Best Delta Touch Faucets Review – Which One Should You Get?

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When Delta says touch, it doesn’t refer to those faucets that you need to pull a handle or knob to operate or those that you don’t need to touch at all.

It now makes a line of products that use Touch20 technology, which includes a series of small sensors along the base and edges. Anywhere you touch will allow the water to come on instantly.

The Trinsic is the best of these models because it uses this technology but also has a handle that allows water to rush out.

It comes in different finishes to match back to your kitchen design and runs on standard AA batteries.

Top 5 models on the Market


One touch anywhere on the Trinsic will instantly cause water to pour out of the spout. 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic That spout has a detachable spray head with a pull-down design that comes off and a long hose that lets you use it further away from the sink. Small buttons on the back give you the option to use the sprayer on different modes.

It takes just six AA batteries to run this model in your kitchen, but Delta also sells an optional adapter for connecting it to an outlet near the sink. You don’t need to get in the cabinet to make adjustments either because the Trinsic lets you make those adjustments on the deck.


Lets you turn on water with a touch anywhere on the model
Magnetic docking station keeps the removable spray head in place
Can adjust water temperature and flow rate from the deck


May take more pressure to turn it on
Will not work well in homes with low water pressure


With the Addison, you have multiple ways to use the water that you need. Though you can use 9192T-SSSD-DST Addison it as a standard spout, you can also use the sprayer, which pulls down and out. This sprayer has a hose that is more than 60-inches long and a toggle button for using it with a higher pressure stream, a standard stream or a spray.

A 360-degree swivel allows the entire device to swivel in a full circle around the sink. It also comes with a handle for adjusting the water as it comes out.


Can install on a single hole sink or one with three holes because of the included mounting plate
Toggle button on the detachable sprayer has three settings
Sprayer hose lets you extend it out by more than 60 inches


Docking station doesn’t always work as listed
May need to use more pressure when pulling on the sprayer


One of the most convenient models that everyone in your home can use is the Pilar, 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar which comes with indicator lights that alert you of various things. There is an LED light that will come on as the batteries begin dying to tell you when to make a swap. It comes with a temperature light that changes to a dark red as the temperature increases and to a blue color as it cools down.

The manufacturer supplies you with the six batteries needed to run the Pilar, but you can use batteries of your own too. This model has a safety feature that shuts itself down after running for four minutes.


LED light comes on when the batteries begin dying
Automatically shuts down after four minutes of continuous running
Temperature light changes as the temperature changes


Water can rust the magnet and keep the docking station from working
Includes a soap dispenser that requires some force to use


With an indicator light on the side, the Essa makes it easy to see the current temperature 9113-AR-DST Essa of your water. This light comes on blue and slowly changes to a deeper red color as the water reaches a higher temperature. Instead of using a box under the sink to change the temperature and water pressure, you can use the handle that sits on the side, which also lets you manually turn it on.

Designed to work on AA batteries that come with it, the Essa can also run off AC power. You’ll need to purchase the optional adapter from the manufacturer to use it with a wall outlet.


Can run on an optional AC adapter or on AA batteries
Indicator light helps you keep track of the water temperature
Features a handle for manually operating it


Has a small angle towards the sink that allows water to spray everywhere
Plastic parts used on the spout and inside can break after a few months or less


With a high arc and extensive spout reach, the Leland works on any sink, and it even comes with 9178T-AR-DSTan optional deck plate for mounting it on a sink that has more than one installation hole. Though it swivels 360 degrees, the spout may rub against your backsplash or even your wall as it turns. It comes with a lever handle for using it manually.

The Leland also has a detachable sprayer with a magnetic docking station that automatically retracts that head without the hose inside twisting or tangling. This sprayer has a toggle switch for quickly choosing the mode you want to use.


Works manually or automatically via sensors and a lever
Spout swivels and has a pull-down sprayer on the end
Can install it as-is or with the optional and included deck plate


Flow regulator can prevent you from getting the water pressure that you need
Built-in mechanism may make it hard to completely shut off the water flow

top-ranked Delta Touch model for the Money

9159T-AR-DST Trinsic
Unlike models that you hard wire and cannot use during an electrical outage, the Trinsic runs on the same AA batteries that you have in your home and will keep running when the power fails. You also have the option of buying an adapter that uses the AC power provided by an outlet to run the touch system. The handle on this model adjusts water flow and lets you quickly adjust the temperature.

You never need to worry about accidentally scalding yourself because of a temperature indicator on the side. This light changes colors to show you when the water is cool or hot.