The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for Your Money

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Key Features

  • Fast and easy to set up 
  • Rapid-heating and water-filtration system
  • 4-6 Person Capacity
  • Hot tub gets up to 104

Hot tubs are one of the ultimate luxuries for many people. They’re comfortable, soothing, and can be a great way to relax away the stresses and muscle tension of the day. But for a lot of people they just aren’t practical. Whether you’re renting a home, can’t afford an installation, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of constantly keeping clean an outdoor hot tub, inflatable hot tubs are there to cover your need.

Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs of 2021 – Reviews

An excellent hot tub that compares very favorably to the other Saluspa models above, unfortunately brought down by intermittent quality control issues. Every purchase is a bit of a crapshoot.


  • Construction: Saluspa standard I-beam constructions maintains the durability of your inflatable hot tub long term without sacrificing comfort. Cushioned air pad floor is comfortable to sit on, as is the “3 ply” polyester and PVC interior and exterior walls. All taken together is a durable, comfortable, long lasting hot tub.
  • Console: Console is easy to reach for changing the temperature or activating the massage function while either within or out of the hot tub. Readouts are available in Fahrenheit or Celsius and temperature and other settings are easily changed with the press of a button.
  • Size: While the Palm Springs is of a similar size to other inflatable hot tubs, it is more up front about its abilities, listing itself as a 4 to 6 person hot tub rather than a 6 person, and it does indeed fit 4 people comfortably, though 6 is a bit of a stretch.
  • Easy Setup: No tools required for a fast and easy set up. Pump is included and you just need to twist the pipes together yourself.


  • Leak: Some users report a leak in the pump that is not covered by the warranty provided by Bestway, the manufacturer. Keep that in mind when buying it as the pump itself is nearly the entire cost of the hot tub, and could multiply the total cost.

The Coleman Saluspa hot tub is everything we look for in an inflatable hot tub. It’s durable, easy to set up, a good size, and easy to control, while still not breaking the bank.


  • Construction and Materials: This Saluspa uses I-beam construction to increase durability for a comfortable sit. It sits just high enough for most people to sit comfortably on the floor of the hot tub and remain submerged, and is reportedly very padded on the bottom to make this relaxing in the long term through the cushioned air pad (which also reduces heat loss through the ground). Exact materials for exterior walls are a layer of polyester mesh encased in two layers of stiffer PVC, for a sturdy but flexible construction.
  • Control Panel: Control hub includes temperature setting/readout in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and an automatic start/stop timer (it does shut off automatically after 72 hours for safety reasons). Buttons are easy to read and figure out their purposes just from the images on each button.
  • Set Up: The Coleman Saluspa includes an automatic pump for inflation, and takes about 40 minutes from start to finish after pulling the tub from the box it comes in.
  • Capacity: Boasts a 4 to 6 person capacity, though form the images only comfortably seats 4, with 6 being a bit of a squeeze. Unless you’re comfortable being in intimately close quarters with five other people, stick to 4.


  • Filters: A common problem with hot tubs in general is the filters, and this is no exception. They need to be constantly cleaned of the grime that accumulates from the people that have used it, which is a bit of a disgusting chore and more to the point needs to be done very regularly. Once a week at least, or more if it sees a lot of very heavy use. Just keep that in mind, as failing to clean the filters can lead to issues.

Intex is a great brand overall, carried a lot by their unique Fiber Tech construction, but without skimping on the other details. Their 85 inch model is their largest, and is one of the most comfortable inflatable hot tubs on the market.


  • Control Panel: Panel is intuitive and easy to read, with a placement raised above the exterior of the hot tub so it doesn’t interfere with people trying to sit under or around it.
  • Fiber Tech: Unique Fiber Tech construction means the Intex 85 in PureSpa is woven of a large number of interlocking polyester fibers. This makes it very sturdy and resistant to being warped, bent, or otherwise forcibly changed of its shape, ensuring its longevity as a hot tub, and making it very comfortable to sit in both within and around the top edge of the spa (it doesn’t even bend when someone sits on it!). This also means there are very few distinct failure points for the shell of the tub itself.


  • Control Panel: The control panel’s design is a double edged sword. While the panel itself is easy to read and placement is good for sitting within it, having to climb inside or uncomfortably crane around to use the panel is annoying.
  • Size: Unit clearly does not fit 6 people comfortably. Even the images show 5 people squeezing into the hot tub and the 6th left to awkwardly sit around the rim. 4 people looks like it would be fine (if cozy), and as shown 5 can squeeze, but six looks like it would cause more stress than the hot tub itself would relieve, and leave no room for anyone to comfortably stretch out and relax.

A smaller version of Intex’s 85 inch model, with all there is to recommend about it. While 8 inches less might not sound like much, it does make for a much snugger fit than the larger model.


  • Fiber Tech: Fiber Tech construction is an interlocking mesh of polyester fibers that replace traditional hard construction for the shell. This make the material very durable (it doesn’t even bend when sit on) while still remaining soft and comfortable. Unless punctured, there is virtually no way to inadvertently destroy this hot tub.
  • Panel Face: Control panel face is easy to read and intuitive to use, as well as easy to reach from inside the hot tub while being placed in such a way as to make it easy to sit beneath without having to worry about touching it.
  • Treatment: A hard water treatment keeps the water comfortable in any location, unless your water is extraordinarily mineralized beyond the ability to standard filters and treatments to fix.


  • Control Panel Placement: The placement makes it cumbersome to use from outside the hot tub. Having to crane your head or stand inside before being ready to relax in the hot tub is annoying, and is a definite design flaw.
  • Size: Much like its larger cousin, the Intex 88 in (the 6 person unit) this one has size issues belied by its own marketing imagery. The four women shown would be tangled together uncomfortably if they were sat inside the hot tub itself instead of on the rim. 2 to 3 people at most is the recommended amount for actually using this hot tub comfortably.

Goplus’s 4 to 6 person model is good, but compares unfavorably to similar models reviewed above due to a few minor flaws and a lack of added accoutrements.


  • Construction: Sturdy I-beam design makes the Goplus Outdoor Spa sturdy and durable, while also increasing how comfortable it is to sit in. Material is smooth and padded for extra comfort.
  • Filters: Filters are designed to be easy to replace, clean, and maintain for a stress free, clean outdoor inflatable hot tub experience.
  • Bubbles: 360 degree bubbling design provides a comfortable, relaxing massage experience to reduce tense muscles and relieve stress areas. It is designed to massage the neck, waist, and legs though you have to sink pretty far in for it to hit your neck).
  • Treatment: The Goplus Outdoor Spa employs a hard water treatment to keep the water comfortable and relaxing no matter your base water softness.


  • Control panel: Control panel is small and difficult to read. It is also placed on the exterior ring of the hot tub, marking at least one spot where it would be uncomfortable to sit, which is an issue given the small interior space that already makes it likely you’ll need to squeeze with the other occupants.
  • Size: While it claims a 4 person occupancy limit, the picture shows 2 adults and 2 children practically squeezing into it, belying this fact. If it barely holds 2 adults and 2 kids, it won’t properly hold 4 adults.
  • Cover: Users report issue with spa cover filling with rain (the cover isn’t taut enough) dirtying the hot tub and making it need premature cleaning.

A good shape and size are marred by a flimsier construction than the other Coleman Saluspa models, making it a less than stellar buy.


  • Control Panel: panel is large, easy to read, and can be adjusted in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The placement leaves it out of the way of anyone seated near it, and makes it easy to reach and adjust from both inside and out of the hot tub at any time.
  • Shape: Most inflatable hot tubs (and hot tubs in general) are a round or oval shape. The rounded square design of this model gives it a little more room for four people to sit (one in each corner) if they are not inclined to snuggle together, while not interfering with placement if people want to sit two by two.
  • Air Jets: 114 air jets provide a soothing massage from multiple angles. Keep in mind that the jets are on an automatic timer and will shut off periodically, so if you keep the hot tub on long term, remember to keep an eye on the current jet cycle before getting in.


  • Construction: Compared to other Coleman models the materials are weaker and construction flimsier. Rather than the I-beam design, the Saluspa Airjet Spa model has simple plaited layers and lacks the polyester sandwiched by two PVC layers, making it very soft and bendable. Air jets also make the hot tub uncomfortably creased around the edges, rather than the usual completely smooth bottom inflatable hot tubs have.

The Miami’s airjet massaging is great, but is marred by being an uncomfortably small inflatable hot tub for one that claims to fit 4 people.


  • Massage: The Miami’s claim to fame is its airjet massage, with 120 jets to gently massage and loosen tired muscles from every direction while you lounge.
  • Construction: Saluspa standard I-beam construction is very sturdy and supports a lot of weight from the interior while still remaining comfortable to lounge in. The fabric is 3 layers (one of polyester, two of PVC) that retains its shape well while being soft enough to sit on comfortably for long spa sessions.
  • Console: Console is easy to read with clear infographics and readouts in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperature. It is easy to reach form both inside and outside of the hot tub, making it convenient to control whether you want to plan for the future or tweak your current session a bit. It even lights up with LEDs for use at night in the dark and it has 2 different options for massage modes.
  • Easy Setup: The Miami can be set up with no tools and only a little effort, making it one of the easier inflatable hot tubs to get up and running on the market.


  • Size: While not as off as other units on this list, this is really more of a 2 to 3 person hot tub than 4. The amount of shifting, jostling, and tangled legs required to fit those 4 people in the picture in this spa is exactly the opposite of the experience you want with your inflatable hot tub.

While the LEDs are nice and the hot tub itself is fine (though not the greatest compared to other Saluspa models) the quality control problems with the Palm Springs are represented even worse here.


  • Construction: Like the other Saluspa inflatable hot tubs, the Paris comes standard with sturdy I-beam construction that distributes weight well, holds shape over the long term, and provides comfortable support for sitting in. It also boasts the same “3 ply” construction, with one layer of polyester sandwiched between two layers of PVC for a durable, bit soft enough to sit in design.
  • Console: Console is easy to read and change from any position; inside, outside, or on the edge of the hot tub. Temperature readout is controlled at the press of an up or down arrow and can be swapped to read out the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius with a  button press.
  • Lights: The LEDs are nice, and come in seven different colors, swappable at your desire. They look nice outdoors at night and can add a little ambience to a quiet evening.


  • Price: While the LEDs are nice, they don’t justify the $100 or so price increase over similarly sized and shaped models, making them a definite drawback in terms of how easy it is to justify the cost of this inflatable hot tub.
  • Quality Control: Users report numerous quality control issues. Strangely this is different from other Saluspa models, and it is unclear whether it is a matter of units being shipped from a different storage facility and getting damaged in transit or some kind of manufacturing issue when adding the LED lights. Either way, it makes the Paris a sketchy purchase for now.

Saluspa’s Siena lacks a lot of the hallmarks of the product line, but still remains a high quality product that fills the two person, intimate hot tub niche quite admirably.


  • Size: The Siena is a snug little unit, but it’s perfect for what it is: a single tub for one person or a cozy soak for two. If the two people inside are well acquainted with one another it should be quite comfortable, and is a great length for a single person as well.
  • Construction: Like the other Saluspa models this boasts the “3 ply” design with a layer of polyester sandwiched between two layers of PVC, making it sturdy and rip or tear resistant. While it lacks the I-beam design of other models, its smaller size makes it unlikely it will be needed, as it isn’t designed for people to sit on the edges or jostle around with 4 to 6 people at a time.
  • Bar: The convenient center bar acts as a cupholder and table for small items, allowing you to keep somethings within easy reach while you soak, like a glass of wine or a good book you don’t mind getting a little wet.
  • Massage: 120 air jets provide a vigorous massage. This unit boasts the same number of jets as a much larger model Saluspa below, contained in a much smaller package. Good for as close to a  deep tissue massage as you can get from air jets, and great for relaxing after a long day.
  • No Tools: Installation is easy and requires no tools for set up, even inflating with its own included pump.


  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Stay heated to 104 degrees. Sometimes it does, more often it heats to 102 degrees and holds there.

While sometimes hard to find, the Spa-N-A-Box’s unique, rigid design and sturdy exterior makes it worth the search, or a lengthy wait if it really catches your fancy.


  • Overall Idea: This bridges the gap between inflatable hot tubs and fully realized ones a bit. It is a constructed tub, but it’s mad of easily slotted together boards that are placed at a location and then have an inflatable interior plugged into it, giving it a sturdier, more rigid shape. It looks a bit nicer than other inflatable hot tubs and makes a better permanent fixture in a yard or on a  patio while still being completely portable, breaking down quickly and easily whenever you need to move it (beside the hassle of getting rid of the water).
  • Massage: 100 micro air jets provide a comfortable massage from several directions, making this a great option for those with demanding physical work or who just carry a lot of tension on various parts of their body, particularly in the lumbar area. The air jets output a surprising amount of force (1.3 horsepower worth) and can get a great pounding massage going.
  • Easy Install: Slots together easily and can be constructed in about 20 minutes, not accounting for filling and heating.


  • Availability: The Spa-N-A-Box is a neat product, but hard to get your hands on from reputable sellers…or even find, on Amazon. It is regularly out of stock and does not show up in normal searches (Google searches for the specific product work, but not on the site itself) making it a bit of hassle to get…and that’s if you already know you’re looking for it.

Final Verdict

Saluspa is the brand to beat in this kind of product, but two of them really standout: the Paris model and the Miami (the 4person model). Aside from those the Spa-N-A-box is excellent if you can get your hands on it, and the Intex 88 model is probably the most durable hot tub of the bunch with that Flex Tech construction.

All are valid choices, with everything else coming up a  it short, particularly since the price difference between all the products is fairly small.

How Do I Choose The Right Inflatable Hot Tub For Me

There are three main things to look at for inflatable hot tubs: construction, ease of use, and occupancy.


It is anything involving how the hot tub is put together. It should be made of high quality, durable materials. Easy to clean is a big plus as well. Look not just at the materials, but how they’re put together. You should be able to sit in your hot tub and relax without fear of collapsing it. I-beam or lattice constructions are examples of ways the tub can be made sturdier just by how it’s put together.

Ease of use

It covers all the ways the tub can take the hassle out of set up and use. This includes easy to read temperature dials and displays, built-in air pumps for inflation, and any number of other things that might be unique to a given tub.


It is exactly what it sounds like: how many people can fit in this hot tub? You want one that seats at least 2, but probably more. 4 person units are generally the average. Watch out for tubs that are technically able to seat a certain number of people but clearly look like they’d be cramped and uncomfortable. Check more products here: