10 Best Faucet Water Filters – Which One Should You Get?

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Key Features

  • Certified to remove 99% of Lead*, 92% of certain pesticides and 96% of Mercury (*As of 11/5/18. 
  • NSF comparison valid for faucet mount and pour-through filters.)
  • Reduces Chlorine (taste and odor) and more

choose whats bestA good water filter can save you from the natural foul odors you smell and the bad taste of it. Bad water can occur just as easily in an urban area because of lead and mercury as it does in the country because of chlorine and pesticides in the ground.

One of the best choices for any home is the PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter.

Designed to bring the contaminant level down to the safe numbers created by the EPA, it hooks right up to your faucet but sits on the side of the sink to give you as much space as you need.

This product delivers a full supply of the clean fluid right to you.

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10 Best Faucet Water Filters Review For Your Money

This PUR product works so well at removing contaminants that you may never again buy a bottled product. It works on more than 70 different types of impurities and toxins, including pesticides, chlorine, and lead.

One strainer will remove more than 90% of lead and other contaminants, and an electronic indicator light tells you when the strainer is about to wear out.

Though it only works with advanced that PUR makes, this system has a vertical design that lifts it up and away from the sink to give you a clear work area.​


  • Indicator light tells you when it needs to be replaced
  • Lasts for up to three months of regular use
  • Works on more than 70 different types of toxins and impurities


  • Does not work with any type of hand-held faucet
  • Will only work with advanced types from PUR

Culligan FM-25

No matter what type of model you have, you can probably use this system from Culligan because it comes with an adapter that helps it fit on more taps. The bright and shiny finish mimics the finish on the tap itself to create a more stylish look. You’ll like the automatic shut off valve that forces the system to shut down on its own.

Culligan also gives you a strainer that will last for up to 200 gallons of usage. That will supply a standard family or household with drinking water for up to two months.


  • Releases up to 0.5 gallons  per minute with a rating of psi
  • One will last for 200 gallons of usage
  • Comes with an adapter to make it work on more sinks


  • Is not as durable or long-lasting as other products
  • Automatic shut off valve may stop working

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage

A good choice for those who don’t want to keep switching from the tap to a filter system is the New Wave Enviro. It mounts to the tap but sits off to one side of the sink to give you more room and access to clean water whenever you want it. You can also purchase an optional conversion kit to use the product away from the sink.

Capable of removing common contaminants found in both city and country, the Enviro will work on magnesium, chlorine and even some pesticides. It gets your contamination level down to a healthy level and helps it meet the EPA recommended levels.


  • Removes fluoride, magnesium and other contaminants
  • Mounts to the faucet but can also mount beneath the sink
  • Has a sleek design that fits with most kitchens


  • Must purchase a separate kit for certain types of mounting
  • Steam is a little slow

PUR went back to the drawing board and created a new light that shines brighter on this model to help you more clearly see how much time the strainer has left and when you need to change it. That strainer removes more than 90% of common contaminants from any supply and works on some of the more dangerous types of pesticides. It also works on contaminants like lead and mercury to give it a more natural taste.

Though it does have a slightly awkward design that is hard to use, this model takes up less space because of its horizontal design. This PUR product also has a new connector on the bottom that prevents leaks from developing.


  • Removes lead, mercury, pesticides and other contaminants
  • Has a connector on the base to prevent leaks and  waste
  • Brighter change light lets you keep an eye on the straining life


  • Has an awkward design that can be hard to use
  • Does not work will pull-out models of faucets

Brita On Tap For Faucets - White - 1 Count

When choosing one of these systems, you may prefer one that lets you more easily change the filter like this Brita product. You just twist the top in one direction to remove the old one, pop the new one in place and give the top a turn in the opposite direction. One filter will last for up to 100 gallons, which may provide you with months of clean water.

Designed to work on common odors and flavors, this on tap model works on asbestos, chlorine and other contaminants but will also work on any type of sediment. It comes with an extra strainer built inside that specifically traps any solid debris that comes out of the tap. While the chrome finish works with faucets made from stainless steels and other metals, this finish can slowly flake off within a few months of setting it up.


  • Removes the taste and odor left behind by chlorine and other contaminants
  • Works on common sediments found in your water
  • Features a one-click design for replacing the filter


  • Chrome finish can flake off after a few months of regular use
  • Does not work on sprayers and other types of models

PUR FM-2000B Classic Mount, Black

Horizontal models often hang down from the faucet and get in your way, but the vertical design of this PUR model will never get in your way. A single model can last for up to three full months depending on how often you use it, though you will notice that the stream slows down as it clogs with debris and sediment. A handy indicator light on the side of the product lets you know right away when you need to change it. 

Another benefit of using this product is that it has a one-click design that lets you install it yourself. You just place it on the faucet and twist until you hear a clicking sound. It also has a knob for switching between ordinary and filtered.


  • One-click design lets you install it and use it in minutes
  • One-click design lets you install it and use it in minutes
  • It can last for up to three full months


  • Will significantly slow down the flow once it has clogs
  • May only last for a few weeks before you need a new filter because of contaminants

Brita On Tap, white

Though this Brita model will not work on pull-out faucets or more modern ones, it does work well on any standard faucet to improve both the odor and flavor. The Basic has a knob on the back for turning it on, but this knob also lets you get from the faucet without using it. You can use this Brita product for up to enjoy clean drinking water for up to 100 gallons before you need a new one.

Designed to remove toxins and chemicals that can make your drinking taste and smell bad, the Basic works on both asbestos and lead but will also remove chlorine. It can remove more than 99% of the bacteria found in most water supplies too. An extra filter layer inside works to remove sediment from that as well.​


  • Has an extra layer built inside that removes any sediment from your water
  • Installs in a few minutes
  • Removes common types of bacteria as well as chemicals and toxins


  • Will only work on standard faucets and may not work on yours
  • Only lasts for 100 gallons before you need to replace the filter

GordVE GV02 with 2 Mieral Clear Filter

Though it hangs down further from the faucet than some might like, the GV02 is a great option for use in homes with well or city water that tastes and smells off. 

Each time you use the product, you can keep an eye on the electronic light, which tells you when the system needs a new strainer. This is one of the only on the market with a 360-degree swiveling design to let you swivel and move the tap to use it on other areas around the sink. The GV02 will last for two months or more when used in most homes.​

Certified to work on more than 70 different types of contaminants, it can remove more than 90% of both the mercury and lead found in most the supplies. The GV02 will also work on the pesticides that can seep into a supply.​


  • Works on more than 70 different types of contaminants
  • Will last for up to three months in a home
  • Electronic light informs you when the filter needs replaced


  • Is not compatible with some of the newer and more modern models
  • Works better on some contaminants than others

Kabter Healthy or Bathroom and Kitchen,Chrome

A convenient 90-degree knob located on the side of this Kabter product makes it easy for you to get it out of your tap and then switch to filtered water. Made from ABS, it is safe to use around all types of ingredients and on any type of food like fresh produce.

Though the manufacturer claims it won’t leak, some reviews point out that its larger design allows it  to pool around the base and leak out from the bottom.

Designed to fit most threaded models, it does require an adapter to install it on certain models, which you’ll need to purchase from the manufacturer. Kabter guarantees that it will either remove or significantly reduce the most common types of contaminants found in urban and rural supplies. This product works on lead, chlorine, mercury and other contaminants that can change the way your water smells and tastes.


  • Features a 90-degree knob for changing from the tap to the filter
  • Activated carbon inside removes or reduces most contaminants
  • Works with most common types of threaded faucets


  • Replacing it takes a lot of hard work
  • Some may drop out of the bottom

Powpro Fwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal 5 Stages Mieral

While other systems have a low flow rate that leaves you waiting minutes to fill a simple glass, the Fwat system has a flow rate of two liters per minute to provide you with a faster supply of clean drinking water. This system removes most common contaminants and can work on both sediments and molecules left behind by red worms and other pests.

Many like that the Fwat has a hole that sits right over the tap and a second hole further away. Using the knob on the side lets you switch from getting filtered or unfiltered from your tap.


  • Features one knob for getting it straight from the tap
  • Removes smaller molecules, sediment, and objects from it
  • Has a flow rating of two liters every minute


  • Minor leaking is pretty common
  • Extremely difficult to install on your own

Final Verdict

With the PUR FM-3700, you never need to deal with a filter each time you want to use your sink because it connects to the water supply and then sits off to one side, though you can also mount it right on the faucet. It uses 10 different types and levels of filters that will bring your contamination level down to that recommended by the EPA. The Enviro works on dozens of different contaminants and removes both odors and flavors.

Some of the contaminants it works to remove include mercury, fluoride and chlorine. 

Faucet Water Filters Buying Guide

How Often Do You Need to Change it?

Some systems come with a stainer cartridge that you'll need to replace every few weeks, but others can last for months at a time. It's best to look for one that will last for a minimum of two months.

Make sure that the system comes with some type of built-in indicator too, which lets you know when it needs replaced. Some companies now make products that are easier to open as well to make that change go more smoothly.

What is the Overall Flow Rate?

The flow rate tells you how much it comes out in a specific period of time. Though some use a per minute rating, others use a per hour rating.

Keep in mind that manufacturers may use a smaller measurement to make it seem like the system has a higher flow rating. Instead of listing the number of gallons that come out, the company will list this measurement in liters or even cups.

Is There Any Way to Verify Claims?

Any company can say that its products remove nearly every type of contaminant, but the top companies will back up their claims. You'll want to look for either verification or certification from major organizations like the Water Quality Association. These organizations do independent testing to ensure manufacturers are honest about their products.

Does it Come with a Warranty?

Many companies now offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers certain parts of a product for a lifetime, but this refers to the average lifespan of the product and not your own lifetime. Other companies will give you a warranty that only lasts for six months or less after your purchase.