Toilet Flushing Bugs

Flushing Stink Bugs Down The Toilet Drain: Yay or Nay?

Stink bugs are insects that may become a major problem, if left unattended (i.e bugs infestation). While it can make you feel guilty in destroying these bugs, they are more likely to come back into your house after they come. Putting them out does not put an end to the issue.

When you have a ton of stink bugs, the issue pops up. There is no point flushing the toilet endlessly. It is wasting water and costing you money.

Can You Flush Stink Bugs Down The Drain?

Yes. It’s safer to flush stink bugs down the toilet. This makes you escape the unpleasant bug, as well as it does not clog the drain.

What Are Stink Bugs?

The stink bug in Asia is sometimes named the marbled bug in the brown stink. Not only does this bug extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, it also renders every product totally uncomfortable. Brown, marbled stink bugs were originally developed in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In the 1990s, plants wound up creating sink bugs in the United States. Now the entire of the US is stink bugs. Over winter they hibernate, but in warm climates they flourish.

How to Prevent Stink Bugs In Your Home?

Any quick precautions can be taken before they infest your home to deter stink bugs.

Seal Close Your House

Stink bugs will snap into your home through tiny cracks. Therefore, ensuring your home is fully sealed and secure is of the highest significance. Do this by closing the doors and walls. You may even cover the windows and side panel with silicone caulk.

Remove Rotten Wood

Rotten wood is one of the stink bugs favorites. They will eat and are strongly drawn to decaying wood. Check the wood frames, walls, decks and roof for rot annually to avoid stink bugs. Other rooms at home, including floors surrounding the water boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, toilet, shower, and sinks, can also be seen.

Cover the Fireplace and Attic Vents

Your fireplace and attic vents offer an easy path to stink bugs. This can be corrected by putting screens over your all attic winds and the chimney to stop bugs. You must also patch all the hole in your windows to make sure that there are no holes between your window and your computer.

Turn the Lights Off

Turning off indoor and outdoor lights can help avoid stink bugs if you don’t need them. In addition to saving money on the electric bill, it stops the bugs from going home because they are drawn by light. Even aim to close the shades and blinds. This serves to ensure light reflects out and stink bugs are drawn.

Spray Home Down

Stink bugs dislike water. You should spray them Do this with a combination of soap and water if you find stink bugs outside your window. It’s not going to destroy you, however it will make you understand that your home is not safe.

You should spray it off with your trousers and then put it in an egg with soapy water if you see a huge amount of stink bugs near or on the side of your building. This will discourage them from returning.


Stink bugs may be more efficiently removed by flushing them down the toilet. You will never see them again much of the time when you use this form. This can be a nice choice if you have several bugs you can collect with time.

This strategy will also work if you only have one or two bugs to flush per time. If you need to flush a stink bug more than once a day, you shouldn’t use this process, as it’s a waste of water.

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