Kohler Cimmaron Toilet Review – Should You Get It?

K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort

Though you will find hundreds of different toilets on the market today from nearly as many manufacturers, the number one choice for many is KOHLER. This company makes so many different products that you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that works with your bathroom budget. While some are quite expensive and come with features that will make you feel like you’re in a classy hotel, a solid choice that works for most budgets is the Cimarron.

The Cimarron is easily one of the cheapest products available, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that it can’t perform well in your bathroom. It has a 1.28 gallon per flush rating that is exactly the same as the rating found on more expensive models and is enough water to flush most of the waste that your family produces. This model also comes with a separate tank and bowl that makes it easier to do repairs or find clogs.

As this is such an inexpensive model, we know that most shoppers will have questions about whether it can keep up with the demands of their homes. That is why we looked at the product more in depth and gathered all the information that you need before making a purchase.

Worth the Investment?

In addition to the two pieces used in its construction and its low flush rating, the Cimarron also has some other nice features like a comfort height seat that KOHLER designed based on the average height of an American adult and an included seat that helps you set it up and use it the same day. One issue with this model is that it uses a plastic flush valve that can break easily when the chain on the handle lifts and lowers it. Replacing this piece requires buying a brand new valve from the manufacturer.

The Wellworth costs just a little more and has much better reviews than this product. It has a Class 5 rating because it works better with bulk flushing. Not only will it flush larger pieces of waste faster and easier, but it will work well in a larger family than other models will.

K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort

Product Specifications

• Stands 16.5 inches from the floor without the seat and 18.25 inches from the floor with the seat installed
• Measures 30.5 inches tall, 27.25 inches deep and more than 17.6 inches wide when fully installed in a home
• Has a glazed trapway of 2-1/8 inches wide, which allows bigger pieces of debris to move into the pipe without clogging the trap
• Standard rough-in of 12 inches is suitable for installing in most residential bathrooms
• Aqua Piston canister increases the strength and power of each flush and resists any breaking down or warping of the bowl
• Meets the standards for WaterSense certification and may help you seek rebates after installing it
• Exposes up to 90% less of the seal around the flapper to keep that seal from breaking down and cracking
• Manufacturer includes a one-year limited warranty on this model that covers most parts and components
• Uses vitreous china that will last longer than ordinary porcelain does and will resist more odors and stains
• Comfort height and other features make it compliant with ADA standards and suitable for using in handicap or disabled bathrooms
• Low flush design uses more than 16,000 less gallons per year in a home than other models do


• Made from two separate pieces that make it both easier to clean and easier to repair
• Features a small flush handle in a white finish designed to match the finish on the toilet itself
• Comes in some darker finishes and warmer color options to help you find one suitable for your bathroom
• Elongated bowl looks like an oval and provides more support for your lower body to keep you from feeling like you might slide off
• Manufacturer guarantees that its technology will remove all waste, including stuck on waste, from the bowl with fewer flushes
• WaterSense certified by the EPA because it uses only 1.28 gallons of water, which is 20% or more less water than other models use
• Matches back to all the other products sold by the manufacturer under the same collection name
• Seat closes smoothly without slamming down and has a design for easy removal and cleaning
• Comes with a wax ring for preventing leaks around the base and the hardware needed to mount it to the bathroom floor
• DryLock system helps plumbers more easily install this product and reduces the risk of leaks forming once installed
• Uses the force of gravity when flushing to drag down waste and to keep it from sticking to the sides of the bowl


• Plastic flush valve breaks easily
• Flushes quickly but drains the bowl slower than most like

Final Verdict

K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort

The best reason to invest in this model is because you need to do a quick bathroom renovation and want to save some money. If you think that you might have more money to replace it in the future, feel free to install it in your bathroom. It will work well in a guest bathroom or one that you rarely use and comes with a lower flush rating that keeps users from wasting water.

Those looking for something more durable and stable may prefer the Wellworth, which has a round front that saves even more bathroom space and a gallon per flush rating that is the same as the Cimarron has. The Wellworth also has a Class 5 rating because of how well it handles bulk waste. You can compare these two models before buying either one, but once you compare prices and features, you may decide that you’re willing to risk buying the model that costs less.