10 Best Composting Toilets – Which One Should You Get?

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Nature's Head Self Contained

Key Features

  • Full size elongated seat for comfort
  • User-friendly
  • Extremely durable no matter what your environment.
  • Designed for marine use


Composting toilets turn the waste that you and guests or family members create into compost that you can use to fertilize your own garden or dispose of safely outside.

While some are more basic in design and do not come with many features, others mimic the look of the bowl that you have in your own home bathroom.

Nature’s Head makes some of the best models on the market today, but the top of those products is its Self-Contained unit. This product has a spider handle on the side with spindles that you can easily grab and twist from a seated position and connections for hooking up a fan and/or vent.

It also has a design that separates the solid waste from the liquid waste.

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Top 10 Best Composting Toilets 2019

1. Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet 

Nature's Head Self Contained

Nature’s Head makes it easy for you to get away from it all while still keeping track of your waste with this self-contained unit, which has a separate container on the front that collects liquid waste. All solid waste goes into a container near the back that you can use later as compost. It comes apart in seconds to give you access to that waste.

Designed in the same way as the model you use at home, this unit has an elongated seat that fits most users and a spider handle for moving the waster into the right compartment. You can connect the unit to a vent or fan with the included hose.


  • Quickly separates liquids from solid waste
  • Convenient spider handle makes disposing of waste easier
  • Has hardware for locking the lifting lid down


  • Comes with a shorter vent hose than you may need
  • More expensive than other composting models

2. Camco Portable Travel Toilet-Designed

Camco Standard

This model features a basic design that includes a top part and a bottom part with a latch that keeps the two pieces connected. All waste sent down the drain lands in a large tank that serves as the base, but this tank has a screw-on lid that comes off quickly for dumping that waste. It has a flush tank that holds 2.5 gallons and a holding tank that stores 5.3 gallons of waste.

Capable of supporting users of up to 350 pounds, the Standard has integrated handles for easily carrying it. Those handles also help you dump one tank and fill the other.


  • Saves all waste inside a separate compartment that you can dump into your compost heap
  • Secure latch keeps the seat part from slipping off the base
  • Simple screw-on lid comes off to dump the base


  • Is not very durable and cannot support larger users
  • Tends to shake and wobble when using it

3. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet 

Reliance Products Hassock

From Reliance Products comes the Hassock, which is one of the easiest models to take with you and use. This one does not require any water or venting because it’s really just a small self-contained bucket with a lid that snaps on top to prevent odors from spreading. You can take it anywhere and use it as long as you bring along some extra bags.

The contoured seat on top has some padding to reduce discomfort, and it comes with a lid that locks in place on top when you don’t need to use the product. There is also a built-in holder that keeps TP handy. You can use the bags you remove to properly dispose of waste or to use it for composting.


  • Features a cover to prevent splashes
  • Includes a built-in holder for your bathroom paper
  • Has a contoured and cushioned seat on top


  • Is too flimsy to support everyone
  • Must change out the bags to empty

4. Nature's Head with Spider Handle

Nature's Head

With an elongated seat and a large bowl, this model from Nature’s Head looks a lot like the one in your home’s bathroom. Though it looks tall from photos, it’s actually roughly the same size as home models and comes with a spider handle for dropping the waste into the right container in seconds. You can permanently install it in a home or cabin or use it with water that you add to the tank regularly.

Suitable for groups of all sizes, this model has a tank that is large enough to hold the waste that two people produce for up to six full weeks. It features containers for both solid and liquid waste that you can remove and empty in five minutes or less.


  • Comes with a warranty that lasts for a full five years
  • Will work with a fan or vent
  • Large enough to hold waste for up to six weeks before you need to empty it


  • May move a little each time that you sit down
  • Can take some time to figure out how to remove the waste container

5. Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet

Nature's Head Dry

As a dry model, this product works only with solid waste and not liquid waste. Though it does have a built-in space on the front that holds urine, you’ll need to purchase this bottle from the manufacturer to ensure that it fits this model. It runs off a 12v battery and comes with a power plug as well as a vent hose for venting it away from a building or camper.

Unlike the spider handle found on other models, this one comes with a crank handle that you turn a few times until the waste leaves the bowl. The top has a molded design that features a bowl made from just one piece and a lid that you can lift up to lean back against or drop down to seal off the bowl.


  • Features a hand crank for quickly or slowly moving waste
  • Lid drops down to block off the bowl
  • Runs on a 12v battery


  • Does not come with a urine bottle
  • Can attract bugs

6. Nature's Head with Crank Handle

Nature's Head with Crank Handle

While similar to the last model, this one is a little on the smaller size and may not last as long. It comes with containers that allow up to two people to use the bathroom for up to three full weeks before those containers reach their limits. It also has some pieces made from the same stainless steel used in the marine industry to extend its overall life.

Nature’s Head designed this model to use two different containers, which help block some of the odors that might otherwise come out. This also makes it easier to clean and dump the model because you can empty either the solid or liquid waste container as needed or at the same time.


  • Made with some stainless steel to last longer
  • Separate containers keep odors from escaping
  • Containers can last for up to three weeks before reaching maximum capacity


  • Takes some time to install and set up
  • Lacks the convenient spider handle found on other models

7. Sun-Mar Elongated Dry Toilet Non-Electric Waterless

Sun-Mar Dry Elongated

Designed to work with different Sun-Mar systems, this dry model is great for those who don’t have access to running water and those who want to cut back on the water they waste. It uses the natural force of gravity to move waste through the bowl and to get that waste down the drain. You can purchase an optional kit from the manufacturer that keeps waste from sticking to the sides of the bowl and to reduce any odors.

Made from fiberglass, this model is more durable than others and mimics the look of porcelain. It has a standard seat on top and has a total height of 15 inches. The bowl liner inside comes out for cleaning the whole bowl too.


  • Does not require any water to operate
  • Comes with a bowl liner that you can pull out for cleaning
  • Made from fiberglass that resembles porcelain


  • Must buy a separate kit to reduce odors
  • Only works with certain vent types

8. Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet Bowl

Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary

The ETEC is a sanitary option that is just as easy to carry as it is to use. You can carry it as-is with both the top and bottom pieces connected, but you can also break it down into the top part with the seat and the bottom part with the holding tank. That holding tank stores up to five gallons of waste, while a water tank holes more than two gallons of fresh water.

A special nonstick coating added to the inside of the bowl keeps your feces and urine from sticking to the sides, and it has an airtight design that actually locks in any smells. This model flushes up to 50 times before it needs more water and can support a user weighing up to 440 pounds.


  • Can carry it as one piece or after dividing it into two pieces
  • Features a discharge tube that swings out for faster emptying
  • Holds 2.8 gallons of water and five gallons of waste


  • Does not have any warning system to alert you of a full tank
  • Will not work with all types of toilet paper

9. Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet Review

Palm Springs

The Basicwise portable travel toilet is a great backpacking, hiking and camping accessory. A portable toilet should always be comfortable to use. This portable toilet features a full-sized seat that emulates a regular toilet. It is molded out of plastic and is imported. It measures 17” W x 16” D x 14” H. it is extremely lightweight and is easy to transport and carry. It features a toilet paper holder integrated into it thus helping you to store this necessity where you need it.

This portable travel toilet is to be used with 8-gallon disposable waste bags for no mess and easy cleanup. There is a removable lid for the removable waste pail. This removable cover stops all odor. With the lid closed this portable toilet acts like a seat. The Basicwise portable toilet helps you to have the comfort of your home anywhere you may go.

It is compact and durable and can be easily stored and carried along with you as you travel, camp, hike, go boating, or even on a long drive. It is great for boats and RVs. This portable toilet is an excellent option to those who like travelling without facing the hassles of an unexpected emergency.


  • Separate tanks hold five gallons of waste and three gallons of water
  • Uses a higher quality plastic material that lasts for years
  • Stands more than 16-inches tall to increase your comfort


  • Does not have enough water pressure to eliminate all waste
  • Lid can easily break off

10. Reliance Products Luggable Loo

Reliance Products Luggable Loo

Another option for trips when you won’t have access to fresh water is the Luggable Loo, which features a bucket on the base that holds five gallons of waste and a lid that lifts up to reveal a small seat. As it stands only 13-inches tall, you’ll need to sit closer to the ground and in a squatting position to use it. The manufacturer designed this model to work with all standard size bags.

When using it for composting, you can remove the bags after each use and drop the waste right in your heap or pile. The lid on top actually snaps down against the seat to prevent spills and leaks.


  • Has a total waste capacity of five gallons
  • Comes with a convenient top handle for carrying
  • Works with standard size bags


  • Only stands 13-inches tall
  • Doesn’t offer much in the way of support or comfort

Our Winner Is...

Nature's Head Self Contained

Whether you have a cabin in the woods, need a new model for using in a camper or RV or just want to camp far away from modern plumbing, the Self-Contained unit that Nature’s Head makes it the leading product for you. A spider handle near the base allows you to quickly spin the handle to eliminate your waste. The front has a separate container that collects and stores liquid waste, and all solid waste falls into a compartment in the back.

An elongated bowl increases your comfort and makes this one look more like your home unit. It features a lift that lifts up and closes down with a snap on the side for locking the lid in place. You can connect it to a vent and/or fan also.

Choosing the Right One

How Do You Want to Compost?

Not all models designed for composting work in the same way. Some have dedicated containers that separate liquids from solids because some do not want to use liquids like urine, which are high in ammonia. Others put all waste into the same area, but as the liquids and solids mix, the waste creates a consistency that is easier to pour.

Do You Have Access to Water?

Some of the models that you see require a small amount of water to flush. These products come with a water tank that holds between two and five gallons of water or more. You’ll need to add more water to the tank to keep the product running.

Others are much more basic. Sometimes called dry models, these products let you use buckets to store your waste, which allows you to keep the bowl free for other users. You can then empty the bags right into your compost pile and use the bathroom whenever you want without bringing extra water with you.

How Large is the Holding Tank?

When selecting a bigger model, you need to make sure that the holding tank can hold all your waste. This tank must hold at least three gallons of waste, but to cut down on the time you spend emptying the tank, you’ll want one that can hold five gallons.

A holding tank of this size holds all the waste produced by two people for four weeks or longer. The tank can accommodate a larger group for a few days too.

How Do You Empty the Tank?

With larger products, you’ll find latches and similar mechanisms that you’ll undo to separate the top and bottom. The base will have a small cap that either pops off or unscrews, which allows you to empty the tank and then use some fresh water to rinse it out. With other models, you’ll need to open a compartment in the back and remove a container filled with waste or tie off a bag inside before removing it.