Best Kraus Faucets Review


Most of the products from Kraus share one thing in common, which is a high arc on the spout. A higher arc gives you more workspace underneath the spout and helps the water heat up or cool down as it moves through the air before reaching your sink.

While some of the more traditional models from the company get good reviews, it’s the Commercial Pre-Rinse Sprayer (Check Price on that many like the best. This sprayer has a trigger that you can squeeze with just one hand and some soft padding to increase your comfort. The model comes with a dedicated water spout too.

Top 5 Faucets from Kraus on the Market

1. Commercial Pre-Rinse Sprayer

You don’t need to work in or own a commercial kitchen to use this sprayer. It isCommercial Pre-Rinse powerful enough for removing the most stuck on of food from dishes but gentle enough for using as you wash your hands. The sprayer has an easy to pull the trigger and a soft padding to make your hand feel comfortable.

The sprayer has a long hose that sits inside the base, but this hose pulls out and has a metal cage that protects it. It takes just a light touch to turn the sprayer on and off. You can also use the diverter to move the flow of water to the dedicated water spout.


Diverter switch lets you change where the water comes out
Metal cage protects the sprayer hose from any damage
Both the sprayer and spout swivel in a full circle


Maybe too large and powerful for your home
Cannot use the sprayer to stream water

2. Nola

A flexible metal hose located on the top of the sprayer on this Nola model lets you nola kitchenextend the sprayer to spray down the sink or clean your counters. The unique design of this hose prevents the tangling that you see with other models. It has a special arm that sticks out to hold the sprayer directly above the sink, which makes it easier to use it as a traditional spout.

Built inside the product is a magnetic docking system that helps bring back the sprayer when you drop it. It also has a finish that is resistant to rust and comes with a deck plate for mounting on a sink with more than one hole.


Attached arm does a good job of supporting the sprayer
Made from metal that does not include any traces of lead
Built-in switch for choosing a stream or spray


Leaks are very common when used at a higher pressure setting
Aerator doesn’t use as much air as you might need

3. Oletto

Easy to use and convenient are just two of the ways to describe the Oletto, whichKPF-2620CH Modern has a pull-down sprayer on its spout. This sprayer has a button that you can press and hold down to use it on the spray setting. You can use the standard spout on a stream setting to fill your sink.

A built-in aerator mixes your water with air to produce the water pressure that you need while maintaining a low flow rate. The Oletto has rubber nozzles that resist build up too.


Pull-down design brings the sprayer down and to the area where you need to use it
Rubber nozzles on the sprayer prevent common to build up types
Aerator adds air to the water to help it come out at a higher pressure


Must keep your finger on the button to use it on a spray setting
Stream that comes out is quite narrow

4. Single Lever Oletto

Similar to the Oletto spotted earlier on this list, this product uses the same designKPF-2620SS Modern but features just one lever. That lever has a knob that extends out slightly for turning it to change the flow strength or the water temperature without turning the entire lever. You can also lift the lever straight up or push it down to turn the water on and off.

In manufacturer testing, the cartridge inside lasted for 500,000 cycles before it needed replacing. The Oletto sprayer that pulls down has a lock setting and both stream and spray settings.


Designed to perform better and increase your water pressure
Included cartridge lasted for 500,000 cycles in manufacturer tests
Sprayer has stream, lock and spray settings


May need to wiggle the lever to stop drips
Leaks are fairly common when using the spray setting

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5. Single Lever Pull-Out Faucet

One big benefit of using this model is that it comes with an aerator inside KPF-2250 Single that automatically mixes your water with a small amount of air. This increases the stream or sprays without causing any water waste. The sprayer detaches from the spout and has its own toggle switch for using it with a stream or spray.

Though the hose inside should automatically retract the sprayer, some found that it leaves the sprayer hanging loosely from the spout. This model uses a brass construction and does not contain any lead.


Made from a high-quality brass without any lead components
Toggle switch on sprayer provides a continuous stream of water or a spray
Aerator provides a stronger stream that uses less water


Attached hose may not retract the sprayer
May need to make some repairs within the first year of installing it

The Winner: Kraus Faucet for the Money


Out of all the models from this company, the Commercial Pre-Rinse Sprayer is the one with the highest reviews from customers who had good experiences with it. This model features a spout for using a stream of water when filling a cooking pot and a separate sprayer.

An arm extends out to hold the sprayer and keep it from moving all around the sink. The sprayer has surrounds to keep the head from leaking and some soft padding behind the trigger that keeps your hand from rubbing against harder metal.

It also has a convenient diverter for moving the flow of water back and forth between the spout and sprayer.