Best Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Last Updated: April 03, 2021


Those looking for affordable kitchen and bath products often turn to Glacier Bay because the company makes products that will fit with any budget. Though you might assume that the manufacturer doesn’t make durable products, it makes a number of great models that are suitable for your home.

The top option is the Glacier Bay Touchless (Check on, which has integrated LED technology built right inside the spray head. A sensor on one side gives you the option of waving your hand in front to turn the water on. The product comes in a chrome finish and comes with a soap dispenser in a matching finish.

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With the Touchless, you can now turn on your water without reaching for the handle first because of a conveniently located sensor on the bottom side. The manufacturer moved this sensor to an out of the way location to keep pets and other things from accidentally triggering it. You’ll also get a matching deck plate for stable mounting on a sink.

Also included is a pump dispenser with a chrome finish that matches back to the main piece, which lets you keep soap or lotion on hand. The spray head on the end of the spout detaches from the rest of the product and has integrated LED lighting inside as well as a button for changing modes.Touchless Single-Handle Pull-Down


Includes a matching dispenser for lotion or soap
Spray head swivels in any direction
Has LED technology inside the spray head


Spray head has a slightly loose fit
Sensor may not detect all movements

400 Series Sprayer

As part of the company’s 400 Series, this Sprayer features all the modern amenities necessary for cleaning and prepping. Though it needs only one hole for installation, the product comes with a deck plate that gives it more stability and lets you use it on a sink with more holes. A handle near the base controls the flow of water as well as its temperature.

The sprayer itself has a long hose with a metal cage that wraps around that hose to protect it from damage. Using the button on the front of this sprayer lets you automatically switch between water modes.400 Series Single-Handle Pull-Down


ADA complaint for use in all kitchens
Sprayer works on both a stream setting and a spray mode
Universal height makes it easier to use


Handle can knock against the deck mount when you turn it
Comes with a limited warranty that doesn’t cover all repairs

Market Sprayer

This Market Sprayer has the clean lines and modern design that any contemporary kitchen needs. It comes with its own mounting plate that you can use to cover any other holes on your sink, but you can install this model with just one hole too. As an ADA compliant model, it’s safe to use and install in a home of a disabled person.

When you first turn the handle, the sprayer will release water in a large stream, but you can use a button on the sprayer to change to a spray setting. It returns back to the stream setting each time you turn it off. This product also has a head that pulls down from the spout.Market Single-Handle Pull-Down


Made from durable metal to make it last longer
Works with or without the included mounting plate
Large button helps you change water modes


Finish can break down with regular use
Sprayer doesn’t always snap back into place

Pavilion Sprayer

Thanks to the included deck plate, this sprayer works on any sink with one to three holes. You may want to drill an extra hole in the counter or sink though to accommodate the included pump dispenser. This dispenser comes in the same chrome finish that the sprayer has and works with any type of lotion or liquid soap.

The spout on the front swivels back and forth and has a pull-down sprayer on the bottom. This sprayer extends out far enough that you can reach the entire sink and some of the surrounding counters. The spout has a button for selecting a stream or spray too.Pavilion Single-Handle Pull-Down


Comes with a matching soap and lotion dispenser
Spout swings in several different directions
Pull-down design lets you pull the sprayer out of the spout


Mechanism inside can break and stop regulating your water pressure
May not come with all needed installation supplies

Milano Sprayer

The Milano is a solid choice for anyone with a small space and anyone who wants to save space. It’s a fraction of the size as other models from Glacier Bay but features the same pull-down sprayer that many want. You get a mounting plate included in the box that gives this model more stability.

When you pull on the sprayer, you’ll find that it has a longer handle that other models that fits more comfortably in your hand. It comes with a single handle on top that controls all water functions too. This handle regulates the temperature and how quickly the water comes out.Milano Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer


Longer sprayer extends out and features a longer handle
One handle on the top functions as a temperature changer and controls the water flow’
Has a simple design and compact shape to take up less space


Contains some plastic parts that can break or crack
Will leak when not properly installed

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Great Value For The Money is...

Touchless Single-Handle Pull-Down

Using the Touchless model from Glacier Bay is a great way to save some time and keep the product from becoming dirty. The company placed the sensor on the bottom side to keep it from accidentally coming on because of people or animals walking by. You also get a dispenser in the same chrome finish that can hold lotion or soap.

The integrated LED technology used inside the spray head is a bonus to this set, and the spray head itself actually detaches from the product. When used as a tap, the spray head functions like a spout that swivels in all directions.