10 Best Kitchen Sinks – Which One Should You Get?

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Kraus KGU-413B 31 inch Undermount Single Bowl Black

Key Features

  • Constructed from 80% Natural Granite
  • Looks and Feels Like Real Stone
  • Naturally Sound-Absorbing Non-Porous Surface is Hygienic & Heat-Resistant
  • Protected by Thermal Finishing Process
  • Highly Resistant to Heat, Chipping, and Discoloration
  • Extra-Deep Basin Design

choose whats for you

A solid kitchen sink provides you with all the space that you need for both cooking and cleaning as well as doing some prep work.

While some prefer more traditional models that have just a single bowl, others prefer those with two bowls.

Those products are great for washing dishes in one bowl and rinsing in the other or for doing two different tasks at the same time.

The best option that we found is the Undermount Double Bowl from Kraus.

It gets great reviews from those who installed and used it in their own homes. You’ll like that it has one slightly smaller bowl and that it uses 16g stainless steel that will remain bright and glossy for years.

RankProductReview Score
1KRAUS KGU-413B 31 INCH9.8Check on Amazon
2AKDY 33-INCH APRON 9.7Check on Amazon
3KRAUS KBU24 32 INCH 9.6Check on Amazon
4KRAUS KTM33 33 INCH 9.5Check on Amazon
5VIGO VGRA3018CS UNDERMOUNT 9Check on Amazon
6KOHLER K-3361-4-NA STACCATO 8.8Check on Amazon
7HANSGROHE 27493001 12-INCH8.6Check on Amazon
8VOILAMART 18G 8.5Check on Amazon
9SWANSTONE Undermount8.3Check on Amazon
10MOEN G221983 2200 8.2Check on Amazon

The 10 Best Kitchen Sinks Reviews 2021

1. Kraus KGU-413B Kitchen Sink – Best Overall

Kraus KGU-413B 31 inch Undermount Single Bowl Black

If you’re tired of dealing with odors coming from your drain and with clogged pipes, this granite model from Kraus might be a good choice for you.

It comes with a strainer basket and drains both made from stainless steel that fits deep inside the drain to catch any food waste or other debris to keep clogs from forming. You also get a soft dishcloth that you can use for wiping away water before spots form and for cleaning the sink.

Though Kraus used 80% granite in this product, the manufacturer also added other materials to increase the life of the natural stone and to make it more durable.

That combination of materials makes this granite model resistant to high temperatures like boiling water or fires and resistant to stains too. It still has the look and feel of real granite though.


  • Nonporous material is resistant to heat and stains
  • Uses other materials to increase the strength and lifespan of the stone
  • Comes with a strainer basket that fits inside the drain


  • Granite is harder to clean than metal and other materials
  • Is a little too dark for all kitchens

2. AKDY 33-Inch Apron Kitchen Sink – Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

AKDY 33" x 20" x 9" Single Bowls 18 Gauge Undermount Apron Handmade Stainless Steel

If you always loved the look of apron and farmhouse models but wanted something more contemporary, this AKDY is just right for you because it updates that classic look with the addition of stainless steel.

While that steel does allow some scratches to show up more easily, the brushed finish adds a modern touch to your kitchen. It also has an undermount design for mounting from beneath your counters.

Though the front has a curved design that sticks out slightly from the counter, the inside features sharp edges and corners that keep water from pooling around those spaces and allows the water to actually reach the drain.

As it comes with a large drainage hole but no drain, you’ll need to buy and install one yourself. This AKDY product uses 18g stainless steel for a great look that will last a lifetime and measures nine-inches deep to ensure that you have all the water that you need.


  • Combines the apron design with durable stainless steel
  • Mounts from beneath the counter
  • Features a large drainage hole near the center of the base


  • Dents can easily form around the lip and edges
  • Scratches show up fairly easily

3. Kraus KBU24 Kitchen Sink – Best Durable Kitchen Sink

The top product for many home kitchens is this undermount option from Kraus, which is so easy to install that you may not need any professional help.

Made from 16g stainless steel, it has a longer lifespan than other gauges, and this model has a rubber pad beneath that dampens some of the sounds it would otherwise produce.

With two bowls of different sizes, this model lets you more easily complete two tasks at the same time.

Kraus also added channel grooves to the base of the each bowl, which allows the water to enter one of those channels and slowly move towards the drain.

Included with the product is a set of two scratch guard grates designed to fit inside each bowl to prevent scratches from appearing on the stainless steel. You get a basket drainer too that collects the debris that makes its way to the drain.


  • Comes with both pop-up drains and guard grates
  • Has one larger bowl and a smaller bowl that have the same depth
  • Made from a premium 16g stainless steel that lasts longer than other gauges


  • Slope on the bottom may keep water from draining well
  • Difficult to clean around the scratch guard grates

4. Kraus KTM33 Kitchen Sink

Kraus KTM33 33 inch Topmount 50/50 Double Bowl 18 gauge Stainless Steel

With a top mount sink like this Kraus model, you can install it by simply dropping it inside the opening on your counter and sealing it in place.

A thick and heavy ridge around the side will keep it from slipping or moving and adds the stability that you need when cooking and cleaning. This product features both a smaller bowl as well as a large bowl.

The one hole located on the top edge makes this product perfect for use with a single faucet, but you may need to drill more holes to use it with other faucet types.

A coating added to this model helps prevent scratches and protects the satin finish from other types of damage. You’ll also get some accessories like a cloth for reducing water spots, a popup drain that lets you more easily clean the drain and a combo strainer and basket.


  • Satin finish is resistant to food and other types of stains
  • Includes a popup drain and strainer basket
  • Features two bowls of the same depth but different widths


  • Only has one hole for adding a faucet
  • Water can pool inside and cause spots as the liquid dries

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5. VIGO VGRA3018CS Undermount– Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

VIGO 30 inch Farmhouse Apron Single

Many people today love the look of farmhouse sinks from VIGO, which sometimes go by the name of apron models because the apron or front sticks out slightly from the cabinet.

This one has a reversible design that lets you choose between placing a flat and smooth side on the front or using a side with slots across the front. The curved corners around the product make it easier to clean too.

The farmhouse model has a nonporous surface that not only makes it easier to clean but also makes it resistant to common stains caused by food waste coming off your dishes.

VIGO offers a limited lifetime warranty that lets you try out the farmhouse model and get help with any issues you might have. You also get a strainer made of stainless steel that the company designed just for this sink and a matching cutting board in the same material.


  • Has an elegant and classic design that appeals to many shoppers
  • Comes with two sides that let you pick which design you want to stand out
  • The nonporous surface is resistant to common stains


  • Only has one bowl
  • Suffers damage more easily than metal products do

6. KOHLER K-3361-4-NABest Stylish Kitchen Sink

Both of the two bowls in the Staccato have curved edges that give it a more unique and appealing design and force the water to flow more easily towards the drain.

Measuring eight inches deep, both bowls help you prep ingredients and wash dishes without wasting water. KOHLER added its SilentShield technology too, which acts as a soundproofing element to significantly reduce the sounds of dishes or water hitting the metal.

One reason why the Staccato is such a popular choice is that it comes with three holes already drilled across the top that can accommodate any type of faucet from KOHLER or another company, but it also has a hole on one corner for adding a sprayer or a hot water tap.

Also included with this product is a cutting board. KOHLER specifically designed this cutting board to fit over the smaller bowl to help you rinse and chop ingredients without the cuttings clogging the drain.


  • Comes with a cutting board designed to fit right over the smaller bowl
  • SilentShield technology acts as soundproofing
  • Can accommodate any type of faucet and a sprayer


  • Develops scratches pretty easily
  • Only works with cabinets that are at least 36-inches wide

7. VAPSINT Real 18Best Commercial Kitchen Sink

VAPSINT Commercial 30 Inch 18 Gauge 10 Inch Deep Handmade Drop In Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel

Not everyone loves apron sinks made from granite or another lighter material, which is why VAPSINT makes this stainless steel version of that product.

Though it mimics the apron design, it uses commercial stainless steel that will last longer, and this metal is resistant to scratches. Channels built in the bottom help push the water down the slope towards the drain, but some reviewers claimed that those channels actually made it drain slower than they wanted.

A thick rubber pad comes with this product, which you’ll install under the sink to dampen the noises associated with filling it with water or washing dishes.

VAPSINT also provides you with a bonus pack of accessories suitable for use with this model. You will get a draining rack that you can place in the bottom to let dishes dry overnight, but this rack also prevents scratching, and you get a dish grate too.


  • Mimics the look of an apron model
  • Comes with a basket and strainer combo to prevent clogs
  • Made from a commercial form of stainless steel that is resistant to scratches


  • Features just one large bowl
  • Channels in the bottom can slow down the drain of water

8. Voilamart 18g stainless steel

Voilamart 28" x 18" Single Bowl Handmade Stainless Steel

This Voilamart model is almost as a daily driver because it’s durable enough to use everyday without you causing scratches and other damages as you clean.

As a single bowl sink, it features a larger basin with a drain in the bottom and comes with the drain to make installing it easier.

You’ll also find that it cleans easier because it comes with curved edges that keep debris from collecting in hard to reach areas.

One of the unique features of this model is that it mounts in three different ways: flush with the cabinet, on top of the cabinet or from beneath.

Voilamart provides you with most of the hardware and supplies needed to mount it in your kitchen and provide the support that it needs. Also included is a steel rack that fits on top and covers one side to let water drip right into the sink as your dishes dry.


  • Mounts over, under or flush with the cabinets
  • Made from 18g stainless steel with curved edges for easier and faster cleaning
  • Comes with hardware and supplies for using in a kitchen


  • Can suffer from rusting along the edges and lip
  • Mounting it in certain ways are hard

9. Swanstone 32-Inch by 21-InchBest DOUBLE BOWL KITCHEN SINK

Swanstone 32-Inch by 21-Inch Granite Undermount Double Bowl

Designed to look like natural stone, this Swanstone model is more affordable than natural stone products and is resistant to most common problems found in the kitchen.

It is resistant to all types of stains as well as scratching and heat, and you can pour boiling water right down the drain without damaging the surface. Inside each of the bowls is a drain, though you may find that these drains are just a little too big.

Available in multiple finishes to match your kitchen, this Swanstone product has one hole for using with a single faucet but can accommodate other types like a sprayer or a pull-down faucet.

You can mount it on your sink in two different ways to get the look that you want because it can rim around the edges itself or mount from beneath the cabinet.


  • Can mount onto a cabinet in two different ways
  • Works with all types of faucets
  • Resistant to scratching, stains, and heat


  • Isn’t as durable as natural stone models
  • Drains are a little on the larger side

10. Moen G221983 Single Bowl – Best Small Kitchen Sink

Moen G221983 2200 Series 22 Gauge

Unlike other products that come with an extremely small second bowl, the second bowl on the MOEN 22 Series is nearly the same size as the larger bowl.

Its name comes from the 22g stainless steel used in its construction, which is similar to what manufacturers use in the creation of commercial sinks and will help it last longer. The product has a surface coating that prevents scratches as well as other damage.

Another coating also acts like a dampening feature to reduce the noises you hear as you fill and use the 22 Series product. As it has three holes on the top edge, it can accommodate some of the newer faucet sets from MOEN and other manufacturers.

You also get a limited lifetime warranty from MOEN itself that will cover some of the future problems you might have.

our top choice

Kraus KGU-413B 31 inch Undermount Single Bowl Black