D Shaped Toilet Seats

Best D-Shaped Toilet Seats: Reviewed & Tested!

D-shaped toilet seats are the latest craze in toilet seat technology. They’re superior to their traditional counterparts because they give you more room on either side of your body for a better range of motion and less chance for spills. Here we have reviewed the best D-shaped toilet seats to buy in 2021!

D-shaped seats are best because they’re wider at the front than at the back which makes sitting down and getting up much easier on your lower back muscles. This article will show you the best D-shaped toilet seats on the market, how to identify these seats, what sets them apart from others in their class, and how they stack up against other popular shapes like round or elongated ones!

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1). TOTO SS117#01 D Shape Toilet SEAT

If your toilet lids are slamming like angry mobs, Toto has got the slam-resistant solution for you! With the totally tough-yet-comfy TOTO D Shape SS117#01 SEATs, you’ll never have to worry about those dreadful slams. Its contoured D-shape design offers a more natural fit. And its gentle soft-close action means there’s no banging around that rapidly turns even the most serene of bathrooms into an off-putting horror show. The manufacturer has also added quick-release hinges for easier cleaning and the package includes complete mounting hardware, ’cause life ain’t always easy but these toilets are simple as pie to set up!

  • Soft-closing action
  • Quick install and release hinges
  • Nice build
  • Some customers have complained about the yellow discoloration of the lid.

Hands-on Experience Report of TOTO SS117#01 D Shape Toilet SEAT

With features like Softclosing action and Quick Release hinges, TOTO has made it possible to get up off this seat with a smile! The first time we set it up, the instructions were confusing but with some trial and error, we got everything in place to have our new Toto sit atop our toilet bowl.

2). DELTA Morgan Elongated Slow-Close Toilet Seat

This chic, sleek toilet seat from DELTA will be the envy of all your guests. The D-shaped design and slow close hinge have everyone feeling comfortable no matter how they sit. You’ll be glad you invested in this easy install as it fits most standard elongated-shaped toilets, is made from a scratch-resistant durable finish and has non-slip pads on points of contact.

  • Slow close seat
  • Anti-slip bumpers
  • Fits most elongated toilets
  • Easy installation
  • Repels stains and cracking
  • The slow close mechanism needs to be tightened every now and then to prevent loosening.

Hands-on Experience Report of DELTA Morgan Elongated Slow-Close Toilet Seat:

The DELTA Morgan Elongated Slow-Close Toilet Seat is unlike any toilet seat you’ve seen! It’s carefully designed with comfort in mind, crafted from sturdy plastic, and features Non-slip bumpers to prevent pesky wiggling. The D shape provides the best sitting position for a comfy bleep, plus it’s easy to wipe clean with minimal effort. Razzle dazzle your bathroom guests (literally) with this modern marvel today.

3). FELICON D-Shape Soft Close Toilet Seat

Give your toilet a makeover and replace that old seat with the FELICON D-Shape Soft Close Toilet Seat. Whether you are renovating your home or need to replace overused toilets, this sleek white soft close seat will surprise you with its comfortability. This product design includes stainless steel hinges for durability as well as ergonomics to provide comfort for those lengthy visits. The durable Polypropylene material of the stool resists scratching and no tools are necessary since it can be quickly removed for cleaning the toilet.

  • Made of scratch-resistant Polypropylene material
  • Gentle closing lid
  • Stain resistant
  • Universally adjustable with all elongated, round, and oval toilets
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Ergonomic design
  • Off-brand product

Hands-on Experience Report of FELICON D-Shape Soft Close Toilet Seat:

There are many reasons to invest in the FELICON Store D-Shaped Toilet Seat. For starters, it’s guaranteed not to break when adults use it – even if they stand on it! Secondly, this is a strong and enduring product that isn’t susceptible to damage and will last for years of frequent use. And thirdly, you’ll love how gentle its soft closing action is! You won’t have any backaches or numbness from sitting on the toilet for prolonged periods with this model. These reasons are enough to make this toilet seat an investment worth considering for your home bathroom today.

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D-Shape Toilet Seat Buying Guide: What To Consider?

We have just given you a rundown of some of the best d-shape toilet seats on the market today. However, if you’re still uncertain about which brand or model is right for your bathroom, here’s an overview of what to look out for when choosing the best toilet seat for your home.

Material and Quality

The way you can ensure that you are buying a quality d-shaped toilet seat is by checking out its material. Usually, these seats will be made from plastic so take note if it has reinforced structures in place with hardwearing qualities as well. By considering these aspects, it will ensure your product lasts more than long enough after delivery to suit your needs perfectly! Keep in mind the hinges too – do they operate smoothly and quietly?


This might seem like a superficial aspect of the toilet seat but you can be sure that it is anything but! The toilet seat is one of the most integral parts when it comes to your comfort level whilst waiting on either number 1 or 2. Take time to consider how comfy, softy and gentle the seat will feel against you as well as if its design fits in with the overall theme of your bathroom. Are there contours that fit your body shape too? These aspects can make all the difference between an uncomfortable experience and a smooth, stress-free trip to the loo every time.

Cost-Effective Investment

It never hurts to invest in something that’s going to last! Therefore, check the price carefully to make sure you’re paying for quality and not just a cheap brand. Compare the price against its design features as well as positive customer reviews before investing your hard-earned cash!

D-Shape Design

A D shape toilet seat is designed with comfort in mind – it has contours that fit snugly around the body so less pressure is applied on sensitive areas such as knees and thighs. It’s also easier to sit on a d shaped seat too because of its ergonomic design whilst being far more hygienic than normal seats! The benefits are endless when it comes to choosing this type of design for your home bathroom now, isn’t it?


You’ll also want to consider if your choice of a d-shape toilet seat will complement the overall theme and decor of your bathroom. There are many different designs to choose from so you can be sure that there’s a model that fits with its surroundings whether it’s modern or classic!


Will you need help putting this item in? If so, check out if the customer service is available for assistance before buying. Also, take note if it has additional parts such as bolts or tools required for installation because this could make things complicated for you even after purchase. It’s also wise to find out how easy it is to fit into place too – some brands may require several people as well as technical expertise all of which could cost extra money on top of your initial purchase price.


We all like the peace of mind when it comes to long-term investments and that’s exactly what the warranty will provide for you! This is especially important if you’ve bought a more expensive model with reinforced or hardwearing materials due to their tendency towards wear and tear. It doesn’t hurt to check out its warranty terms too – will it stick around after years of use?

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Why are toilet seats D-shaped?

Since their introduction, toilet seats have changed very little in design terms. From the simple 4 legs of the early examples to modern-day contoured shapes and ergonomic designs with soft padding on offer, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to toilet seat choices! One such surprising aspect is why they are shaped like this – or more precisely, why they are called D-shaped.

The answer is surprisingly simple; when designing seats it was discovered that by making them curve forwards into a D shape offered comfort benefits for users. By curving forwards, pressure points are reduced because of the wider surface area covering sensitive areas such as thighs and knees! This means you’ll experience less pain whilst using a d shaped seat and your bathroom trips will be more comfortable overall.


As you can see, d-shaped toilet bowls are a far superior choice when it comes to design features and long term comfort benefits. However, it’s also important not to neglect the other aspects too such as price or warranty terms for example which could ruin your overall experience after purchasing!

In order to find the right brand at a cost effective price, there are a few best D-shaped toilet seats from brands including TOTO, Delta, and Felicon Store: all of which are reviewed above with hands-on testing.

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