Nature’s Head Composting Toilet Review – Should You Get It?

Nature's Head Self Contained

Composting toilets are a great investment for those living in areas without access to running water. Though some use these models in recreational vehicles and campers, others use them in cabins by the lake or when living in rural areas where running water lines is too expensive. When you decide to use one of these products, you’ll find that Nature’s Head has the largest selection and the best reviews.

Its top composting model has a design that the manufacturer made to resemble those found in most homes. This one has a urine container that sits near the front of the bowl with a hole inside the bowl that forces liquid down inside. Any solid waste moves towards the back and falls into a separate tank for removing and using in your compost heap.

This product also has a solid seat that acts like a back when raised and leans against the wall behind you to give your back extra support. Though it uses a molded construction for its base, it also comes with hardware made from marine-grade stainless steel that lasts for years or more. We found some other models that are similar in design that you might prefer to this one.

Worth the Investment?

Most of the models that you see up for sale today are much more basic in nature like the Reliance Products Hassock, which features a bucket with a contoured seat that you sit on when using it. You’ll need to bring your own bags and empty the bucket regularly, but you may still notice some odors because it doesn’t have a good seal. Other models like the Camco Standard are more comfortable to use and have a comfort height but break into two separate parts for transporting.

We like the Nature’s Head model because it functions more like a real toilet and because it comes with seals that prevent odors from getting out. It has a self-contained design that keeps both liquid and solid wastes separate and contained until you dump those containers. This model does not need any water to operate and has smooth sides that let you clean the bowl with a quick wipe.

Nature's Head Self Contained

Product Specifications

• Weighs only 28 pounds, which makes it easy to move the product around your RV or to take into the woods when camping
• Made from molded plastic with a speckled gray finish that makes it look like real granite
• Requires a gap of just two inches to lift the urine bottle out from the base for removing and later dumping
• Is less than 18 inches wide when you factor in the width of the spider handle on the base
• Has a total height of just over 21 inches with the seat closed to reduce its size
• Available with a crank handle rather than the spider handle, which slightly increases its overall width
• Features two durable plastic containers that hold liquid and solid waste apart from each other and are resistant to cracks and chips
• Comes equipped with a line for setting up vents to reduce the odors that might come from the bowl and solid waste container
• Molded seat mimics the contours on the bottom of the human body for more comfort
• Containers are large enough to hold the waste produced by up to two people for a total of three weeks
• Handle turns solid waste that users produce into compost suitable for home gardening
• Full-size seat is the same size as the seats found on traditional products


• Both the crank and spider handles turn smoothly to keep you from experiencing any discomfort in your hands or wrists
• Standard seat height lets you sit down without feeling like you need to climb up on that seat or squat to sit
• Separates the urine into its own container on the front that comes off easily to prevent odors
• Customer support is available for those who need help 24/7 from the manufacturer
• Latches on the side of the base snap open to give you access to the solid waste container and snap back in place to seal off that container
• Creates compost from solid human waste without the use of any water
• Convenient carrying handle on the urine container helps you remove it from the base, carry the container and dump it outside
• Works well with single-ply TP and TP designed for recreational vehicles
• Has a fan that runs on a 12 volt battery, which further reduces any odors in the air
• Durable base and solid seat provides extra stability and can support users of different heights and weights


• Requires a lot of extra space for removing solid waste from the base
• Must regularly wash the bowl with hot and soapy water to reduce smells

Final Verdict

Nature's Head Self Contained

Many people dream of going off the grid and living a life far away from civilization, and a self-contained product like this model can help make your own dreams come true. While it does require regular cleaning and more space when removing some of the waste, it has a design that looks just like the one you always used in the past. It’s the same height and comes with a molded bowl that helps you feel as comfortable as possible when sitting.

Made in the United States, this product has a durable plastic construction with a flecked and speckled gray finish that makes it look like natural granite. It has separate containers for your liquid waste and your solid waste. Two people can safely use this model for up to three weeks before either container needs dumping.

While there are other composting toilets on the market, this one from Nature’s Head is worth the investment for those who love camping, those without access to running water and anyone who wants to go off the grid.