Cheap Toilet Paper Holder

Cheap Toilet Paper Holder

Cheap Toilet Paper Holder

Buying a toilet is an important decision as it is an item that will last you for years. This is why many people spend a lot to ensure that they have a good toilet. What if I tell you that you can get a cheap toilet that is high in quality and durable?


We have reviewed for you four best cheap toilets on the market. Let’s check them below:

KES Toilet Paper Holder Review


Are you having trouble with your toilet paper holder? Then KES Toilet Paper Holder is something you need.

It is capable of holding the jumbo-size toilet tissue rolls, which are mostly preferred. It can hold a maximum length of about 4.92 inches. It also has a large knob at the end of the bar, which is made of stainless steel, and this prevents the toilet roll from slipping off.

Humidity, which causes rust is something most people struggle with; however, KES Toilet Paper Holder is rustproof, not only the holder but also the screws and bracket as well.  A superior quality of stainless steel called SUS 304 is what protects it and makes it ideal for places like the kitchen and bathroom which are humid environments. You need not worry about corrosion and rust anymore.

This is a very well-designed product that keeps in mind the problems one faces with wobbling and dropping of toilet tissue rolls. To prevent rotation, on the bracket of the product, they have a slot design that is very uniquely executed with a screw tightening to prevent dropping off and wobbling.

The best part about the product is that it is easy to install since it is only a one-piece product and needs no assembling. For installation, they include a bracket, anchors, mounting screws, and Allen tool. This can be installed as per your convenience, under a cabinet, or on walls. This can be mounted securely on marble walls, tiled walls, painted walls, and all types of smooth walls by screw mounting. To securely fix the mount holder, use the fixing screws which are included.

There are two ways you can install it either horizontally or vertically according to how you need it.

Two of the most important features of this product are that it holds jumbo size toilet paper rolls that don’t fall off because at the end of the bar is a knob that holds it on, and it is rustproof.

This is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it very apt for our humid environments since it doesn’t rust or corrode – a problem we tend to face a lot.

Another feature that is very helpful is that this product is designed in such a way that there isn’t any dropping off or wobbling since it is sturdy and rotate proof.

The various color options available compliment numerous color schemes and looks very classy and high quality.

It is a very compact product, and hence it suits any size or kind of bathroom or kitchen. It can be installed in any location wherever desired, walls, cabinets in the kitchen, or bathroom since it’s so easy to install.

No assembly is required; all you need to do is use a drill to make two holes and mount it using the screws provided. You can choose how you would like to install the same either horizontally or vertically, whichever suits you best.

Lastly, it is a greatly designed functional product, which is also available in a variety of colors, which look very premium.

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Polarduck Toilet Roll Holder Review


Are you running low on bathroom space? Then the Polarduck Toilet Roll Holder is the perfect item to own. It can be hung on your wall as it is not just a toilet paper holder but also has a phone shelf that can be used to place other items on it.

Its top shelf has an indentation design that will prevent things from slipping off. The phone shelf is big enough to hold different types of items such as Bluetooth speaker, iPhone X Max, any large phone, air freshener, wet wipes, facial tissue, or a container. Most sizes of rolls fit this toilet roll holder.

Polarduck toilet roll holder is user friendly. It doesn’t matter if you have no DIY experience. You could use your preference for installation. It comes with a hardware kit. You can mount it the traditional way.

It also comes with a 3M adhesive attached to the back. If you are not comfortable with drilling and making holes in your tiles, you could simply peel off the film on the back of the holder and simply stick it to the wall. If you have previously drilled holes on your tiles, you could simply stick over it.  

Apart from its practical utility, it also looks very stylish. Premium material is used in making it. Its stainless steel body and brushed nickel finish add beauty to space. Its anti-fingerprint style reduces the need to clean it. To enhance the look, it has metal caps that conceal the head, giving it a neat finish. It is 100% rust free making it last for years.

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YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder Review


Who does not need a good toilet paper holder? And it a double whammy when it comes to one which does not require any drilling and civil work. These days we get a lot of options with the adhesive feature, but it’s very difficult to decide which one comes with the best sticking mechanism. The best feature of the Yigii adhesive toilet paper holder is it’s a super-strong adhesive. If installed correctly, you will have a friend for a long time to come. It’s Hassle-free and looks great.

The holder is made up of good quality stainless steel (SUS 304) and quite steady. It holds up to one tissue paper roll at a time and is good for jumbo rolls too, though it might touch the wall a bit at the start but will ease out eventually. It has a sleek cylindrical bar design for the paper towel rolls, which keeps it in its place, be it regular or a jumbo-sized roll.

The holder can be fixed on any smooth surface in the washroom, restroom, and kitchen or elsewhere needed, including RVs and cabinets. It does not require any drilling, so no mess is created. People living on rent can also use it without any objection from the landlord. Removing the holder is also very easy. Just run a knife below it, and it comes out easily.

It has a very nice matt finish to it, making it match all the accessories in your office or residence. It just needs a clean surface that is not rugged or textured, surfaces such as tiles, glass, veneers, and metal surface or similar. Just peel off the back and place it on the surface, make sure you let it sit for 24 hours before starting to use it. 

Yigii adhesive toilet paper holder is surely a value for money and a hassle-free roll.

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mDesign Decorative Standing Toilet Review


The mDesign decorative stand is a great product that helps you store three tissue rolls at a time on a stand in your toilets and bathrooms. It is open at the top, and it is made of metal.

The mDesign decorative stand makes it easy to remove the tissues quickly and easily. If anytime you have a guest at your home, they will be impressed to see this unique stand already with extra tissue rolls kept when needed.

This is an ideal stand that fits well in small spaces, especially when you have limited storage in your toilet or bathroom. It can be kept neatly beside the toilet or even hidden behind the seat of the toilet.

As it is not wall-mounted, the mDesign decorative stand for the toilet paper can be placed anywhere within the bathroom for easy access. It also holds tissue papers of a larger size.

This decorative stand can also be placed in the living rooms when you have family and friends visit you for a party and when snacks are being served. It is of great use as no wastage of tissues rolls lying or rolling on the floor.

It is made of high-quality steel and is very durable, easy to wash and clean with simple wet cloth or tissue. It is dust-free and takes very less space in small houses. You can also try and fit the 4th tissue roll to the stand on the top. It comes in eight different colors, and it is best for rough use.

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As you can see, there are many excellent toilet paper holders on the market that are reasonable. I hope you have identified the best cheap toilet paper holder for you.

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