Best Grohe Kitchen Faucets Reviews


We have reviewed our top 5 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: K7 Semi-Pro (Check Price on


When it comes to companies that make products for the kitchen and bath, few have the strong reputation that GROHE has.

Known for the warranty that it offers on all products, the company also designed a StarLight finish that makes its products resistant to scratches and other common types of damage.

The K7 (Check Price on from the company is the best product that it makes for your kitchen. Also known as the Semi-Pro, it looks very similar to the faucets used in commercial kitchens.

This model comes with a SpeedClean finish that is resistant to lime scale and scale build up too.

Top 5 Kitchen Faucets from GROHE on the Market

K7 Semi-Pro

Installing the K7 Semi-Pro in your home can make you feel like a real chef, even if you just need to do a quick load of dishes. The K7 features a detachable spray head that pulls out smoothly and retracts as quickly and smoothly because of the SilkMove system. This system also prevents the hose from tangling or twisting.

The spray head also has a conveniently placed button on the back of the head that lets you effortlessly switch between water modes or settings. A metal coil wraps around the spray head hose to prevent certain types of damage too.K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out


Has a taller aerator height to help you reach the component
Spray head detaches and has a button for changing modes
SilkMove system helps the spray head more smoothly return to the top


Not available in as many finishes as others
May be too tall for some homes

Ladylux Plus

While you can use the Ladylux Plus as a standard model, you can also grab the head and give it a slight pull to use it as a sprayer. Small nozzles across the surface allow the water to come out at a high speed but also keep calcium and other deposits in your water from building up on that head. A button on the spray head itself gives you the option of using a stream or spray of water.

This product also comes with printing on the side and right next to the handle. That printing shows you how to turn it to get hotter or cooler water.Ladylux Plus Single-Handle Pull-Out


Finish resists scale build up, scratches and rusting
Printing on the handle shows you which way to turn to get hot or cold water
Has a longer reach to extend further over your sink


Doesn’t come in many finish options
Finishes look a little dull and can actually flake off


Though the Parkfield will create a nice look in your kitchen, it also helps you do some of your least favorite jobs with ease. This product has a spray head comes off the faucet itself, and it has a ceramic cartridge inside to prevent water leaks. It has an overall height of nearly 15 inches and a shorter reach that puts it closer to the side of your sink.

Designed for use on sinks with just one hole, it will work with three holes, but you’ll need to buy a mounting deck before installing it. The StarLight finish on the entire piece keeps it clean and shiny.Parkfield Single-Handle Pull-Down


Higher aerator height makes it easy to touch
Spray head locks in place to prevent water spills
Ceramic cartridge inside stops water drips


Spray head does not have a tight fit
Water can leak out from around the back


Give your sink a slightly European look with the addition of the Eurodisc, which is one of the smallest models you’ll find. While some think it’s too small and too short, it might fit perfect with your sink. When you need a spray of water further away from the side or corner, you can pull the spray head out from the spout.

A simple lever on top lifts up to change how quickly the water comes out and turns in each direction to make the water hotter or colder. This model also has small nozzles on the spray head to resist scale build up.Eurodisc Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen


Has a lever on top that changes the water flow strength and water temperature
Extended spout reach provides a spray that reaches further in the sink
Spray head detaches with a simple pull


Smaller in size and shape than other models
Spray head can leak after you shut it off


The Concetto has a long spout that swivels in a 360-degree path to help you get water anywhere in your sink. In addition to using it as a tap, you can also pull down the attached spray head. A small button on the back of the spray head lets you opt for a fast stream of water or a lighter spray.

Available in a limited number of finishes, this product has nozzles on the spray head that GROHE designed to wipe clean and to prevent scale build up. You can use your own finger to wipe any calcium or lime off the spray head to prevent clogs.Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down


High arc spout provides a continuous flow of water
Uses brass in its construction to extend its life
Entire spout swivels in a 360 direction


Installation directions are hard to follow
Comes in limited finish choices

great VALUE for the Money


K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out

No matter how much time you spend cooking and cleaning or how you plan on using your faucet, the top model is the K7, which GROHE designed to include both a StarLight finish and a SpeedClean feature. This feature resists the scale build up that often occurs because of the lime and calcium in your water. It stands just over 21-inches tall and has a long reach.

SilkMove is another feature that you might like, which is part of the retraction system located on the spray head. Though you can detach the spray head and use water on a stream or spray setting, this system will smoothly retract the head back to make putting it away easier.