Best Pfister Faucet Reviews


We have reviewed our top 5 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: Clarify Xtract (Check Price on


With the right faucet in your kitchen or bathroom, you can more easily prep ingredients when cooking, clean up after cooking, wash your hands and even brush your teeth. Though you can look at models from other manufacturers, many prefer the look of Pfister products. The company has a good reputation for providing exactly what its customers want and need.

That is clear when you take a look at the Clarify Xtract model, which comes with a GE filtration system. This system removes impurities and contaminants from your water to make it taste much better. It also comes with supply lines for connecting the product to hot and cold water.

Top Models on the Market Today

Clarify Xtract

To make your home really pop and to make your sink more efficient, you can use the Clarify Xtract. This model has an elegant and contemporary look that features a curved handle on one side for turning the tap on and off. It also comes with the supply lines needed to attach the product to both hot and cold water.

One of the top features of this product though is that it comes with a GE filtration system that you install inside the cabinet beneath the sink. A button on the faucet lets you enjoy clean and filtered drinking water before switching back to tap water. GE designed the included filter to last for up to six months.F529FCYS Clarify Xtract


Filter can last for six months
Comes with necessary supply lines for installing it
Has a sleek and contemporary look


Replacement filters are hard to find
Takes up space inside your cabinet


The slightly French vintage style of the Marielle set will make you feel like you’re in Paris. This set comes with four separate pieces and a deck plate for installing each one, though you can install only those you think you will use. You get a large spout with a high spout reach and a handle in a matching design.

Also included in this set is a sprayer that sits off to one side, which is great for rinsing dishes and cleaning out your sink. You also receive a matching pump inside the package that acts as a dispenser for liquid soap, though you can also use it for your favorite lotion.LF0264NSS Marielle


Compliant for use in many states
Includes a deck plate for easier installation
Comes with a soap dispenser and a separate sprayer


May include components you don’t need or won’t use
Sprayer only has one setting

Pfirst Series

The Pfirst Series is the top seller among all Pfister products because it has such a clean and modern look that will fit in any space. It has a higher spout that provides you with more space and increases the clearance between the spout and sink. This model will work with a single hole in your sink or with sinks that have multiple holes.

One of its best features is a handle that only rotates and comes forward, which keeps it from knocking against the backsplash or your back wall. This model also comes with a detachable sprayer that has three different settings you can access via a small button.Series 1-Handle Pull-Down


Has a higher spout clearance to give you even more space
Compatible with most sink models
Handle comes forward only to prevent damage to a backsplash


Has a very low flow rating
Cracks or damage to the sprayer can cause leaks


Creating a complete look in a kitchen is easy because of all the parts that come with the Cagney. You get a standard spout with a high arc and a long reach that can extend almost to the center of the sink. This spout swivels to reach different spots within the sink too.

Also included in the Cagney is a matching sprayer that lets you spray water, but this piece only has one setting. You get a matching component too with a lever top that swivels up and down and right to the left to increase or decrease the water temperature and flow.LF-WK1-680S Cagney 1-Handle


Available in two different higher flow ratings
Comes with a handle, spout and sprayer in the same finish
Meets all the standards necessary to qualify as lead-free


Sprayer only has one function
Takes several seconds for the water to come to a complete stop

Pull-Out Pfirst Series

Though part of the Pfirst Series, the model is one of the only ones that comes with a pull-out sprayer. This lets the sprayer come right out without requiring that you pull down or out to the side. A button on the top makes it easy to use this piece as a sprayer or to get a stream of water.

The manufacturer includes a mounting deck with this model for mounting it on a sink with three holes, though you only need one hole to install it. This product has a knob that lifts straight up and turns in two directions to increase and decrease the water temperature.Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Stainless


Releases water at a rate of 1.75 gallons per minute
Pull-out sprayer slides smoothly from the spout
High arc spout has a long reach over the sink


Free replacement on the cartridge for the lifetime of the faucet
Some plastic parts are prone to breaking

great Value for the Money

F529FCYS Clarify Xtract

Even if you think that you want to save some money, you’ll love the clean and pure drinking water that the Clarify Xtract provides. It comes with a filtration system designed by GE that lets you press a button on the back to get filtered water through the tap. The included filter can last for a maximum of six months.

Also included is a deck plate for mounting the Clarify Xtract on sink where you have one or three holes available. It features an elegantly curved handle for turning on the water and turning it back off as well as a spray head that you can pull down and away from the top to use.