Best Moen Faucets Review


We have reviewed our top 5 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: MOEN Arbor (Check Price on


Buy it for looks, buy it for life is a slogan that MOEN uses in all its commercials and all its boxes because it promises that when you buy one of its products, you may never need another one. This company makes some touchless faucets that let you turn the water on with a little movement and more traditional models too.

The Arbor (Check Price on is the one model that gets the best reviews because it comes with two different sensors that detect motion on the front or from the top. It also features a type of stainless steel that is resistant to spots left behind by water or fingers.

Top 5 Faucets from MOEN on the Market


If you ever used an older touchless model before, the Arbor will make you understand why so many people love these designs. Unlike those that have just a single sensor that doesn’t always detect your movements, this one has two different sensors that detect even the smallest of motions but won’t go off unless you want water. A sensor on the top is in the perfect location for turning on the water when your hands are occupied.

The Arbor comes with a sprayer that slides out of the spout, and it has a button that you can press with one finger to change from a spray of water to a stream. It features a quick connect system for faster installation too.Arbor Motionsense Touchless


Finish is resistant to spots from fingers and water
Two sensors detect simple motions
Works with one hole or three


Has a smaller spout reach than you might expect
Can develop some large leaks


The Align works as a sprayer but also produces the fast stream of water that you want when filling up the sink. It has a total height of more than 22 inches and a reach of 10 inches when docked, which is up to four times bigger than the average product has.

This model comes with a Duralock hose system that more quickly connects to your existing lines. It also features a PowerClean feature that gives you more water pressure without the faucet spraying water all over the sink and counters.5923 Align One-Handle


Has a spout reach that extends up to four times further than other models
Swivels all the way to the right and left
Sprayer hose is more flexible to move as you do


Spout uses plastic rather than the metal found on the body
Arm has a hard time holding the sprayer in place


The Brantford is one of the only models on the market that acts as both a touch and touchless product. It has a sensor close to the base on the unit and a second sensor on the arc of the spout. You can use motion to activate either one or give either sensor a light tap.

A Duralock system designed by the manufacturer makes installation easier and also allows you to more easily connect your supply lines. This model also comes with a deck plate that you can use when mounting the product to a sink with one to three holes.Brantford Motionsense


Duralock system makes it easier to connect the hoses and install this model
Has two sensors that act as touch and touchless sensors
Reflex system keeps the hose and detachable sprayer in place


Must adjust the water temperature and pressure on a box inside your cabinet
You can set off the sensors without meaning to

Pull-Out Banbury Sprayer

Designed to match the Banburg Collection from MOEN, this sprayer has a modern design that matches all the pieces in that collection, but it looks just as good when used on its own. This model has a base plate that acts like a deck to hide any extra holes around your sink. The plate also prevents it from wobbling once installed.

The sprayer has a pull-out design that comes out at almost any angle and a switch for using either a water spray or a more intense water stream. Its aerator provides a powerful stream that also helps you use less water.87017 Banbury Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer


Metal finish resists spots and marks left behind by hands and water
Aerated stream increases water pressure while keeping the flow rate low
Functions as a traditional spot model and as a sprayer


Contains a number of internal plastic parts that aren’t as durable as metal
Operating lever on the top may stick in place

One Handle Pull-Out

With this model, you can take the sprayer with you around the kitchen counters because it instantly detaches from the spout. A toggle switch on top requires just one press to switch from a standard stream to a lighter spray. This sprayer rotates up to 120 degrees both on and off the spout.

To help you save on water, the manufacturer added a built-in aerator. This creates a thicker stream or spray that has more pressure, but the feature significantly reduces the amount of water that both settings actually use.87017 One-Handle Pullout


Detachable sprayer rotates up to 120 degrees
Aerated feature increases the water power instantly
Can use the toggle switch on the sprayer or the lever to adjust the water


Will need a replacement hose to stop leaks later
Does not swivel like the manufacturer claims

Great VAlue for the Money

Arbor Motionsense Touchless

The Motionsense technology that MOEN designed allows its sensors to respond quickly and in a fraction of a second, and that technology comes standard on the Arbor, which also has two sensors. Those sensors let you tell the model to come on without fumbling for the handle. It does have a handle though for turning the temperature up and down.

A built-in Reflex system makes it easier to use the attached sprayer because the system lets you use a smooth motion to pull it out. As soon as it detects that you let go off the sprayer, the system pulls it back into place along the bottom of the spout.