3 Everyday “Harmful” Items That You Are Flushing Down The Sink Drain Of Septic System

You must be careful of the things you bring into the pipe, especially you have a septic system. Any things that are put down the drain will destroy healthy bacteria that live in your tank, cause clogging or do not dissolve or decay, allowing your tank to fill up. All of these things can result in you spending more on maintaining or repairing your tank. However, if you’ve never stayed in a septic system house before, you might not be sure what you can and can’t bring down your sink pipe. Here are some of the stuff you’re never allowed to do with a sink drain when you have a septic system.

Never Use Antibacterial Soaps

It is common to have antibacterial hand soap and gels. However, you should never wash your hands with these products if you have a septic system. The soap and gels produce bacteria-killing enzymes. They destroy the bacteria existing in your tank that are responsible for breaking down waste and prevent the development of healthy bacteria and enzymes in the future when flushed down the drain.

Food Particles & Chunks

Leftover food fragments are very often sent down the kitchen sink on plates or peels of fruits and vegetables. However, you want to avoid sending food particles whenever possible when you have a septic tank. Before you wash them and peel all fruits and vegetables over a waste can, try scraping your plates over the garbage can. It is not possible to break down many types of food particles in your septic tank, while others are slow to break down. It will help reduce clogs and ensuring that your tank does not get too complete by avoiding sending certain things down the drain.

Toothpaste or Dental Water

Trust it or not, but the septic system will potentially be damaged by such toothpaste products. Look for a natural paste or a toothpaste dependent on baking soda, where necessary. Still stop some pastes which have polyethylene in them, if it is not necessary. This are commonly found in toothpaste as tiny scrubbing beads or bubbles. But it is a form of plastic in your system that does not break down. When cleaning your teeth, consider using toothpastes and mouthwashes identified as secure for a septic system.

It is important to be careful of the things you put down every drain in your home while you possess a septic system, since they all lead to the septic tank. In the long run, putting things you shouldn’t placed down there will end up costing you cash.

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