Best Aquasource Faucet Reviews – Which One Should You Get?

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One of the easiest and most affordable ways to renovate your home is with some new hardware. You can get knobs and drawer pull for low prices and find a faucet or set that fits your budget too. AquaSource makes a number of affordable options like the Glyndon, which mimics traditional Roman designs.

The Glyndon is complete set that comes with both a center spout and hot and cold taps designed to sit on either side. All pieces have an oil-rubbed bronze finish with gold accents around the edges that add to the classy look. This set is compliant with ADA standards too.

Top 5 Models on the Market


Glyndon Roman Tub

Create a classic look with the Glydon Set, which lets you bring a touch of Roman elegance into your own home. This is a complete set that comes with both a center spout and two taps.

Each tap corresponds to either hot or cold water, though you might not like that the taps don't contain any clear markings.

A ceramic cartridge inside the spout will catch drips and extends the life of the set as well as stops the spout from leaking. All three pieces feature a classic oil-rubbed bronze finish, but the manufacturer added some gold accents to break up that dark color.


  • Includes two taps as well as a center spout
  • Uses gold to break up the darkness of the oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Complaint with ADA standards for use in disabled bathrooms


  • Maybe a little too dark for your home
  • No markings to distinguish between hot and cold taps


Kensett Brushed Nickel

Designed to use just one hole for installation, the Kensett has a classic look that features a long piece that attaches to the sink and your plumbing that then extends up from the sink.

Though it does come with a matching drain, this drain uses plastic rather than the metal that the main piece uses. As an ADA compliant model, this one is easy for anyone with a disability to use.

Included in the set is a ceramic cartridge that keeps the spout from leaking and supply lines for using it with both hot and cold water. A single handle on the top helps you select the right water temperature and get water out quickly. This model has a flow rating of 1.2 gallons per minute.


  • One handle regulates water flow and temperature
  • Compliant with all ADA regulations
  • Includes a plastic drain that matches its finish


  • May arrive without all the parts that you need
  • Some minor leakage is common

watersense widespread set

Chrome 2-Handle

The widespread design of this set requires an eight-inch spread to install, but this wider spread prevents the set and your counter from looking too crowded. Certified by WaterSense, it has a flow rating of a little over one gallon per minute to keep your home from wasting water.

This set features separate taps for cold water and hot water as well as a pop up drain that fits snugly in the sink. When you push on the switch located on the back of the spout, it forces the drain to pop up or down.


  • Features dedicated hot and cold water taps and a separate spout
  • Has WaterSense certification because it has a low flow rating
  • Comes with a pop up drain you can control via a switch on the spout


  • Hard to install without pro help
  • Requires a spread of eight inches to install

kirkmont centerset 

Kirkmont Chrome

With a centerset design, the Kirkmont takes up less space around your sink and gives you more storage space. Though it only comes in one finish, its chrome finish maintains its bright and shiny look for years with proper cleaning. One tap on either side of the spout corresponds to either hot water or cold water.

The manufacturer includes a matching pop up drain with this set. A button located behind the spout lifts up to make the drain pop up as water goes down and drops down to let you fill the sink.


  • Has an aerator to help you save on water while still increasing the flow to 1.5 gallons per minute
  • Includes a pop-up drain that matches the set
  • Cartridges inside stop both drips and leaks


  • May have problems connecting it to your hot water supply line
  • Only comes in a chrome finish

wall mount sink faucet 

Chrome 2 Handle High

This set from AquaSource is perfect for mounting and installing on a wall in your home, though you may need to set it up to work with your existing water lines. It comes in a bright and bold chrome finish that lasts for years and won't flake off like the finish on other models can.

While the spout does not pull down, you can swivel it back and forth to move where the water goes. The set mounts onto and inside the wall to connect each tap to one of your water supply lines.


  • Takes up less wall space than comparable models
  • Large spout lets more water come out when turned on
  • Has a shiny chrome finish that lasts for years


  • Must install it on a ewall near the sink
  • Spout swivels but does not come down or out


Glyndon Roman Tub

When you love the classics and want something that will look great in your home for years to come, the Glyndon from AquaSource is a good option. AquaSource designed this set to look similar to those used in Roman buildings centuries ago. All pieces have an oil-rubbed bronze finish with some gold accents.

The set features a spot designed for installing in the center and taps that you can install on each side. Each tap corresponds to an either hot or cold water to help you get the perfect temperature of water for your needs. As the set is compliant with ADA standards, you can use it in a bathroom for someone with a disability.