Best Kingston Brass Faucets Reviews

Last Updated: April 03, 2021


While some people love contemporary and modern pieces, others like the way that classic pieces look, which is why Kingston Brass is so popular among home renovation enthusiasts.

Though the company includes all the modern features that homes need, it makes products that have a vintage design.

One of our favorites is the English Vintage Set (Check Price on, which looks like a set you might find in an old farmhouse. This set comes with a deck plate for mounting and a curved spout on top with a handle on the side.

The manufacturer offers this is an oil-rubbed bronze finish that only adds to its vintage appeal.

Top 5 Kingston Brass Faucets [2021 Reviewed]

English Vintage Set

Get the vintage look that you want without sacrificing modern amenities with this English Vintage Set. The set has a classic vintage look but features modern elements like a ceramic cartridge inside that catches any water to keep the moisture from leaking out of the spout. You also get a deck plate in the same oil-rubbed bronze finish for easy installation.

Compliant with CEC guidelines, this set has a maximum flow rating of more than one gallon per minute when you adjust the pressure to 60 PSI. The spout has a slight curve that increases its overall height and extends its reach to more than six inches, which lets you install it in different places around a sink.KS7495BL English Vintage Bar


Vintage design with modern features
Traditional oil-rubbed bronze finish
CEC compliant because of its gallon per minute rating


May look too vintage for some homes
Can be too tall for some rooms

Heritage Set

While other sets can limit your water pressure or slow down the flow of water, the Heritage Set lets you enjoy all the fast water that you want as well as a high pressure. Though it meets California water standards, this set has a higher flow rate that pushes out 1.8 gallons of water every single minute. You can pick from finish options that match your home too.

The set consists of one large piece that has both hot and cold water taps and a spout. You get a sprayer in a matching finish that pulls out from the counter also.KS1271ALBS Heritage


Comes with a large set with taps and a spout as well as a separate sprayer
Has a high flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute
Compliant with California water standards


May not be long enough to install on your counters
Leaks occurring within the first year are common

Claremont Mini Widespread Set

Widespread sets are popular among those who want to make use of their larger sinks, and this Claremont set has a widespread design but can work on different types of sinks. You just need three holes and a spread of between four and eight inches to install it. The three holes provide space for both of the taps as well as the spout.

Kingston Brass gave this set an Art Deco look that includes geometric elements like square bases on each tap. It meets the standards that California has in regards to water features and has a maximum flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute.KS4942CQL Claremont Mini


Can adjust the ceramic cartridge to stop leaks
Has a maximum flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute
Works with spreads between four and eight inches


Has a geometric design that you might dislike
Takes longer to connect the set to your drain

Wall Mounted Victorian

The Wall Mounted Victorian works in all types of homes but will require that you install it to work with water lines inside the wall, which makes installation harder than you might like. It has a longer spout that extends out from the wall to pour water directly into the sink and to fill it faster. This set also has a darker finish that works with many kitchens.

While you might think it’s almost too dark, white pieces on each tap break up that color. Each of these pieces has either hot or cold written on it in an elegant script to help you know which tap to turn on to get the temperature that you need.KS213ORB Victorian


Each tap has a hot or cold marking
Long spout reach that extends from the wall
Darker finish matches more kitchens


Only works when mounted to the wall
Harder to install than other models

Heritage Centerset

If you have a smaller or larger sink and want a set that will save some space near the sink, you might like the Heritage Centerset. Designed for installation along the center edge of the sink, it has a more compact size that won’t get in your way. The spout extends further out that other similar models do.

This product features hot and cold taps as well as a center spout. The two taps each have white labels on the top that show you which one corresponds to hot or cold water. When installed properly, the Heritage Centerset has a max flow rating of 1.2 gallons per minute.KB1605AX Heritage


Combines two taps and a spout in a smaller mount
Designed for installing right in the center of a sink
Has hot and cold labels on each tap


Sounds very loud as the water comes out
Can severely limit or reduce your water pressure

Great Value for the Money

KS7495BL English Vintage Bar

Whether updating your home or renovating it to look like it originally did, the English Vintage Set is a good choice because it combines a vintage look with modern features. This set has a deck plate for mounting it on a sink and a handle on the side that controls both water temperature and water pressure. It has a height of more than 11 inches and a reach of more than six inches.

Made from a type of high-quality brass, this set comes in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. It has a maximum flow rate of more than one gallon per minute when set to a pressure rating of 60.