The Best RAISED TOILET SEATS To Use After Hip Replacement Surgery

There are over 450,000 hip replacement surgeries performed each year in the United States. And if you are also joining this group, it’s important to get your bathroom’s toilet modified by either elevating the seat of the current one or purchasing a raised bathroom toilet set for easily getting on and off the toilet.

Hip replacement causes serious discomfort in the initial weeks following the surgery. And while you depend a lot on others in performing regular activities, a raised toilet is what you need for answering the call of nature in your limited mobility stages.

But why do I need an elevated toilet after hip replacement surgery?

  • Avoid lifting your knees higher than your hips when sitting.
  • Do not twist at the hip joint when you sit or stand.
  • Avoid flexing your knees too much.

These three are one of the main rules that a THR patient must follow in the months following surgery. And to abide by all these rules, a THR patient must use an elevated toilet seat.

Best Raised Toilet Seats for Patients With Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery hurts. Apart from health care and medications, a unique posture needs to be maintained when sitting or standing up. Standard bathroom toilets are low heightened, which means you are at risk of flexing your knees to a greater extent or unintentionally lifting them higher than your hips. This may exert tension on the surgery area, causing you even more discomfort.

The solution?

Invest in one of the best raised toilet seats.

A majority of surgeons recommend their patients of total joint replacement to keep using elevated toilet seats for a lifetime. Doing so improves the quality of life as well as the new joint.

The experts have come up with the list of best heightened toilet seats for hip replacement. We’ve reviewed and rated these products after sifting through each product’s reviews and performing detailed research on each product’s characteristics and specifications. And some have also passed our hands-on experience. A proper assessment went into finding and listing the best raised toilet seats for patients with hip replacement surgery.


Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat

The Homecraft Savanah can be used to lift your toilet just 2-inch higher than its standard height.

Though 3-inch+ is the most purchased elevated toilet seat range, if you are petite and you have your feet hanging in the air when sitting on a 3”+ elevated toilet seat – the Homecraft Savanah is the product to consider.

Like many others, this toilet raiser is a breeze to install. It has brackets attached to it that securely snap on most standard-sized toilets. These latches are strong enough to keep the seat fixed in its place, causing absolutely no movements.

Other things to appreciate about this toilet are it’s 10.6” wide seat opening and lightweight-yet-durable plastic that is easy to clean and features a gentle downward slope toward the front for easily getting on and off the toilet.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Homecraft Savanah has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon with up to 90% positive feedback.

Customers are all praises for this product’s easy installation, durable build quality, and comfortable seating. Many customers have also praised the toilet’s fully-sealed plastic seat, saying it is easy to clean and keeps the urine in the bowl.

The Good
  • Tight and fully-sealed plastic seat
  • Keeps urine inside the bowl
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for short heighted people
  • Also available with lid
The Bad
  • N/A


BEMIS 3L2055T 000 Medic-Aid Plastic Toilet Seat

The BEMIS is a USA-made, open front toilet seat raised to a 3-inch height using hinges and bumpers. The seat has been specially designed for patients with hip replacement surgery and features a unique design for easy usage by people suffering back, hip, and knee pain illnesses.

The BEMIS 3L2055T is equipped with several unique specialties that make it rank among the best raised toilet seats. This includes:

STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System for instant installation over elongated or round toilet bowls
Commercial Plastic material that resists stains and chips – making it ideal for commercial bathrooms as well
Secure and properly gripped attachment to prevent the seat from shaking, moving, or wiggling. In fact… According to the company, there’s never been a callback for loose seats!

In addition, the open-front prevents male genitals from touching the seat as well as omits the area of the seat that is likely to get contaminated with urine. It also makes cleaning and wiping genitals easier.

Overall, the BEMIS 3L2055T 000 Medic-Aid is an excellent toilet seat for adding an extra 3-inches to your toilet bowl. The seat features everything to aid people to do the bathroom in their days of limited mobility.

What Customers Say About This Product?

BEMIS 3L2055T 000 Medic-Aid Plastic Toilet Seat is one of the top-rated raised toilet seats on Amazon, having an incredible 4.7-star rating with hundreds of positive user reviews.

A majority of the customers have expressed satisfaction with the purchase of this product. Customers are all praises for this seat being extremely easy to install and that it is USA-made with earth-friendly materials. Plus, there is assurity of no seat shakes or wiggles.

The only biggest downside of this seat is that it isn’t compatible with a thin base or thin rim toilet bowls. The seat is elevated at a 3-inch height via pillars, and these pillars need a wide surface area underneath to properly stand. A thin toilet rim base underneath will give no proper place for the pillars to stand, thus causing instability.

Customers say that the toilet bowl’s round base or rim must be at least 1.5 inches wide from the start so that the hinges and bumpers can easily stand on the surface.

The Good
  • Helps establish proper posture for hip replaced patients
  • Installs in a snap
  • Made from durable and stain-free plastic
  • Good for commercial applications as well
  • Secure and tight grip
  • Does not wiggle
  • Available for both elongated and round bowls
  • Open front for easier wiping of genitals (especially for men)
The Bad
  • Isn’t compatible with bowls that have a thin seating rim


Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Risers

Carex specializes in producing the best toilet seat risers for both elongated and round toilet bowls. The product tops the Amazon best-selling list in the “toilet seat elevator” category for being durable, affordable, and reliable.

Available in white color, the Carex’s hinged seat adds 3.5 inches of extra height to your standard toilet – eliminating bending and sitting difficulties for hip replaced patients. In addition, this elevated seat is easily attachable to all types of toilets – thanks to its quick latch and unlatching mechanism via universal bolts and metal washers (that are included in the purchase). The seat can easily accommodate people up to 300 lbs. and also goes easy for 5’’ short heightened people!

What Customers Say About This Product?

Carex Hinged Toilet Seat has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews.

A majority of the customers were able to install the elevated toilet seat by themselves using the supplied hardware without complications.

Furthermore, purchasers are all praises for this attachable toilet seat for mounting completely stable and causing absolutely no movements, and that the unique fitting design makes the additional seat hardly noticeable.

Many customers have also appreciated the product for accommodating adults of many types of heights and body sizes. Even a 5-ft person can comfortably sit on the seat with his/her feet touching the floor.

The only problem reported by 7% of customers against this product is that the bolts supplied with the seat didn’t comply with their toilet bowls and that they had to additionally purchase the compatible ones.

The Good
  • Recommended product for people with replacement surgery or back or knee pains
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easily self-mountable to all toilet bowls
  • Hinged for easy cleaning
  • Does not wobble
  • Heavy-duty molded plastic manufacturing
  • Available for both elongated and round toilet bowls
The Bad
  • N/A


NOVA Medical Products Toilet Seat Risers

NOVA Medical takes an edge in the 4-inch elevated toilet seat category. The company produces four different types of risers including:

  • Standard riser for elongated bowl
  • Hinged riser for elongated bowl
  • Standard riser for round bowl
  • Hinged riser for round bowl

You can go with the option that complies with your toilet shape and can go with either a hinged or standard version (depending on your budget).

The Nova Medical Toilet Seat Riser goes under your toilet seat to raise it up for easy get on and off after hip replacement surgery. It easily installs all parts together with long screws that come with the purchase. Blow-molded plastic has been used to manufacture the riser. This type of plastic not only ensures lifetime durability but effortless cleaning with a simple wipe.

The Nova Medical Toilet Seat Riser installs easily to almost a majority of the toilets, including the Kohler and American Standard models. Plus, it allows the original seat and lid of the toilet to be used.

What Customers Say About This Product?

All the models of the NOVA Medical toilet seat elevators have a 4.3 to 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with up to 90% of positive user feedback.

Customers say that the seat quickly went under their existing toilet seat and was easily secured with the supplied hardware using a screwdriver. Customers have also appreciated the product’s design and built quality. “The non-porous plastic surface is a breeze to clean”, says a customer.

The Good
  • Easy to Install
  • A breeze to clean
  • Does not slip or shake
  • The Hinged version allows for proper cleaning
  • Durable, blow-molded plastic
  • Prompts painless posture for hip replaced people
The Bad
  • N/A


Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat

The Carex E-Z is an iconic addition to the raised toilet seat category. This elevated seat is special not only just because it adds 5-inches of extra height to a standard toilet, but also because of its easy-locking mechanism.

Unlike other raised seats that require installation using the supplied hardware, the Carex E-Z securely tightens against most elongated and round toilet bowls with a turn of the locking switch. Place the seat over the commode bowl and rotate the switch… that’s it!

Apart from all this, the Carex E-Z Raised Toilet Seat is built from a sturdy plastic that can last ages and is engineered well to comfortably accommodate disabled, old, and patients who undergo total knee replacement.

In addition, Carex E-Z Toilet Seat also takes a lead in the hole opening size department. Where many patients feel the opening of raised toilet seats a bit compromised, the Carex features a 9” wide opening to prevent the buttocks from being squeezed as well as allow males to wee without a problem (as the wee is always inside the rim).

What Customers Say About This Product?

Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with hundreds of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

Customers say that this product deserves a round of applause for being extremely easy to install, durable, and highly comfortable. And no matter how hard you sit on the seat, it will never move or feel unsteady. A majority of the customers say that would give this product 100-stars for superior support and comfort if they could!

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The Good
  • Adds 5″ of height to the toilet seat
  • Built-in hand grips
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Has superior support
  • Tools-free, super easy & fast installation
The Bad
  • A few customers have complained that sometimes urine accumulates in the body of the attachment, causing the seat to smell bad. Therefore, avoid your wee touching the raised seat!


Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat

The Drive Medical is a 6-inch elevated toilet seat that is perfect for tall 6.2 ft+ heightened people with replacement surgery. The toilet is raised 6-inches high to make sitting down and standing up easy for tall heightened people as well as making it easy for wheel-chair bound individuals for easy to and from transfer.

A prominent feature among the greats of Driver Medical Toilet Seat is that it fits standard commode bowls without the need of installation tools. Simply place the riser over your existing toilet seat and secure tight using the rear locking plates attached to the riser.

In addition, this 6-inches elevated toilet has hygiene cutouts at the front and the back. This allows for easy cleaning of the genitals.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat has a 4+ star rating on Amazon with 90% of positive user reviews.

Customers say that the seat is really helpful for tall and big people with hip or knee problems. Customers have termed the seat as “great” for rehab after hip replacement, saying it can easily manage a load up to 400lbs. without slipping or shaking. The installation is easy, as one just has to place the riser on the commode and lock it using the built-in clasps.

The only drawbacks which stop this toilet seat from achieving a 4.5-star+ rating are:

  • The riser does not have a closing lid. A majority of the users say that this raised seat fits tight only when they remove their toilet’s original closing lid.
  • Though the seat offers tools-free installation, you still have to periodically tighten the latches using your hands.
  • Many users have also complained the seat features a durable but difficult-to-clean plastic.
The Good
  • Best raised toilet seat for tall and heavy people
  • Tools-free installation
  • Hygiene cut-outs for user convenience
  • Does not shake or slip
The Bad
  • Does not have a closing lid
  • Not easy to clean