10 Best Dual Flush Toilets Reviews – Which One Should You Get?

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Key Features

  • Looks great and easy to clean
  • Easy to do the basic installation
  • All-in-One package design and compliment with different styles
  • Great value for your money


Dual flush toilets are those that have one button for changing the amount of water used per flush. These buttons usually have two pieces that use more or less water based on which one you press. The models generally look like traditional products and will fit in the space used by your old one.

Our top pick is the WoodBridge T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet, which uses just one piece and has a very streamlined and modern design.

It has a chrome push button on top that includes one much larger button and one smaller button that correspond with the amount of water you want to use. It comes with an S-trap and a soft closing seat.

Top 10 Dual Flush Toilets Reviews For 2021

The T-0001 has a modern design with a soft or bright white finish and push buttons on the top that come in a bright chrome finish. You can save more water or ensure that more waste leaves the bowl based on the button that you choose to push. Those buttons can stick, but this is a common problem found on most of these models.

A fully glazed trapway creates a smooth surface that debris cannot stick to and allows the waste to move right down the drain. It also has a skirted design that is easy to wipe clean and a siphon that reduces the risk of clogs and leaks. You also get mounting hardware and installation instructions with this model.


  • High quality construction
  • Super quiet & powerful flushing - no clogs, no leaks
  • Easy-to-Clean Design


  • Some parts are hard to find

White Porcelain Round Space

At TOTO, they design brilliant yet simple, elegant solutions intended for elementary human needs. That translates into that a TOTO bathroom is constantly more than just a routine. It’s a ceremonial where every detail, every innovation, is designed keeping you in mind. The drake two-piece elongated dual flush toilet has a new enhanced design.

It comes with high-end features such as DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH and CEFIONTECH. These advanced features combination helps to reduce the toilet cleaning frequency, minimizing the use of water and harsh chemicals. The new Drake is durable and powerful enough to work within both commercial as well as residential applications.

The Universal Height feature in this toilet creates better comfort across a wider range of individuals. You can complete the set with a SoftClose seat or upgrade with an electronic WASHLET bidet seat. The Drake elongated toilet is manufactured using high quality constituents and structure to ensure durability and longevity. The flushing system fulfills all WaterSense guidelines and standards. This toilet is designed for a 10 inch rough-in connection.

Have a Look  into Elogated  Washlet Unit

TOTO’s DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH utilizes a 360 degree cleaning system that covers every part of the bowl more effectively. This system combines powerful waste evacuation and bowl cleaning by making use water fully projected out of the rim. This toilet has a advanced design that although it is elongated it still saves on space.



  • Designed to fit into the corner of your bathroom
  • Bowl extends out less from the tank to save even more of your space
  • China finish is resistant to all types of scratches as well as stains


  • Made from a material that feels weaker and cheaper than ceramic does
  • Flapper breaks very easily and is hard to reach for replacing

This model is a ultra low flow and highly efficient model that uses just 0.8 gallons when you press one button and 1.6 gallons when you press the other. Both buttons are part of a chrome piece that sits on top of the tank, and one button is significantly larger to correspond with the higher water setting. It uses a single piece, which gives it a contemporary look.

An S-trap hidden inside the base squeezes the waste down into a more compact shape to keep clogs from forming. This trap is fully glazed too, which keeps the waste from sticking to the sides and reduces the risk of that waste leaving behind stains.


  • Has a glazed S-trap to prevent clogs and stains
  • Made from one piece, which gives it a modern design
  • Uses between 0.8 and 1.6 gallons of water


  • Water level can drop very low as it sits
  • Requires pro installation

KOHLER K-3797-0 Reve

One of the more contemporary models we spotted is this one from KOHLER, which qualifies for rebates in some areas and meets the guidelines for admission in the WaterSense certification EPA program. It has a highly modern design with a square base and a lid that matches that base. Though it comes with a seat, this seat uses plastic nuts and bolts that may make it wobbly.

Push buttons on the lid of the tank correspond to either 0.9 gallons of 1.6 gallons of water, but those buttons can stick when the humidity level is high. It also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Uses between 0.9 and 1.6 gallons based on the button you push
  • Qualifies for WasteSense certification and rebates in some areas
  • Modern design with a square base and lid


  • Plastic nuts cause the seat to wobble
  • Push buttons on the lid may stick

Swiss Madison SM-1T112

Sleek and modern, this Ivy from Swiss Madison has a chrome push button mechanism on the top with two buttons that let you use either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons of water to clear out the bowl. The elongated bowl is longer than others and slightly wider on the sides to support your entire weight and all of your body. It comes with a matching seat with a soft close design.

This model also has a comfort height that helps you sit without feeling like you need to squat. You may like that it has a full skirt surrounding the sides that hides all the parts of the base because this makes the exterior easier to clean.


  • Stands higher and has a larger bowl for more comfort
  • Meets EPA guidelines for WaterSense certification
  • Push button mechanism located on the top of the tank


  • May not be powerful enough to remove all waste
  • Soft close seat doesn’t always work as intended

American Standard 2795.204.020

The first model from American Standard to make our list is this one, which is smaller in size and similar to those found in tiny studio apartments. It has a round seat on the front that provides more support for your lower body and a comfort height that is the right height for adults. The manufacturer made this one compatible with bidets and other attachments too.

The vitreous china used in its construction is strong enough for daily use and for years of use too. It comes with a smooth trapway that keeps debris from sticking to the sides. All waste and water moves smoothly through this trap.


  • Has a round seat at a comfort height
  • Smooth trapway keeps waste moving down while preventing sticking
  • Compatible with bidets and similar attachments


  • Is much smaller than the one you already have
  • Back is completely open and easily attracts dust

American Standard 2889518.020

If you need a product that you can keep clean without a lot of hassles, this American Standard option is the right one for you. Its power wash system features holes equally spaced around the rim that let water come down when you flush to rinse off the inside of the bowl. It also comes with an EverClear surface coating that is resistant to stains and reduces some of the odors in the room too.

The chrome button on the lid has one button that uses 0.92 gallons and a second button that uses 1.28 gallons. It also comes with siphons that increase the pressure of the water used.


  • Uses between 0.92 and 1.28 gallons when you press one of the buttons
  • EverClear surface is resistant to common bathroom germs and stains
  • Siphons push more water out and around the bowl


  • Cracks can easily form when installed on uneven floors
  • Low water level lets stains form inside the bowl

American Standard 2886218.020

The H2Option technology used on this American Standard model uses a small amount of water and more power to keep the bowl looking cleaner. It also comes with the power wash feature that pushes water down through a series of holes around the rim to wash all areas of the bowl each time that you flush. The larger push buttons on the top of the tank are easy to see too.

Capable of using 1.28 or 0.92 gallons per flush, this model also comes with the EverClean system that American Standard designed. This system prevents the build up of germs on the surface of the bowl and can also keep mold and mildew from growing too.


  • Power wash around the rim pushes the water down from the rim to clean the bowl
  • Has a larger push button set on top that you can more clearly see
  • Uses 0.92 gallons or a maximum of 1.28 gallons


  • May break during shipping or arrive with one or more missing parts
  • Does not come with the seat shown in images

Toto CST412MF.10No.01 Aquia

A round push button on the top of the Aquia has two sections that let you choose between using 1.6 gallons of 0.9 gallons of water, but using less water may require that you press the button multiple times to eliminate everything from the bowl. That bowl has an elongated shape and comes with a lid that has a small brace on the back, which turns the seat into a rest that supports your back. It also has a skirted design that gives the entire product a clean look.

Another benefit of this model is that it has a bowl that sits closer to the tank, which significantly reduces its overall size. It also comes with the manufacturer’s patented dual flush max technology.


  • Uses 1.6 and 0.9 gallons per button
  • Skirted design molds to the elongated shape of the bowl to create a cleaner look
  • Moves the bowl closer to the tank to reduce its total size


  • Requires removing the entire piece from the floor to do minor repairs
  • May require more flushes to clear the bowl

WoodbridgeBath T-0006

The WOODBRIDGE dual flush elongated one-piece toilet with soft closing seat is a modern and luxuriously designed toilet.It has a sleek look and compliments different styles like traditional, modern, etc. It is designed to be easy for cleaning. The trap way that is skirted makes cleaning easier.

As compared to its competition, it has no grooves and corners making it very easy to clean. The Siphon Flushing in this one-piece toilet is made of a fully glazed flush system, giving you a powerful and quiet flush. There will not be any leaks or clogs after flushing.

This toilet has a comfortable height of use. This chair-height seating makes sitting and standing easier for adults as they use the toilet. It also features a soft closing seat on the commode with a stainless-steel durable hinge on the seat which assists in getting the seat off for cleaning. It is WaterSense certified. It conserves a lot of water.

The product package includes a toilet, pre-installed water fitting, pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, floor bolts, high quality wax ring, a special hand wrench and a manual for installation instructions. The company gives a 5 year limited warranty on porcelain parts against staining and fading of glaze and 1 year on soft close toilet seat and flushing mechanism.


  • Larger and smaller push buttons correspond to different water amounts
  • Soft close seat has hardware made from stainless steel for a modern look
  • Comes with bolts for floor mounting and a wax ring to prevent leaks


  • Is much heavier than other products and harder to move
  • Buttons sometimes stick, especially when it’s hotter in the room

Verdict: Our Top Pick

The WoodBridge T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet is a good choice for those who want something less traditional and more modern because it has a streamlined design made from a single piece. A chrome button on top has one larger button and one smaller button for using 0.8 or 1.6 gallons of water when you press that button. It also has a seat height of more than 17 inches, which is more comfortable for many people.

An S-trap inside is fully glazed to keep debris from sticking to the trap and to minimize the risk of clogs. It comes with a soft closing seat to prevent loud noises too.

Dual Flush Toilet Buying Guide and Tips

What is the Minimum and Maximum Flush Rating?

Dual flush models use one setting to flush smaller chunks of waste and for liquids and a second for solid forms of waste. You should check the minimum and maximum settings to ensure the product has enough power to keep up with those living in your home.

A minimum setting is usually around 0.9 to one gallon of water. When looking at the maximum rating, you might see a figure of around 1.28 to 1.6 gallons. A larger setting will offer more flushing power, especially when paired with siphon technology or a canister bowl that moves the water faster.

You may want to look at those with a gravity design too that combines the flapper with the trapway. When the flapper lifts, gravity forces water straight down from the tank and into the bowl. A smaller water setting may not remove all the visible waste in the bowl.

Where is the Flushing Mechanism?

The flushing mechanism found on these products is different from a flushing handle or lever. It typically looks like a large button with two buttons built inside. Some place this button on the top of the tank, but others place it closer to the base.

Having a button on the top is more convenient for those who cannot or do not want to bend down and lets you flush from a standing position. Some prefer leaning down slightly and pressing the button right before standing up. Manufacturers sometimes make one of the two buttons slightly larger to let you easily see which one produces a larger flow of water.

Does it Use One or Two Pieces?

Some models use just one piece and have a molded design that incorporates the bowl with the tank, but others come with two pieces that separate those parts. A molded design is a good choice for those who want a cleaner look because these models lack any seams that can collect and attract dirt. Those that use two pieces let plumbers take away and repair or replace one piece and let you more easily carry the parts into your home via the shipping boxes.