TOTO Elongated Neorest 600 One Piece Toilet Review

If you want a toilet that will truly make you feel like royalty, the TOTO Elongated Neorest 600 One Piece Toilet (View on Amazon) is the best toilet for you. Designed with comfort in mind, this toilet is also extremely convenient because it has a built-in seat warmer as well as an air deodorizer that will leave the air in your bathroom smelling better than ever.

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With a comfort height and an elongated seat, the Neorest 600 will also make it easier for you to use the bathroom too. Find out more about this toilet as well the pros and cons of the Neorest 600 before you buy.

Product Specifications:

  • Has a maximum flow rate of 1.6 gallons per flush to help you save on water waste
  • Weighs right around 100 pounds and will not wobble or shake when mounted on the floor
  • An automatic washing system will cleanse your genitals and private parts in the same way a bidet would
  • A built-in sensor identifies when a user stand and uses an automatic flushing cyclone to rid of the toilet bowl of any and wall waste
  • Comfort height toilet stands less than 20-inches off the floor to keep you at the perfect height as you sit on the toilet

Pros/Cons of the TOTO Elongated Neorest 600 One Piece Toilet:

Built-in Sensors

One of the biggest reasons why you’ll love this TOTO toilet is because of the built-in sensors on it. Those sensors make the seat lift when someone stands near the front and drop the seat back down once a user finishes. Sensors will also make the toilet automatically flush.

Remote Control

No matter where you are in your bathroom, you can use the remote control for the Neorest 600 to control it. The remote will turn on the air deodorizer, adjust the temperature of the heated seat and lift or lower the seat. You can also use the remote to flush the toilet.

SanaGloss Finish

Thanks to the SanaGloss finish on this toilet, you no longer need to spend hours cleaning. This finish is resistant to common stains and odors. It also uses the water from the line to clean the bowl.

As with all toilets, you should be aware of potential problems or issues with the Neorest 600. One issue is that it has a high price tag that might be well outside your bathroom budget. This toilet is also harder to use when you first install it, though you can use the included instructions to use all its features as well as its remote.

Final Verdict:

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You can spend a lot of time debating the pros and cons of the Neorest 600 from TOTO, or you can take one look at its top features and realize that this is one of the best Toto toilets on the market. The Neorest 600 will make anyone feel comfortable when using the bathroom because of its air deodorizer, heated seat and built-in sensors.