it anywhere at any time. Even a normal person without much knowledge of screws and bolts will be easily able to fix the toilet. It has simple instruction and is so user friendly that anyone at any age can have this toilet fitted.

This unique toilet is odorless if maintained and cleaned regularly. It has no high maintenance and comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Now talking about its capacity, it’s huge. Even if we have two adults using the toilet full time, you will only need to empty this toilet once in 4-6 weeks easily. The time is taken to empty; this is around 5 minutes.

We need to ensure we do not dispose of baby wipes or towels and not even toilet rolls in the solid bins. We need to make sure that the lid for the urine container is well fitted and fastened to avoid spillover. Be careful and alert when you empty the solid bin, also make sure the gasket is cleared before reassembling.

It is important to first seal the PVC outlet to avoid any leakage. It fits very well in small houses where space is less. All I can say is simple to use and not required to clean daily. Very simple to have it installed and used it as a normal toilet.

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Aqua Magic RV Toilet Review


Aqua Magic is a classic style toilet for your recreational vehicle. It is specifically designed for keeping space and comfort in mind. The seating height is taller than the regular toilets. The increase in height adds to the comfort. It is also built in a way to consume minimum space. This toilet is very easy to install. Any handy person can get it installed. It is built with premium plastic that makes it lightweight. It measures just 17-1/2 inches taking up minimum space on your RV.

The toilet has a single pedal making it easy to use. If you need to fill the bowl halfway with water, all you need to do is press the pedal halfway. The flush offers 100% coverage of the bowl. The toilet lid is built with a premium textured material that helps in resisting scuffs, making it comfortable, and giving it a household like a toilet feeling.

Aqua Magic will help you reduce water consumption. All you need to do is install the hand sprayer that available. This is a high profile toilet- parchment color, and it comes with flange seal, nuts, closet flange bolts. The measurements are as follows:-

  1. Weight: 4.44 kg(9.8lbs)
  2. Bowl size W: 38.4cm(15-1/8 in) side to side
  3. Bowl size L:45.2cm (17-13/16) from back to the front of the bowl
  4. H- from the ground till the lid(close): 47cm (18-1/2 in)

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SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with carrying Bag Review


Now you can travel stress-free if you are making a camping trip to the unforgettable backwoods or holidaying with your family. SereLife Toilet Kit helps you enjoy a comfortable nature’s call whenever and wherever. You can now begin to plan your travel and take all those trips you’ve been hesitant to make. If you are on the road with family, frequent traveler, or a boating enthusiast, you can rely on SereneLife Portable Toilet. You don’t have to worry about carrying it around, as it is compact and light in weight. It takes less space and trouble-free to carry.

SereneLife Portable Toilet is simple to install. You can do it yourself, or any handy person can do it for you. Its manual guide is simple to follow. It is low on maintenance and is easy to use. It has a larger tank compared to most toilets reducing the number times you would need to empty it. The tank capacity is 5.3 gallons. The toilet comes with a special feature; it has an indicator on it. This indicator indicates as soon as it is time to empty the toilet.

It has a splash-free spout that rotates. This helps to empty it discretely and swiftly. It is made with high-quality material that does not retain any odor. The flush also has a large capacity to hold water – 3.2 gallons i.e., 50+ flushes.

SereneLife Portable Toilet is light and portable with assembled measurements as follows: H: 18.60 inches, W: 20.50 inches, L: 20.90 inches. It also comes with a travel bag making your travel super convenient.

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Thetford Parchment Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Review


Aqua Magic is a high profile toilet built to meet your comfort and expectation. Its premium quality plastic makes it one of the best RV toilets available in the market. It is uniquely designed to take up minimum space in your RV. The high-quality plastic used to design it makes it lightweight. This toilet can be used in all types of RVs. It is taller than most toilets making it comfortable to use.

Aqua magic can be easily installed in your RV. Any handyman can do the job. It is low maintenance and easy to use the toilet. It has a handle flush making it easy to use.

Press it halfway to fill the bowl halfway with water. Press it down fully to activate a full flush. The flush is bigger and more powerful, covering the full bowl.

It caters to your requirement, depending on the space you have, you could order a low or high profile toilet. The lid is textured to shed water in such a way so as to avoid scuffs and maintain hygiene.

Aqua magic provides a solution to save water with a Hand Sprayer water- saver. This is ideally used to wash the bowl. This toilet is available in high profile – white parchment color with a seating height of 17-1/2 in. For a proper understanding the dimensions are as follows:-

  1. Bowl size W: 38.4cm(15-1/8 in) side to side
  2. Bowl size L:45.2cm (17-13/16) from back to the front of the bowl
  3. H- from the ground till the lid(close): 47cm (18-1/2 in)

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VIVOHOME 5.3 Gallon Waste Tank Portable Indoor Outdoor Toilet


VIVOHOME Portable Toilet is a premium quality toilet that is corrosion resistant, strong in structure, non- toxic, and is also without odor. It is environment friendly with high-density polyethylene and low on carbon recyclability.

It is very easy to install and light in weight. Any handy person can install it for you. The premium material used makes it sturdy and can take the weight of 130 kgs, so you can be stress-free. The toilet seat is made of premium material and has properties like heat resistance, hardness, stiffness, and strength.

The toilet is designed and made specifically to meet your needs. The measurements are similar to that of an adult seat. The lower and upper parts of this toilet can be separated and disassembled.

You can easily empty your sewage with the ergonomically designed grip handle, making it comfortable and easy to use. In order to make it easy for you to maintain hygiene, it comes with a toilet brush.

Unlike the single outlet toilets available on the market, Vivohome has upgraded to a twin water outlet, making cleaning easy, avoiding embarrassing issues of staining in corners.

The capacity of the toilet tank is large. It holds a 5.3 gallons storage capacity for sewage water and 2.5 gallons storage capacity for freshwater, allowing you to flush 40 times.

The lower and upper part of the toilet is tightly fitted. It is well sealed, and you can be assured of a safe living space.

Vivohome is designed for outdoor activities, mobile homes, yachts, hotels, places with a lack of sanitary facilities. It is ideal for children, pregnant women, elderly, etc.

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As you can see, there are many excellent RV toilets on the market that are reasonable. I hope you have identified the best cheap RV toilet for you.

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