Can You Flush Tampons In A Septic Tank? What To Do If You Accidentally Flush Tampon?

Do you have a Septic tank and confused whether you should flush tampons in your composting system or not? If yes, we’ve got you covered with enough information on this topic.

Can You Flush Tampons In A Septic Tank?

Only cotton-based tampons are suitable for use in septic tanks, for they are biodegradable. Traditional tampons with plastic applicators, on the other hand, shouldn’t be used. Because the plastic part will not biodegrade, break down, and thus damage the septic tank.

Traditional tampons are constructed of cotton, synthetic rayon and/or plastic. These compounds are not meant for flushing down a septic tank and do not dissolve properly. Additionally, sanitary products are intended to contain and hold water. This mechanism renders it impossible for them to be flushed in a septic tank. Therefore, only flush 100% cotton-based tampons in a septic system.

What to do if a tampon is accidentally flushed in a septic tank?

If the tampons are accidentally flushed down the septic tank, they may cause blockage and clogging of the drains, as well as easily fill the system and reduce its effectiveness. The septic tank can fill up quicker, meaning that you need to drain out the system even sooner than expected. Unattended, the whole septic tank starts rising up in your home, or, worse, causes solids to go into your secondary treatment. This may damage your septic tank and require a complete replacement. Therefore, unclog the septic tank using DIY remedies or seek a plumber on urgent basis.

Unclogging a Tampons-Clogged Septic Tank:

1). If the septic tank gets accidentally obstructed because of tampons, something has to be done to return your device to a steady flow. Although chemical drain cleaners are readily available commercially, they might not always be the right remedy for clogged drainage since certain chemical cleaners—especially those that involve harsh amounts of strong substances—may end up disrupting the equilibrium and ultimately destroying your septic tank.

This is because chemical cleansers will destroy healthy bacteria and enzymes in your tank—enzymes which function organically to break down waste. You need a septic-friendly drain cleaner that won’t be tough on your septic system. Here are ways to unclog a tampon-clogged drain without harming the septic system:

2). Using bathroom plunger to clear a plugged pipe.

3). Use plumbing snake to unclog a blocked drain.

4). Pour hot water to loosen the clog and clear it from the pipe. This helps to melt tampon cotton waste that might be causing an obstruction.

5). Spraying pressurized water into a clogged drain causes debris to loosen up.

6). An quick way to remove accumulation is also the classic vinegar and baking soda mixture for softening clogs. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Let it sit for 30 seconds. Then add 1/2 cup white vinegar. This will break up the blockage inside the septic tank.

7). If the above strategies are still depleted and yet obstructed by a clog, try a septic-friendly clog remover that is intended to clear clogs from septic systems. On septic systems, these products are healthy to use since they do not contain contaminants that could damage the septic system.

8). Call a plumber if nothing works for you.

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