Is Toilet Splash Back Unhealthy? Can You Contract HIV or Anal Fissure From It? [ANSWERED]

Splashback is a major issue with toilets. I won’t lie. It’s disgusting. It’s gross. And it feels really gross to experience the unpleasant splashback touch.

But it happens right?

If you happen to get toilet water splashback, you’re not alone. It happens to thousands of people every day. We tend to use the bathroom several times a day, and therefore, most of us are likely to have toilet water splashes on us every day.

Ummm, obvious??

Drop something into the liquid, and it’ll trigger a splashback. As a consequence of the big feces that fall out of you, your buttocks get splashed with toilet water. Close to tossing a stone into the sea, as the stone enters the water, you see the water splashing back. Before you decide to poop again, can we recommend placing a couple of layers of toilet paper inside the toilet rim. This should help avoid water splashing your butt cheeks, making you feel hygienic!

Let’s read on more to find out whether you can get any infections or diseases from bathroom toilet water splash? We will also discuss what to do if toilet water splashes on any of your body parts + some tips on how to avoid toilet water splashback.

*Do you know?

The butt splash syndrome is synonymous with perfect stools. In other words, a stool that doesn’t have to be wiped multiple times. So be informed if you have this, you’re lucky on the other hand, as well.

Since people don’t inform others about their stools, so you may not realize you’ve got this. You might assume that all human stools are well developed and do not need repeated butt wiping, often known as The Never-Ending Butt Wipe or Endless Poop. However, they aren’t.

Is Toilet Water Dirty?

Generally speaking, water flowing to the latrine tank is standard soft water. You have just one supply line that goes through your home. This means it’s the same water that goes into the kitchen sink, bathtub, dishwasher, and other places of your home. The water flowing through the bathroom is thus generally as sterile as the water flows into any other toilets, at least before it enters the toilet.

Yet in no way should you drink or consume toilet water. Once the water is within the tank, there are likely several unsafe bacteria in the water and any residual germs in the bowl, depending on how well and how recently the lavatory was cleaned.

Are Toilet Water Splashes Dangerous?

Neither are toilet water splashes dangerous nor do these splashes pose any serious health risks when coming in contact with the exposed skin. The toilet water may carry all kinds of bacteria, however, it’s doubtful to transmit disease or an illness. With all that said, it can be considered gross or unhygienic, especially if there is dirty water inside the bowl or the bowl hadn’t been flushed by the last user. For hygiene purposes and to ward off that disgusting feel, wipe off the exposed skin clean with clean tap water or use a nice antibacterial wipe, if you get a dirty toilet water splashback on you. But again, toilet water splashback won’t kill you or harm you!

In short, toilet water may carry different types of bacteria, however, it’s unlikely to transmit disease. And most of the studies linking infection to toilet water splashback are disputed.

But there’s one exception to this: if the “dirty” toilet water goes inside your mouth or comes in contact with the vulva and/or urethra. Washing the exposed area with plenty of clean water, drinking hot tea, and a spoon of antibiotic syrup would work fine to ward off bacterial illness.

Can Toilet Water Splashback Cause Anal Fissure Infection?

No. You can’t contract anal fissure infection from a toilet water splash. An anal fissure is internal and therefore does not make contact with most external sources. Toilet water can host coli and other colon bacteria, but these are mostly bacteria that already exist in your intestines. Anal fissures are more susceptible to contamination by your own fecal bacteria and not from the toilet water splashback. If you’re concerned, see a specialist.

Can I Contract HIV From A Toilet Water Splash On Anus?

HIV emerges from sex and not from water in the toilet. Even if an HIV-positive user uses the same bathroom, you won’t catch the virus. If you’re concerned about HIV, please get tested. Testing is readily accessible everywhere.

Can Toilet Water Splash Cause Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

A UTI may be triggered by something that brings bacteria into contact with the vulva and/or urethra. This may occur when germs go through the urethra during intercourse, when dirty hands touch genitals, or when the vulva gets exposed to filthy toilet water splashes (disputed). Simply placed, you might get a UTI from bacteria in toilet water back, but the chances are minimum to none.

If you still feel uncomfortable with this thing, avoidance is simple. Keep your vulva clean and dry (outside the vagina) + wipe back and forth the “exposed skin” clean or pass wet hands on the splash-effected area after using the toilet.

P.S UTI is simple to treat with a round of antibiotics and home remedies, such as drinking unsweetened cranberry juice.

Can You Get Pregnant From A Back Splash Of Sperm-Mixed Toilet Water?

No. You can’t get pregnant from a backsplash of toilet water that contains sperm. Sperm will survive outside the body under properly managed conditions (that too for a limited period), and those conditions aren’t present in toilet water. Sperm can’t live by the water. Not only are sperm eggs all scattered, but they are also isolated from the fluids that cover them. It is therefore unbelievably impossible that some water carrying live semen can get inside the vagina, and then through the cervix into the uterus.

What To Do If Toilet Water Goes Into Your Eyes?

Quickly rinse your eyes for at least 5-10 minutes afterward with cold water or saline solution. This would clean away the toilet water germs from the eye. Rubbing the eyes is the worst natural reaction, people do it when something enters the eyes. It immediately breaks the barrier formed by mucosa/conjunctiva. Therefore, avoid rubbing your eyes the moment you accidentally get toilet water inside.

How To Avoid Toilet Water Splash? The 2 Best Methods:

At the drop area, lay a toilet paper flat and that will remove nearly all the splashback. You don’t need lots of paper for the bathroom. Just place one or two square pieces of toilet paper on the toilet water contained in the toilet bowl.

The second greatest option is to have the water running straight to the toilet bowl at a moment when you’re pooping. Either it is controlled flush water, through a mug, or via a Muslim shower. It’s going to absolutely eradicate splashes.


The water inside the toilet does contain many types of bacteria. But a toilet splash does not make people sick or contract any disease, infection, and/or virus. A few doctors do link UTI with dirty toilet water splashback on the vulva and/or urethra – the studies are disputed. Having that said, while toilet splash probably won’t make you sick, you should still practice good hygiene. You can use disinfectant wipes or water-soaked tissue papers to clean the water-splashed skin. The exception to all this is: if toilet water gets into your eyes or inside your mouth.

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