20 Best Gas & Electric Furnaces For Your Home

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Key Features

  • Heats up to 1,250 sq. ft.
  • Low Profile Design - Can be installed in low-ceiling buildings
  • 50,000 BTU per hour
  • Easy outside access to thermostat and A/C terminals and gas connection

Whether you have a modern and updated HVAC system, or you still use window units to cool your home, you should know that a furnace is an important part of your home. When you adjust the thermostat on your wall, it sends a signal to your furnace, which kicks in to heat each room. Depending on your budget and needs, you may find that a gas or electric model performs best.

Our list of the top 20 best gas and electric furnaces includes models that you can find and buy online for delivery to your home. We picked the Mr. Heater Big Maxx Natural Gas Garage/Workshop Heater as the best gas furnace because it can heat your whole home quickly and comes with a 30-year warranty. For an electric furnace, the Super Petit is a great option because it features a smaller and more compact design that takes up less space.

Top Rated Gas Furnace on the Market

RankProductReview Score
1Mr. Heater F260550 Gas Furnace
9.9Buy on Amazon
24 Ton 17 Seer Goodman Dual Fuel System
9.8Buy on Amazon
3Rinnai EX08CP Wall Mounted Direct Ventilation Furnace
9.8Buy on Amazon
4Goodman 100,000 BTU Gas Furnace GMEC961004CN
9.5Buy on Amazon
5Goodman GMSS961205DN Single Speed Gas Furnace
9.3Buy on Amazon
6York Evcon 80,000 BTU 1 Stage Gas Furnace
8.8Buy on Amazon
7Goodman GMSS960803BN Single Gas Furnace
8.6Buy on Amazon
8Goodman GMS80403AN Gas Furnace
8.4Buy on Amazon
9Goodman GMH80803BN Gas Furnace
8.4Buy on Amazon
10YUKON Husky Indoor Gas/Wood Furnace
8.2Buy on Amazon

Top 10 Best Gas Furnace Reviews For 2021

Though the Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater might look more like an air conditioner than a furnace, it provides just the right amount of heat for your space. Mr. Heater designed this model in a way that also lets you use in outside spaces like a garage or shed. Instead of running lines and investing in new parts, you can install this furnace to enjoy the warmth that you need when working on your car or enjoying your favorite hobbies.

This model comes with a powered exhaust system that lets you connect it to horizontal or vertical vents for easy installation, and it comes with a conversion kit for using the furnace with liquid propane instead of natural gas. With an output of 50,000 BTU, this Mr. Heater model can heat a space of up to 1,250 square feet in size. It comes with a limited warranty that lasts for up to three years and a convenient design that helps you easily access features like the gas connection and thermostat.

If you want to completely replace your old HVAC system, or you want to install your first HVAC system, seriously consider investing in this 4 Ton Seer Goodman 120,000 BTU 96% AFUE Dual Fan System, which can produce more warm air than you ever expected and lower your heating and cooling bills. With a 96% AFUE rating, this is easily one of the most efficient models on the market today. Though it comes with a dependable warranty, you must pay a licensed contractor to install the system or risk voiding your warranty.

Designed for use with a natural gas furnace, this model comes with an evaporator coil inside that has a case surrounding it, which acts as insulation to better regulate the temperature of your home. It comes in a vertical upflow design, but you can also purchase it in a horizontal downflow option. If you prefer using this with a liquid propane system instead of a natural gas system, you can purchase a conversion kit from Goodman for making it work in your home.

This heavy-duty system comes with thick steel and metal panels on the outside that protect the internal components and keep moisture out too.

For a furnace with ease of installation, you can get much easier than this Rinnai EX08CP Wall Mounted Direct Ventilation Furnace Propane , which you can mount and install directly on the wall in any room of your home. Thanks to its overall design, which actually makes it look like a window AC unit, it’s easy to use too. It comes with a modulating gas valve that you can turn and adjust in seven different ways based on the type of gas lines that you have in your home and the temperature that you want.

With an 80.6% AFUE rating, this direct vent wall furnace may help you save on your heating and cooling bills too. This higher rating lets you know that it uses less gas than other models, which will come in handy during cold snaps. When turned to its highest setting, this furnace can produce more than 30,000 BTUS every hour, which is more than enough heat for most homes.

If you have kids, you’ll love that Rinnai designed this furnace to include a cool cabinet. No matter how much heat it produces, that cabinet will remain cool to the touch to prevent injuries.

You might notice that Goodman appeared several times on our list, which is due to the reputation of the company and the wide range of products that it offers. One of its best natural gas furnaces is this GMEC961004CN model, which has an AFUE rating of 96%, which is one of the highest ratings that you’ll find today. This lets you know that this model is particularly good at reducing energy bills and that it uses less energy to provide you with the same amount of heat as comparable furnaces.

All the features that you expect to find from Goodman come on this model, including a multi-speed blower motor and a heat exchanger made from heavy-duty aluminum. That blower lets you adjust the speed of the internal fan to force more or less air out based on the temperature you want. The exchanger is what actually produces that warm air, and its aluminum construction will last for a decade or more.

We think that many shoppers will love the diagnostic board inside this furnace. Not only does this board show you can errors the furnace found in itself, but the board also keeps track of past errors too.

5. Goodman GMSS961205DN Gas Furnace

With a high AFUE rating, multiple positions and a lasting warranty, it’s no wonder why so many people install this Goodman GMSS961205DN Single Speed 1-Stage Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace with Low Nox in their homes every year. The only reason it doesn’t rank as high as other Goodman natural gas furnaces is because it comes with just one speed, which you may find doesn’t keep air moving and circulating through all areas of your home. Thanks to its heavy-duty steel cabinet though, this furnace will last much longer than you expected, and it requires less in the way of maintenance too.

Its 96% AFUE rating is quite impressive and lets you know that it will use less natural gas than other furnaces while also helping you cut back on your heating bills. Capable of putting out 80,000 BTUS, this furnace can easily meet all your heating needs and produce enough heat for both your bottom floor as well as rooms on a second floor. Goodman also gives you terminals for connecting a humidifier or air cleaner and insulation around the blower and heat exchanger.

Though you probably come across some of the same names while looking at furnaces, you may not hear about Evcon, but its York 80,000 BTU 1 Stage 95% 3 Ton Multiposition Gas Furnace is a solid choice that will perform well in your home. Though it comes with just one stage, it has a multi-speed motor that you can use in four different ways for pushing out more warm air and for using just a small amount of heat on warmer days. We like that this is a natural gas furnace that you can install and use in different positions, including horizontal, downflow and upflow.

The York has an AFUE rating of 95%, which tells you that it requires less gas from your lines than similar models, and this rating can also help you get through the cold season without spending as much as you budgeted. At 29.5-inches by 17.5-inches by 33-inches, the York is significantly smaller than other furnaces. As it weighs just 126 pounds, you may find that you can carry it into your home before the contractor arrives too.

Also from Goodman is this GMSS960803BN Single Speed 1-Stage Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace with Low Nox, which Goodman guarantees will produce less fumes and toxins than other models. It has a 96% AFUE rating, which is one of the highest ratings you’ll find today, and that rating lets you know that this model will use less of your natural gas reserves while still adequately heating your home. With a BTU output of 120,000, this heavy-duty furnace can produce enough heat for all your rooms and floors.

Made in the United States, the GMSS960803BN features a tubular heat exchanged made from aluminized steel and a secondary exchanger made from stainless steel that work together to ensure you get all the heat you need. Other top features include terminals with color coded labels that let you connect other components like a humidifier and a control board that keeps track of all diagnostic scan information.

Another gas furnace for those who trust the Goodman name is this GMS80403AN Gas Furnace, which comes with an 80% AFUE rating that is suitable for most homes and lets you know that you can save some on your heating bills this winter. This model ranks lower than others from Goodman because it has a BTU output of 80,000. While that output is good for a single-story home or a small home, it may not make all areas of a larger home feel as warm as you would like.

Suitable for use as an upflow gas furnace, the GMS80403AN can also operate in an horizontal orientation to either the right or left. At 87 pounds, it weighs a fraction of what larger furnaces weigh, which is helpful for those who plan on installing it themselves. Goodman includes accessories designed for connecting this furnace to your gas line and for attaching other components.

Goodman, which appeared multiple times on our list of the best gas furnaces, takes our top spot with this GMH80803BN Gas Furnace. Though smaller in size than some of its competitors, it comes with all the top features that made Goodman a household name, including larger heat exchanger in a tubular design that does a better job of regulating heat and a two-stage gas valve that helps you easily turn on the furnace as needed. Also included are colored terminals for using this furnace with other products like air cleaners.

An electronic control board inside keeps track of error codes and helps you more effectively take care of problems or talk with repair techs about what the furnace needs, and its memory can store the five most recent codes. Goodman added an ignition switch that uses silicone to make lighting the furnace easier and to ensure that it remains lit.

The best gas furnace for homes today might be this YUKON Husky Indoor Gas/Wood Furnace, which you can use to heat your home via a gas line or standard logs. The larger weight and heavy-duty design of this furnace lets you know that it can heat your home for years to come without the need for any new electrical lines. It uses components made from steel, cast iron and stainless steel that will last longer than you expected.

UL rated the Husky for use with both gas and wood and listed this model to release gases and fumes through one central chimney, which cuts down on the number of vents that you need. Any fumes will rise from the furnace, into your chimney and away from your home. This is unique in terms of a wood furnace because it comes with a built-in gas burner that lights the wood and does not require any kindling.

The burner jet system on this model does a great job of keeping the fire burning all night long because it creates a second smaller fire directly on top of your wood.

Electric vs Gas Furnace

Before you start looking at furnaces and comparing models, you need to make sure that you understand the differences between gas and electric models. This goes further than just the type of power sourced used. Changing from a gas to electric furnace or from an electric to gas furnace can cost quite a bit of money but may help you save some money too.

Electric furnaces are generally more affordable and run quieter than gas furnaces do. Many find that these furnaces last for 20 years or more too. Another pro is that an electric furnace will require less maintenance and can work in a home that previously used gas power.

Gas furnaces are more expensive and require more maintenance, but the top models can last for twice as long as an electric model will. With a gas furnace, you’ll also find that the temperature in your home rises faster and that you get to the temperature you want quicker. You may need to install a carbon monoxide detector near the furnace though to keep your family safe because damage to the furnace can lead to it emitting carbon dioxide fumes.

How to Choose 

Buying a furnace isn’t something you should take lightly. After looking at our comparison of electric models to gas models, you can look closer at our list of how to choose the best furnace for your home.


Size is easily the most important thing to consider when buying a new furnace. If it is too small, you risk not having enough heat in all areas of your home. Buying one that is too large though can increase your heating bills.

You need to look at the overall square footage of your home and find a furnace that can accommodate that much space. The type and amount of insulation you have, the number of vents or ducts in your home and even whether you have storm windows can determine the size furnace you need. You can ask a contractor or professional for help choosing the proper size furnace.

Energy Efficiency

If you really want to cut back on your heating bills, you should look for a furnace with energy efficiency properties. Many of these models come with extra insulation inside the cabinet. This insulation helps the furnace come up to temperature faster and cuts down on the time you spend waiting for your home to feel warm.

Look for the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, which will give you an idea of the furnace’s efficiency. The best rating is a 90%, which is good for homes located in areas with a colder or harsher climate like the Midwest. If you only use your furnace a few times a year or for a few shorter months, you can choose one with an AFUE rating of as low as 80%.

Blower Compartment

The blower compartment found on a furnace is what actually blows or forces warm air into your vents and ducks. Popular blower types include induced draft and direct drive blowers. You’ll also want to make sure that the furnace comes with insulation inside this compartment, which cuts down on the noises and sounds produced by the furnace.


Price may not be as important as you think because many manufacturers offer incentives and cash back offers that let you get money back on your purchase. You still need to make sure that the furnace works with your budget.

Cost of Installation

Installing a new furnace is not something you can do on your own unless you have professional HVAC experience. It’s often helpful to talk to a few HVAC companies or contractors and get estimates as to the cost of installation. You may find that some models are easier and cheaper to install than others.

Current System

The furnace that you buy should work with your existing system. Switching from a gas or electric system to a new system can cost more money than you expected and require the installation of brand new lines in your home. If you have an HVAC system complete with an AC unit, the new furnace must fit and work with that system.


Only buy a furnace is the manufacturer offers a solid warranty on that model. The warranty should last for five to 10 years or more and cover all components and parts.

Top Rated Electric Models on the Market

RankProductReview Score
1Super Petit Compact Household Electric Furnace
9.6Buy on Amazon
2Goodman 2.5 Ton Wall Mount Air Handler
9.4Buy on Amazon
3RV Electric Furnace
9.2Buy on Amazon
4Goodman 3 Ton ARUF37C14
8.9Buy on Amazon
5Williams Furnace 3144030 Electric Furnace
8.7Buy on Amazon
6Suburban 2017APW RV Furnace
8.8Buy on Amazon
7Goodman 10 KW Electric Furnace
8.5Buy on Amazon
8Marley CFWFRO Wall Furnace
8.3Buy on Amazon
9Dimplex RFI840D31 Wall Unit
8.2Buy on Amazon
10Comfort Glow QWH2100 Quartz Furnace
8Buy on Amazon


1. Super Petit Compact Household 

Not everyone needs a furnace capable of heating several hundred or even thousand square feet, which is why we picked this Super Petit Compact Household Electric Furnace as the top in its category. Unlike other furnaces that require professional installation, this is one that you can use with you and even take it with you on the go. It comes with a simple metal handle that will stay cool when the furnace is on, which lets you pick it up and move it from room to room.

Though it may look too small for your home, don’t let its small size fool you. Large vents on the top and each side ensure that the heat it produces comes out from each vent and that the heat reaches all areas of the room and even some neighboring rooms. This is a solid little furnace for woodworking projects too.

This Japanese import furnace comes with an easy to use digital display on the front too. Not only does this display show you the temperature that you selected after turning it on, but it also shows you the current temperature of the furnace too.

2. Goodman 2.5 Ton Wall Mount Air Handler 

This Goodman 2.5 Ton Wall Mount Air Handler With 10 KW Electric Heater is more of a traditional furnace that works well in different homes. Also known by its model number AWUF321016, this furnace is perfect for use in a standard HVAC system or a newer system. It comes with a Check Flowrater inside that you can use as a heat pump to increase the temperature of your home or as a cooling pump to pump and force cooler air around your space.

A multi-speed direct-drive motor inside responds to your thermostat settings and changes you make to the furnace itself to get warm or cool air to you quickly. That motor can also change the amount of air volume inside to make heating and cooling your home easier. The heating elements inside are resistant to rusting and let you adjust the KW produced to as low as three or as high as 10.

While this Goodman model looks big on your screen, it actually has a more compact design and weighs just 100 pounds, which is significantly less than similar models. The inside features aluminum tubing for lasting performance too.

3. RV Electric Furnace

Depending on the size of your home and the type of home that you live in, you may need a smaller furnace like this RV Electric Furnace that is perfect for all types of mobile homes and recreational vehicles. This is an all-electric model that does not rely on any batteries or natural gas, and it has a built-in blower that runs quietly to help you sleep better at night without banging or knocking noises keeping you up. The electric furnace comes with three separate heating elements that produce all the heat you need on cold nights.

The included CheapHeat smart controller gives you more control over the temperature inside your home and lets you adjust that temperature without using the thermostat. Unlike larger models that require professional installation help, this RV furnace comes with everything you need to install it on your own. You can follow the included instructions and have this furnace running in a few hours or less.

Also included with this furnace is a wire harness, mounting hardware and wire clamps that help you install the furnace in your vehicle and clamp the wires in the right spots.

4. Goodman 3 Ton Multi Position Air Handler ARUF37C14

Enjoy all the warm air that you need on cold winter nights with this Goodman ARUF37C14 3 Ton Multi Position Air Handler, which is the perfect addition to any HVAC system and has a design that works great with other Goodman parts and accessories. One of the top features on this model is the design of its filter, which lets you remove and replace the old furnace without the need for any specialty tools. You’ll also like that you can mount and install this model in different ways, including horizontally or vertically.

The built-in direct-drive motor is suitable for both heating and cooling, and a multi-speed motor inside automatically adjusts the volume of air based on the temperature you need. This three ton model produces enough heat for even the largest of homes but runs much quieter than you might think.

Goodman designed the ARUF37C14 to include fixed panels that do not use screws on the back and sides. That lack of screws prevents condensation from forming inside and extends the life of the furnace. With a depth of 21-inches, this furnace will fit in the basements and attics of most homes.

5. Williams Furnace Company 3144030 

From Williams Furnace Company, this 3144030 Electric Counterflow Furnace is great for smaller homes and homes in warmer climates because it functions more like a heater than a furnace. This is one of the few models that you can install yourself, but it offers nearly as much heat as a traditional furnace and much more heat than a standard heater. With 9.2 watts and 240 volts, it can produce more than 31,000 BTUS, which may be enough to heat your whole home.

Williams Furnace Company designed this model for use in homes and spaces where you cannot lay or use gas lines like attics and basements. It comes with a thermostat that you can mount on the wall nearby to raise and lower the temperature of the furnace as needed. Despite its narrow shape, this model comes with vents on the top and bottom that produce more warm air for effective heating of a larger space.

You’ll also like its built-in automatic safety feature. This feature lets the furnace monitor itself for temperatures that are dangerously high. When it detects that the temperature is too high, it automatically shuts itself off.

6. Suburban 2017APW RV 

Similar to the last recreational vehicle furnace on our list, this Suburban 2017APW RV Furnace is great for use in mobile homes and larger vehicles like campers and trucks with an attached camper bed. It measures just 25.5-inches by 13.4-inches by 11.7-inches to take up less space in your vehicle while still providing you with all the heat that you need. This furnace weighs less than 26 pounds too and won’t affect your fuel efficiency while on the open road.

Suburban designed the 2017APW to look a little simpler than other models, and that simple design means that you can easily install it too. Though the manufacturer does not include wire clips or other accessories, you may find that you do not need those extra parts. You can practically pull out your old furnace and slide this one right in its place.

As a mobile home or RV furnace, this one works particularly well because of its ample vents. Vents used on the backs and sides keep the air circulating around your home. Vents on the front push the warm air directly in front of you for more warmth.

7. Goodman 10 KW 

You may not have enough money in your budget to completely replace your heating and cooling system, but this Goodman 10 KW Electric Furnace will make that system run more efficiently and help bring down your bills at the same time. It comes with a heavy-duty metal cabinet that protects all its working parts, but this cabinet opens easily for repairs and routine maintenance. Sequencers placed inside help you more easily adjust the temperature and enjoy that heat faster.

Heating elements made from chromium and nickel are stronger and more durable than other materials, and these elements are also resistant to corrosion, which will cut down on some of the maintenance required. As you can easily reach the filter inside, you can save on the cost of hiring someone to do that job for you too.

A multi-speed blower inside is perfect for changing the temperature quickly, but this blower can also work as part of your AC system too. Capable of use in a downflow, horizontal or upflow position, this furnace comes with a 10-year warranty from Goodman that covers standard wear and tear on all parts.

8. Marley CFWFRO Qmark 

Similar to the last model on our list, this Marley CFWFRO Qmark Electric Counterflow Wall Furnace is a furnace that you can install right on your wall without worrying about natural gas lines. It works particularly well in basements, attics and other rooms where laying new gas lines is quite expensive, but you should keep in mind that this furnace must work as part of a complete system. You’ll also need to hire a contractor to install it and connect it to that system.

This furnace has a fairly basic look that includes a metal cabinet with vents near the bottom and near the top. When used with an existing system, it pulls in air from your furnace and forces that air through those vents. The best thing about this furnace is that it lets you heat up rooms that would otherwise stay cool because of a lack of ducts or vents.

Another benefit of installing this Marley furnace is that it offers more complete heating to eliminate cold spots and drafts. Heat from the bottom and top come together in the center of the room.

9. Dimplex RFI840D31 

Though this Dimplex RFI840D31 Commercial Fan-Forced Wall Unit is not your traditional electric furnace, it’s an affordable alternative for those who need heat but have less money in their budgets. It comes in a soft almond color that acts like a neutral shade and helps this unit fit with any style or type of room. As the case or cover over the heating element remains cool to the touch, this unit is even suitable for use in a child’s bedroom.

You can mount this heating unit on a wall, which will force warm air straight out in front, or on the ceiling, which forces the warm air to move down and closer to you. The heating element inside features a series of steel coils around the top that help circulate the warm air and protects the element from damage. It also comes with a tamper-proof door for extra protection.

When the unit reaches the end of a cycle, it automatically kicks off the fan or blower to help you save further on your energy bills. It also has a convenient size that is much smaller than traditional furnaces.

10. Comfort Glow QWH2100 Quartz 

Another alternative to a traditional gas furnace is this QWH2100 Quartz Furnace from Comfort Glow, which works well in apartments, townhouses and smaller homes. If you want a heating unit that you can install on your own, you’ll love that this furnace mounts right on your wall and comes with hardware for mounting it directly on plaster or drywall. The only downside is that you must mount it a few inches off the floor, and the manufacturer warns against using it directly on the floor.

A digital screen on the front lets you switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit settings, and you can use other buttons to switch between modes or turn on its timer setting. Lights on the front come on to indicate the setting you selected. It even comes with a remote control for adjusting the furnace while across the room, and this remote uses just two AAA batteries.

Comfort Glow added a convenient power switch on the side that lets you completely turn off the furnace to keep it from using electrical power, but you can also use a power button on the front to turn it on and off.

Our Top Winner

Though there are hundreds of gas furnaces that you can use in your home, we think that the Mr. Heater Big Maxx Natural Gas Garage/Workshop Heater is the best option. With a BTU output of 50,000, this is a furnace that will keep every room in your home warm and comfortable on the coldest of days and nights. The manufacturer specifically designed this model with proper venting in mind to ensure that the fumes produced by natural gas or wood leaves your home.