Best Raised Toilet Seats for Knee Replacement Surgery Patients

Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet SeatHomecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat2-inch raiser
Bemis 3l2055t 000 Medic-aid Plastic Toilet SeatBemis 3l2055t 000 Medic-aid Plastic Toilet Seat3-inch raiser
Carex Hinged Toilet Seat RisersCarex Hinged Toilet Seat Risers3.5-inch raiser
Nova Medical Products Toilet Seat Risers4-inch raiser
Carex E-z Lock Raised Toilet SeatCarex E-z Lock Raised Toilet Seat5-inch raiser
Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat6-inch raiser

Hundreds and thousands of knee replacement operations are conducted annually in the U.S. And if you’re just entering this group, it’s important to modify the toilet of your bathroom by raising its seat via a toilet seat riser—for easier access to and from the toilet.

Hip replacement induces extreme pain in the weeks after surgery. And while you rely a lot on others to conduct daily tasks, a raised toilet is what you need to respond to the call of nature in your restricted mobility phases.

But why, after hip replacement surgery, do I need an elevated toilet?

To avoid lifting your knees higher than your hips when sitting – To avoid twisting at the hip joint when you sit or stand – To avoid flexing your knees too much.

These three are all of the key principles that must be observed by a knee replacement patient in the months after surgery. And a raised toilet seat is a must in order to conform with all these laws.

Best Raised Toilet Seats for Knee Replacement Surgery Patients

Knee-replacing operation hurts. In addition to doctor prescribed health and medical care, a specific posture needs to be practiced when seated or standing. Regular bathroom toilets are low heightened, which ensures that you are at danger of bending your knees to a larger degree or accidentally raising them higher than your hips. This will stress the surgical region and give you much more pain.

The solution? Use elevated toilet seat risers. Most surgeons advise complete joint replacement patients to continue using elevated toilet seats for their lifetime. This boosts both the standard of living and the new joint.

The experts have reviewed a compilation of the best toilet seats for knee replacement. We tested and graded these products after evaluating each product and carrying out extensive analysis on the features and requirements of each product. A proper examination was made in identifying and listing the right elevated toilet seats for patients with hip replacement surgery.

 The Best 2-inch Raised Toilet Seat 

Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat

Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat

The Homecraft Savanah will raise your toilet 2-inch higher than its normal height.

While 3-inch+ is perhaps the most bought online elevated toilet seat size, if you’re short heightened and you’ve got your feet dangling in the air while sitting on anything 3″+, then this elevated toilet seat by Homecraft Savanah is the right product for you.

Like several others, this toilet elevator is a breeze to mount. It has brackets that clip firmly on most normal toilets. This latches are solid enough that the seat is supported in its position, creating almost no movements.

Other aspects to admire about this toilet are the 10.6″ large seat width and lightweight but sturdy plastic that is simple to clean and includes a slight downward trajectory at the front to make it easy for knee replaced patients to get on and off the toilet.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Homecraft Savanah has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon with 90% positive reviews.

Customers are all praises for simple installation of this device, durable construction quality, and convenient seating. Many consumers have enjoyed the bathroom’s completely enclosed plastic seat, claiming it’s simple to clean and holds the pee in the bowl.

 The Best 3-inch Raised Toilet Seat 

Bemis 3l2055t 000 Medic-aid Plastic Toilet Seat

Bemis 3l2055t 000 Medic-aid Plastic Toilet Seat

The BEMIS is a U.S.-made, open front toilet seat, lifted to a 3-inch height by means of hinges and bumpers. The seat has been specifically developed for those with hip replacement surgeries and includes a revolutionary design for ease of use for people with back, shoulder, and knee pain conditions.

The BEMIS 3L2055T is fitted with a range of exclusive specialties that render it one of the best elevated toilet seats. It contains the following:

  • Industrial STA-TITE Fastening Mechanism for rapid installation over elongated or circular toilet bowls
  • Industrial plastic material resistant to stains and wear and tear – suitable even for commercial bathrooms
  • Secure and correctly gripped connection to avoid shaking, shifting, or wiggling of the seat. The company also claims that it has never received a replacement call by its customers.

In addition, the open-front prevents male genitals from touching the seat and omits the portion of the seat that is likely to be polluted with urine. It also simplifies genital cleansing and wiping.

The BEMIS 3L2055T 000 Medic-Aid is a perfect bathroom seat to add an additional 3-inches to your toilet tank. The seat contains everything to help patients perform lavatory in their mobility-limited days.

What Customers Say About This Product?

The Medic-Aid Plastic Toilet Seat is one of the highest rated Amazon toilet seats with an impressive ranking of 4.7 stars, and an excellent customer feedback.

Most customers shared satisfaction with buying this commodity. Consumers applaud the incredibly quick installation of this seat and the fact that it is USA-made from earth-friendly products. Oh and of course, there is assurity of no seat shakes or wiggles.

The only real drawback of this seat is that it is not compatible with thin base or thin rim toilet bowls. The seat is raised by pillars at a 3-inch height, and these pillars require a large surface area underneath to stand properly. The thin bathroom rim base below would provide insufficient space for the pillars to stand, creating instability.

Customers claim the circular base or rim of the toilet bowl must be at least 1.5 inches broad from the beginning to enable the hinges and bumpers to stand on the surface.

 The Best 3.5-inch Raised Toilet Seat 

Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Risers

Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Risers

Carex is specialist in the manufacture of the finest seat rises for toilet bowls, both elongated and oval. The product tops the Amazon Bestselling List for its durability, affordability and reliability.

Provided in white, the Carex hinged seat provides 3.5 inches of additional height to the regular toilet – reducing bending and seating complications for knee replacement patients. Furthermore, this elevated seat can be easily connected to all styles of toilets, thanks to its easy install and uninstallation mechanism through universal bolts and metal washers (that are included in the purchase). The seat can comfortably hold up to 300 lbs of individuals.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Carex Hinged Toilet Seat is ranked 4.3-star on Amazon with thousands of positive testimonials.

A lot of the customers were able to mount the elevated toilet seat without problems by themselves utilizing the supplied hardware.

In addition, the purchasers are all praised for this mountable toilet seat, which is fully secure and totally non-moving, and the unique design makes the extra seat barely noticeable.

Many consumers have praised the commodity for embracing people in a range of heights and body types. Even a 5-ft individual can easily sit on the seat with his or her feet reaching the floor.

The only complaint recorded against this model is that the bolts provided with the seat did not match their toilet and most purchasers had to additionally buy the compatible ones from the hardware store.

 The Best 4-inch Raised Toilet Seat 

Nova Medical Products Toilet Seat Risers

NOVA Medical takes edge in the 4-inch toilet seat segment. Four distinct styles of risers are developed by the company, including:

  • Standard elongated bowl riser
  • Standard round bowl riser
  • Hinged riser for elongated bowl
  • Hinged riser for circular bowl

You can go with the option that complies with your toilet shape and can go with either a hinged or standard version (depending on your budget).

The Nova Medical Toilet Seat Riser goes under your toilet seat to lift it for easier access following knee replacement surgery. It’s quick to mount with the long screws that come with it. For the manufacturing of the raiser, blow moulded plastic was used. Not only does this form of plastic guarantee longevity, but also effortless washing with a quick rinse.

In almost any bathroom, even the Kohler and American Basic ones, Nova Medical Toilet Seater Riser mounts super quick. Plus, it allows the original seat and lid of the toilet to be used.

What Customers Say About This Product?

All versions of NOVA Medical have a ranking of 4.3 to 4.5 stars on Amazon, with favorable reviews from hundreds of consumers.

Customers claim that the seat went under their original toilet seat instantly and was conveniently secured using a screwdriver. Customers have valued product style and built efficiency. “The non-porous plastic surface is a breeze to clean”, says a customer.

 The Best 5-inch Raised Toilet Seat 

Carex E-z Lock Raised Toilet Seat

Carex E-z Lock Raised Toilet Seat

Carex E-Z is an iconic contribution to elevated toilet seat market. This high seat is unique owing to its simple locking mechanisms as well as the inclusion of a 5-inch extra height to the regular toilet.

Unlike other elevated seats that need installation using the supplied hardware, the Carex E-Z tightly tightens against most elongated and circular toilet bowls by a rotating lever. Place the seat over the bowl and rotate the lever… that’s it.

Apart from all this, the Carex E-Z Elevated Toilet Seat is constructed of durable plastic that can last for years and is equipped to properly accomodate the frail, the aged and patients undergoing complete knee replacement.

In comparison, the Carex E-Z Toilet Seat also takes a lead in the comfort sector. Where many patients find the opening of elevated toilet seats quite compromised, the Carex features a 9″ large opening to avoid pressing of the buttocks, allow comfortable seating for fat people, and to enable males to wee without a problem (as the wee is always inside the rim).

What Customers Say About This Product?

Carex E-Z Lock Elevated Toilet Seat has Amazon’s 4.4-star rating, with hundreds of happy users.

Customers agree this item deserves a round of applause for being incredibly simple, robust, and extremely comfortable to mount. And it will never slip, no matter how hard you sit on the bench. Most consumers claim they will offer this product 100-stars for superior service and convenience!

 The Best 6-inch Raised Toilet Seat 

Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat

Drive Medical is a 6-inch raised toilet seat that is suitable for long, 6.2 ft+ tall individuals with reconstruction surgery. The toilet is lifted 6-inch high to make it convenient for tall-heightened as well as wheel-char bound people to sit down and stand up.

A popular advantage of Driver Medical Toilet Seat is that it suits all types of commode bowls without the need for assembly equipment. Simply put the riser over your current toilet seat and protect it securely using the rear lock plates connected to the riser.

In addition, this 6-inches raised toilet seat has hygiene cutouts at the front and the back. This helps the genitals to be washed quickly.

What Customers Say About This Product?

Amazon’s Drive Medical Elevated Toilet Seat has a 4+ star ranking with 90% of favorable customer feedback.

Customers claim the seat is good for those with hip or knee injuries. It can comfortably accommodate a load up to 400lbs. without trembling or slipping. The installation is easy, as you only have to put the riser on the commode and use the built-in clasps to secure it.

The only disadvantages of this toilet seat are:

  • This seat does not work with the toilet lid. You will have to remove the existing toilet seat lid.
  • While the seat provides tool-free assembly, you will have to tighten the latches regularly with your hands (as the latches automatically loose with time).
  • Many consumers have complained that the seat features sturdy yet difficult-to-clean plastic material.
Best Raised Toilet Seats for Knee Replacement Surgery Patients [Infographic]