Best Vigo Faucet Reviews – Which One Should You Get?


We have reviewed our top 5 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: VIGO Zurich (Check Price on


One of the top manufacturers of faucets in the world today is VIGO, which makes products for both the kitchen and the bathroom. You’ll find more traditional designs that require three holes in a sink to install and a modern modern designs that use just one hole.

The Zurich (Check on is a great choice for many homes because it functions like a sprayer and looks like a commercial model. A tall handle rises up from the top of the sink and supports a spout with a high arc that hangs over the sink. It also comes with a separate spout on the side that is great for filling pots and drinking glasses.

Top 5 Faucets from VIGO on the Market


The Zurich needs just one hole on a sink to install and comes with a long stand that looks like a pole that rises up from the sink. This piece holds the long hose in place that lets you pull the sprayer out from the pole, and this sprayer has a soft handle with an ergonomic design that reduces pressure on your body as you clean. A metal cage extends from the top to protect that hose.

You also get a dedicated spout on the side and a handle for changing the water temperature. The ceramic cartridge inside the spout prevents leaks from forming and will last for up to 500,000 uses.Zurich Single Handle Pull-Down


Ceramic cartridge inside can prevent leaks for up to 500,000 uses
Comes with water supply lines and mounting hardware
Includes a separate sprayer and a spout


Sprayer only provides a spray of water
Handle is so low down that it can rub against the counter


Vessel sinks come with a large bowl that sits on top of the counter, and the Niko works well with those sinks because it is tall enough to fit over the top of those bowls. The water comes out of a single spout that hangs over the bowl, which may cause some splashing. It comes with a ceramic cartridge designed to last up to 500,000 times.

All the mounting hardware that you need comes with the Niko, but it also comes with the supply lines that provide it with hot and cold water. You also get a pop up drain that lets you both fill and empty your sink as needed.Niko Single Lever Vessel


Installs with just one hole in a sink
Lever changes the water temperature and its flow
Taller spout height works with vessel and bowl sinks


Antique bronze finish is quite dark
Designed for vessel sinks and not traditional designs


Using the Laurelton might make you feel like you’re in a restaurant kitchen because it looks similar to those that workers use to clean dishes. It has an arm that extends out in front to support the sprayer, but you may find that it doesn’t keep a firm grip on that sprayer, especially when wet. The sprayer extends a far distance out and produces a steady stream of water.

With a higher flow rating, the Laurelton lets you get up to 1.8 gallons of water every minute that you use it. It comes with a lifetime warranty and all installation supplies as well.Laurelton Single Handle Pull-Down


Nylon hose keeps a steady stream of water moving to the sprayer
Resistant to rust, scale build up and other problems
Provides up to 1.8 gallons of water every minute


Includes a few plastic pieces
Arm holder may not keep a firm grip on the sprayer


Another model that you can use with a vessel sink is the Satro, which is tall enough that it will fit with most of those sinks. This product has an extremely modern design and features just one lever on top for turning up and down the water temperature and for adjusting the flow of the water. The finish on this one is resistant to rusting and spotting.

While it may drip when you shut the water off, a ceramic disc inside helps keep leaks from forming. Your package will come with all the hardware and lines needed for installation.Satro Single Lever Basin


Is tall enough for using with most types of vessel sinks
Low flow rate helps you save on water bills
Comes with water supply lines and all other hardware


Only works with vessel sinks and similar models
Water drips out after you turn it off


If you want to more easily turn the water on and off in your bathroom, the Noma has a convenient design that you’ll appreciate. It has just one lever that acts as a handle and swivels in different ways to change the water temperature or to change the flow of your water. The Noma has a flow rating of a little over one gallon per minute.

As a WaterSense certified model, the Noma will cut down on water waste and releases just 1.2 gallons of water every 60 seconds. Installing this product is easy because you get supply lines for both types of water and all other needed hardware.Noma Single Lever Basin


Ceramic disc cartridge will last hundreds of thousands of times
Comes with hot and cold supply lines and other hardware
Has WaterSense certification


Only works on sinks with one hole
Features a highly noticeable seam along the spout

great Value For The Money

Zurich Single Handle Pull-Down

Spending money on a new faucet is an investment, which is why you should look at models like the Zurich before spending any of your own cash. The Zurich functions like a commercial sprayer and has a long hose that you can pull out from the sink. A metal cage surrounds the hose to keep it from twisting and breaking, and the sprayer has a soft handle with an ergonomic design.

Off to one side is a separate spout that you can use for grabbing a drink of water or filling a pot without using the sprayer. This model has one handle on the base that turns it on and off.