19 Best Kitchen Faucets For Your Home

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Key Features

  • Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology 
  • MagnaTite Docking
  • ShieldSpray Technology cuts through stubborn messes 
  • Touch-Clean Spray Holes


  • Easy to Install and looks good in your kitchen
  • Solid construction; can use longer
  • Limited warranty
  • Great value for your money

The best kitchen faucet for your home depends on how much you cook, the type of foods that you make, the overall decor of that room and even your budget. Faucets now come in a wide range of designs that let you fill the largest of stock pots in minutes and wash your hands without actually touching the faucet itself as well as models that would look right at home in a commercial kitchen.

As we created a list of the best kitchen faucets on the market, we knew that our list should include different types and categories. Look over our list to find pull-out, pull-down, commercial style and touchless faucets that are perfect for your kitchen.

Top Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

RankProductReview Score
1Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST
9.8Buy on Amazon
2Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down
9.6Buy on Amazon
3Moen 5923 Align One-Handle
9.5Buy on Amazon
4Purelux Tulip Single Handle
9Buy on Amazon
5American Standard Colony Soft
8.7Buy on Amazon

Top Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

RankProductReview Score
1Moen 9125SRS Voss One-Handle
9.9Buy on Amazon
2Geyser GF51-S Geyser
9.8Buy on Amazon
3Kraus KPF-2250
9.8Buy on Amazon
4Ufaucet Commercial
9.5Buy on Amazon
5Rozin Single Handle
9.3Buy on Amazon

Top Commercial Kitchen Faucets

RankProductReview Score
1Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle
9.6Buy on Amazon
2Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern
9.5Buy on Amazon
3Geyser GF51-S Geyser
9.3Buy on Amazon
4Enzo Rodi ERF7209251CP-10
9Buy on Amazon

Top Touchless Kitchen Faucets

RankProductReview Score
1KOHLER K-99332-SN
9.7Buy on Amazon
2MiKitchen FTHF-02BN
9.5Buy on Amazon
3BioBide FLOW Faucet
9.2Buy on Amazon
4Belanger NEX76CCP 1-Handle
9Buy on Amazon
5BOHARERS Touchless
8.8Buy on Amazon

19 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviewed for 2021

Delta Faucet makes our list of the best pull-down faucets with its Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, which comes in an Arctic Stainless finish that is a little warmer and more traditional than ordinary stainless steel. This faucet has a lower arc that won’t get in your way and a base that lets you install it on a sink with between one and three existing holes. You’ll also get a limited lifetime warranty from Delta Faucet.

One of its best features is that the spout on the end of the faucet actually swivels in a complete 360-degree circle to help you reach the exact area you want to reach. A magnet on the base of the swiveling faucet works with its internal docking system to ensure that the spout snaps back into place, even if you don’t push it back first. Unique spray holes on the sides of the faucet help you quickly clean it and remove mineral deposits.

DIAMOND seal technology ensures that you can use this faucet up to five million times without it breaking. This pull-down faucet has a 59-inch built-in hose that gives you an impressive 20-inch reach.

Though we saw quite a few pull-down kitchen faucets from a number of different companies, the Moen Align One-Handle Pre-Rinse Spring Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet took our top spot. This faucet brings in some of the features that shoppers love about commercial models like a coiled spring that wraps around the faucet when it extends to keep it safe and to prevent the attached hose from twisting or tangling. It even has an attached bracket that holds the faucet in place for daily use and then easily pops off when you want to use the sprayer.

That extra flexible hose extends further than other models and can help you clean almost every area of your kitchen. Built with a Power Clean feature exclusive to Moen faucets, this faucet has the powerful spray that you need but won’t leave behind water spots or other types of residue. The manufacturer claims that this faucet can extend up to four times as far as other models.

A built-in quick connect system keeps that hose from coming out too quickly and ensures that it slides back. Its chrome finish is reminiscent of commercial kitchen faucets too.

The bright and contemporary stainless-steel finish found on this Kohler Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is just one feature you might love. As a pull-down faucet, it comes with a lightweight and flexible tube that extends several feet from the faucet for more easily filling any pot and for cleaning both the sink and pans. Its gooseneck spout has a higher arc than other models do, which gives you more clearance for using the faucet with the tallest of pots.

Kohler added three built-in functions, including a light sweeping spray and a pause mode that you can adjust via a touch control, and the faucet has a 360 degree range that lets you reach all corners of your sink and even some areas of your counters. The magnetic docking system built inside the faucet ensures that the hose comes back easily and that it fits properly with that faucet.

The Bellera is one of the only kitchen faucets we found that comes with a bottom plate that you can mount on your sink to keep the faucet from moving. This plate, which matches the finish on the faucet, also extends its width and lets you use it on all types of sinks.

With an elegant design and a high arch, this Tulip Single Handle Contemporary Design Arc Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet from Purelex might be the perfect addition to your home. That high arc and a gently curved neck take this from traditional to modern, and the brushed nickel finish adds to its modern aesthetic. With the single handle located on the side of the faucet’s base, you can change the temperature and the water pressure in seconds.

The spout on the faucet is part of its self-retracting system, which allows the faucet to pull the spout and the attached hose back inside as soon as you let go of it. A switch on the back of this spout lets you use it in spray or stream mode, and a button right next to that switch lets you pause the flow of water and then instantly turn the water back on. The hose itself is lightweight and flexible for easily moving and pulling it around your sink.

With a 360-degree swiveling and rotating spout, this faucet is one you can use on your sink and on your counters. The included ceramic cartridge inside lasts for up to 500,000 uses.

If you’re on the hunt for a pull-down faucet that is more affordable, you might like the American Standard Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. It comes with a base plate for use on a three-hole sink, though you can use it as-is and right out of the box on a one-hole sink. The polished chrome finish has a contemporary style that can  help update an outdated kitchen.

Though made from brass, the exterior finish helps brighten up the faucet. A pull-down hose hidden inside the faucet lets you tug on the spout and pull the hose down from the base for filling a large pot nearby, rinsing out your sink or even cleaning your counters. Buttons on the back of that spout fit right inside your hand and let you pause the flow of water and switch between spray and stream modes.

Though this American Standard faucet does have some good features, we ranked it in our last spot because the attached hose isn’t quite as long as some might like and will limit what you can do with the faucet. You may find that it doesn’t have as much clearance as you need either and that you have a difficult time using it with larger pots.

There really wasn’t much competition when it came to the best pull-out kitchen faucet after we found this Moen Voss One-Handle High-Arch Pullout Kitchen Faucet. Its stainless-steel finish works in both modern and more traditional kitchens, and that finish is spot-resistant, which ensures that it will look great every time you use it and even in between cleanings. Moen wants you to feel confident with your purchase, which is why it gives you a limited lifetime warranty on this faucet.

Though it looks like one solid piece at first glance, this faucet actually has a hidden pull-out hose hidden inside that slides out easily for cleaning and filling larger pots but slides right back inside with ease too. The built-in Reflex system ensures that the hose remains flexible every time you need it. Designed for mounting on top of your sink, this faucet works with most one-hole designed sinks.

Moen added Power Clean technology to this faucet to help you cut down on cleaning. This technology forces the water out at the high speed and pressure that you need but cuts back on the residue and spots left behind when you turn off that water to leave you with a spotless sink.

Many shoppers will love this Geyser Stainless Steel Commercial-Style Coiled Spring Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet becomes it combines elements of both a commercial faucet and a pull-out faucet. With this faucet in your kitchen, you’ll never again experience problems when it comes to filling a spaghetti pot or washing up after a party. It features a high and curved arch at the top that gives you more clearance between the faucet and your sink.

Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this faucet has a coiled spring band that wraps around the base of the faucet and runs up and through its neck. The attached handle holds the faucet at the perfect height and distance for washing dishes, but you can release that attached piece and pull the faucet out to use it as a sprayer. In sprayer mode, it can extend more than 20 inches in length.

Many will love just how easy this commercial sprayer is to use too. It comes with a small handle or lever on the base of the faucet, which you can rotate front and back based on the water temperature that you need. The lever also controls the pressure of the water for better cleaning.

Anyone looking for a simple pull-out faucet that everyone in their household can use will appreciate this Kraus Single Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet. This faucet works well in smaller kitchens but is powerful enough for using in a double sink. It features a unique design that includes a simple lever at the top and a curved end on the faucet, which lets more water flow out.

The top lever moves from the right to the left to help you change the temperature of the water as needed, but you can also lift that lever to increase and decrease the water pressure. A smoothly retracting hose tucked inside the faucet slides out with minimal force and swivels in 120 degrees to reach more areas of your sink and counters. A counterweight inside the faucet keeps you from pulling the hose all the way out and ensures that it snaps back into place once you finish.

A push button on the faucet itself lets you switch between using the pull-out hose on its spray setting for washing or on a stream setting for filling pots. Kraus, the manufacturer behind this faucet, used stainless steel in its construction and guarantees the faucet is free of lead.

Though Ufaucet may not be a name you heard before, this manufacturer created this Commercial Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer and Prep Kitchen Sink that we think you’ll love. A handy lever located on the top of the faucet let you increase and decrease the water pressure as needed and quickly adjust the temperature higher and lower. Its solid base plate lets you install this faucet on a sink with one to three holes.

When you grab the end of the faucet and pull, the flexible hose tucked inside expands out from your sink, and the faucet puts a toggle button right in the palm of your hand that you can use for switching between its stream or spray setting. The spray setting is perfect for cleaning, while the stream setting is great for filling your sink or a large pot. Its higher arc, which gives you more clearance, brings the faucet more than seven inches above the top of your sink.

The brushed steel finish found on this faucet is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing and can also resist scratches and fingerprints. It comes with a ceramic cartridge that you can easily replace for extending the life of the faucet.

Though Rozin is another name that you might not know, we like that this pull-out kitchen faucet from the company has a design similar to a pull-down faucet but takes up less space than those larger models. Made from brass, this faucet has a brushed nickel finish that is slightly warmer than traditional chrome or stainless steel and will add a welcoming feel to your kitchen. That finish is resistant to common problems like corrosion, which can occur due to prolonged water exposure.

This model has a simple design that almost anyone can use too. The arc of the faucet is slightly higher than other models and can accommodate larger pots. You simply grab the end of the faucet and apply a small amount of pressure as you pull out to release the tube inside and extend the length of the faucet.

The flared design of the faucet end fits more comfortably in your hands and lets you keep a hand on the faucet when your hands are wet or slippery. A small button on that flared end also lets you switch between settings for spraying or streaming water. The faucet also comes with an attached lever near its base for adjusting water temperature and flow.

The next time that you need to prepare for a party, you’ll love having this Kraus Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet in your home. As a commercial model, it comes with features that make it perfect for rinsing out old pots before preparing big dishes and for filling those pots before you start cooking. The chrome finish found on this model mimics the same finishes found on faucets used in commercial kitchens all around the world.

We think you’ll really love the overall design of this model because you can use it in so many different ways. The faucet comes with a base that you can install right on a one-hole sink, but it also has a taller piece that rises up from the base with a handle on the side that helps you keep control of the water when the faucet is on its highest setting. It comes with a heavy-duty spring that expands to let you pull the faucet out from the sink for using all around your kitchen.

Thanks to a built-in spray switch on the end, you can instantly take this from an ordinary faucet to a high powered sprayer for rinsing and removing stuck-on food. A small lever on the side changes both the pressure and the water temperature.

If you liked the other Kraus model on our list but want to spend a little less on a new faucet, you might like the Modern Nola Single Lever Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet from that same manufacturer. This faucet has a sleeker and more contemporary look and has a lower price, but it comes with many of the features that you would find in a commercial faucet. It even has a stainless-steel finish that is resistant to spots, fingerprints and corrosion and cleans easily.

A single lever near the bottom of the faucet controls both the water pressure and temperature, and you can adjust either with a simple nudge of that lever. It comes with a special bracket that wraps around the top of the spout and keeps it at the perfect height above your sink, but once you pop that bracket off, you can pull the spout down or out in the direction that you need.

This faucet comes with a button on that spout for using it a stream or spray mode, and it features both a built-in aerator that mixes air with your water and a magnetic docking system that keeps the spout in place.

With this Geyser Stainless Steel Commercial Style Coiled Spring Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet in your home, you might feel like a real professional chef. The faucet neck has a high arc that gives you more clearance underneath for rinsing and filling the largest pots in your cabinets, but it also has an adjustable and flexible hose that pulls out from the faucet for other uses. A precision cartridge inside completely covers the inside of the faucet to prevent leaks.

While many of the models we found had a bright and shiny stainless-steel finish, Geyser used a brushed stainless-steel finish on this faucet, which brightens it up a bit and makes it look more warmer than other commercial models. The bracket that extends up from the base of the faucet lets you use it as a standard faucet, but you can easily pull it away from that bracket for using it as a sprayer. Geyser added coiled springs to protect that hose from damage too.

Many shoppers who love cooking at home will appreciate this Modern Commercial Spring Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Sprayer from Enzo Rodi, which has a higher arch that can accommodate even the tallest and largest of pots. Though you can use it on a standard one-hole sink, you can also use the included base to install it on a three-hole sink. You’ll also get all the smaller parts and components necessary for installing it in your kitchen on your own.

A built-in high-performance aerator on the base of the faucet allows your water to mix with air to improve its flavor and reduce some of the hardness of the water. The back of the spout features a small toggle button that lets you toggle between a spray setting for cleaning and rinsing or a stream mode for filling a glass or pot. Coiled springs surround and protect the flexible tube that extends out from this faucet for filling pots on your counter.

When you want a touchless kitchen sink that responds as quickly as possible, you want this KOHLER Beckon Electronic Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet. It has a more traditional design that other faucets on our list and comes with a high arc for extra clearance and a vibrant polished nickel finish. The internal sensor blends with the finish to keep the sensor from standing out, and this sensor will detect motion or the absence of motion to turn the water on and off in just 20 milliseconds.

As a pull-down faucet, the Beckon comes with a decorative spout on the end that pulls down and away from the faucet to reveal a hidden and flexible tube. Buttons hidden on the back of this spout let you turn on its sweeping spray for quick rinsing or use the streaming mode for filling a large pan faster. KOHLER designed this finish to resist mineral deposits and adding a magnetic docking feature that smoothly pulls the spout back into the faucet.

This MiKitchen Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Sensor Activated Pull Down Sprayer is so easy to use that even your kids can clean up before helping you in the kitchen or after playing outside. A touchless sensor located on the front of the faucet’s base detects motion in the area and automatically comes on to help you wash your hands without touching any germs on the base itself. That sensor automatically turns off when you stop moving and is smart enough that it won’t detect your pets or people walking by.

A pull-down sprayer on the top of the faucet has a flared design that you can easily keep a grip on when puling the sprayer out from the sink. Two buttons on the end let you switch between the built-in settings based on how you want to use the faucet. When you release the faucet, it automatically turns the flow of water off and pulls the sprayer back inside.

Thanks to a curved handle on one side, you can also use this as a standard faucet when washing dishes or cleaning your kitchen. The faucet comes with a quick connect system for faster and easier installation and a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Good reviews from past customers are what led us to add this FLOW Faucet from BioBidet to our list of the best touchless kitchen sinks, even though many shoppers probably don’t recognize this name. This faucet has all the great features that you want in something you would use in your kitchen to cut down on bacteria and the spread of germs. A motion activated sensor on the faucet keeps dirty hands away and lets you rest assured that your family and friends won’t leave germs on your faucet.

That sensor does a good job of turning on the water when you move in front of the faucet without letting other movements turn it on. Unlike other models that require you connect the faucet to your home’s electrical system, this one uses an internal battery to completely power the sensor. It also features a smart retraction system that pulls the braided hose back inside once you finish using the sprayer.

Its touchless design cuts down on fingerprints and marks on the chrome finish. With a button on the back of the adjustable spout, you can switch between modes without using the attached lever.

Belanger made our list with this 1-Handle Movement Sensor Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull-Down Spout, which you can use as-is on a one-hole sink or with the included base on a three-hole sink. The pull-down spout functions just like those found on our pull-down sink list and let you use the attached hose for easier cleaning and rinsing. The braided hose measures 65-inches long, and the spout features buttons for changing between modes or pausing the water supply.

An infrared sensor on the front of the faucet can detect movements up to 6.5-centimeters away, and it comes with a safety setting that automatically turns the water off after three minutes of inactivity. That sensor does an adequate job of identifying the movements of humans and not objects or pets. Though it comes with an attached side handle, the faucet automatically turns on when you pull the spout out of the faucet housing.

BOHARERS wants you to feel completely confident using this Touchless Faucet Kitchen Sink with React Touch Free Technology in your home, which is why it loaded this faucet with so many impressive features. A sensor hidden inside the pull-down spout detects when you remove it from its housing and automatically turns on the water, and the spout comes with a separate button for switching between modes. The lever located near the base of the faucet lets you turn the water on and off, adjust the flow and change the temperature of that water.

Its best feature is its built-in motion sensor, which lets you turn on the faucet without actually touching it. This sensor will never detect any false motions caused by reflections in the room, animals running across your counters or changes in light patterns. The sensor relies on four AA batteries, which can power the faucet for a year or more, to help you save on electric bills, and a safety feature shuts the faucet off after three minutes of no activity.

Final Verdict

Delta took our top spot as the manufacturer of the best pull-down kitchen faucet with its DELTA FAUCET 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle, which comes in an Arctic Stainless finish that is a little warmer and more traditional than ordinary stainless steel.

Though it comes with the Power Clean feature found in other models to deliver more water and a higher pressure of water, this feature reduces the risk that you might find spots left behind in your sink. The sink also features a quick connect system for quickly installing it in your sink.

What next?

Ok, now that you have found that perfect faucet for your home, how about looking at other products that we have researched at www.thebestflushingtoilet.com.

How to Choose the Ultimate Choice

Use our list of how to choose the best kitchen faucet to ensure that you buy one that fits your kitchen, meets all your needs and works with your budget.

Pull-Out vs. Pull-Down Models

If you love cooking but hate cleaning up, you’ll like having a kitchen faucet with an attached sprayer. With a pull-out model, you can grab the end of the faucet, pull and use the sprayer inside that faucet for cleaning pots or washing the sink. A pull-down model is similar but features an attached sprayer that you pull down from inside the curved faucet.

Wall- vs. Deck-Mount

A wall-mount kitchen faucet is one that you mount and place right on the wall above the sink, but depending on the plumbing that you have in place, this may require drilling into the wall and connecting the faucet to your existing plumbing lines. Deck-mounted faucets work with the deck on your sink and can usually work with your existing pipes.

Handle Types

Many of the newer kitchen faucets have just one central handle that you rotate or turn in opposite directions to increase the decrease the temperature of the water. Others come with two knobs that function more like bathroom faucets as each knob controls either the cold or hot water.

Hands-Free and Touchless Faucets

Some of the newest kitchen faucets available today are hands-free and touchless designs. These faucets come with a built-in sensor and operate similar to those you might see in restaurants or businesses. Waving your hand in front of the sensor will automatically turn on the water.

Arc Height

Arc height refers to the height of the faucet’s arc and how far away it sits from the bottom of your sink. A faucet with a higher arc will help you more easily fill larger pots and wash heavy pans. Faucets with a smaller arc may cut back on splashes though.

Optional Features

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider kitchen faucets with optional features like a separate hot water spigot that produced hot water for making tea or filling pots. Some faucets come with a built-in filter that removes impurities from your drinking water or a soap dispenser that automatically pours soap in your hand.

Faucet Finish

When picking a new kitchen faucet, always consider the current style of your kitchen and how you want that room to look, which can help you pick the best finish. You’ll find faucets in finishes ranging from brass and bronze to chrome and polished nickel.

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