TOTO Neorest Elongated Toilet and Washlet Unit Remote Review

When you close your eyes and picture your dream bathroom, the odds are good that the toilet you see in that room comes from TOTO. TOTO is a company long known for creating futuristic toilets that come loaded with features you won’t find on cheaper models from other companies.

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A great choice for many homes is the TOTO Neorest Elongated Toilet and Washlet Unit Remote (Check Price on The included remote control lets you adjust the heated seat, flush the toilet and even adjust the seat while brushing your teeth or after getting out of the shower. This toilet has some great benefits too.

Product Specifications:

  • Measures nearly 33-inches long and more than 17-inches wide to create a larger base that can comfortably accommodate more people
  • Has a comfort height of 16-1/4-inches tall from the seat to the floor and a total height of just over 22 inches
  • Features a standard size rough in for installation in most bathrooms
  • Weighs only 120 pounds, which makes it one of the more lighter weight toilets from major manufacturers
  • Is an automatic flushing toilet that has built-in sensors designed to tell the toilet when to flush automatically as someone stands or moves away from the seat

Pros/Cons of the TOTO Neorest Elongated Toilet and Washlet Unit Remote:

Integrated Washlet

The integrated Washlet on this TOTO Neorest toilet will make you feel like a millionaire. This feature works like a bidet and even comes with an adjustable hose that lets you choose how you use it.

Heated Seat

Feel free to sit down on this toilet on a cold night without experiencing temperature shock because of its heated seat. This seat has built-in elements that increase the temperature higher than the temperature in the room. You can adjust that temperature to reach the heat level that you like.

SanaGloss Coating

The SanaGloss coating found on this toilet actually repels the debris and particles that would otherwise stick to the ceramic to make your bowl look sparkling clean. This keeps stains from forming and will help with bathroom odors too. The SanaGloss coating also reduces the risk of mildew forming on the bowl or mold growing on the toilet.

The biggest con associated with this Neorest toilet is the cost, which is high enough that your eyebrows might raise in shock when you see its tag. This toilet is also an older version that TOTO no longer makes, which means you can only buy it secondhand or from authorized sellers.

Final Verdict:

View TOTO Neorest Elongated Toilet and Washlet Unit on

When you bring home the TOTO Neorest Elongated Toilet and Washlet Unit Remote (Check Price on, you won’t be disappointed because this toilet can keep up with your whole family and last for years. The main issue is that the brand no longer offers this model for sale and may not be offered continued support for it in the future. We think it’s a pretty solid toilet that will make your bathroom look nicer and help you keep the room clean.