Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review – Should You Get It?

K-6669-0 Many people do not realize how many options they have until they begin looking for a new toilet. You’ll find modern designs with an integrated system that lets you use a bidet and then dries your body before releasing a scent into the area and standard models in a compact shape to save space.

When you know exactly how much you want to spend and can’t afford an integrated or intelligent model, you can still get some great features with a model like the KOHLER Memoirs.

This model comes in various colors and finishes that add that extra pop to your bathroom, but it also features a classy design with accents that look like pedestals across the base and around the top rim of the tank.

Though it uses less water per flush, this product has an aqua piston canister inside to significantly reduce any of the waste left in the bowl.

To help you see if this is the best option both for your budget and for your bathroom, we did all the research necessary to make that decision for you. You can even learn about some of the other models that might work just as well in your home.

Worth the Investment?

The water level found in some bowls is so low that it keeps the water from cleaning the sides, which means that you need to clean more. Others have a water level so high that you risk your body coming into contact with that liquid. The water level on this model is the perfect height for both men and women.

We also like that this set comes with a matching tank and bowl because you can more easily carry each piece into your home and set up those pieces. You’ll also have an easier job of taking apart the two pieces when the plumber needs to make any repairs or when you need to clear a clogged line.

If you have more money to spend, the Veil from the same manufacturer is an even better option for you. This is an intelligent model that comes with a built-in heated seat that you can adjust the temperature on and an integrated bidet. It has a dual flush design that lets you adjust the water used when flushing too.


Product Specifications

• Canister flush technology eliminates the risk of hidden spots that the water may miss to keep the bowl cleaner
• Designed for mounting on different flooring materials and comes with the needed mounting bolts
• Comfort height increases the distance between the rim and floor to more than 16 inches
• Comes with a warranty that covers all the necessary parts as well as the tank and bowl for one full year
• Convenient flushing handle located on the left side of the tank allows all users to easily press it
• Has WaterSense certification because it uses less water with each flush than older models do
• Has a depth of more than 30 inches, a width of more than 18 inches and a total height of more than 31 inches, which is the distance from the top of the tank down to the floor
• Includes a 12-inch rough-in to keep it from sitting directly beside the wall
• Uses vitreous china, which retains its smooth surface for years and resists damage like scratches as well as some of the normal bathroom stains and odors


• Elongated bowl is thinner on the sides and larger on the front and back to mimic the human body and increase your comfort when using the restroom
• Comfort height makes the seat on this one the same height as a standard chair to reduce strain on your legs and lower body while sitting and standing
• Trapway and tank flapper work together with gravity to create more suction, which creates a powerful cyclone inside the bowl each time that you flush
• Matches the sinks and other bathroom products that are part of the Memoirs Collection from KOHLER
• Comes with two pieces that include both a tank and a bowl in a matching design
• More of the seal on the flapper remains hidden inside that piece to keep water and chemicals from wearing down the seal and causing leaks
• Flushing handle has a light design that lets you use less pressure to flush waste away
• Available in a number of classic and traditional colors as well as some bolder options
• Wide design of the trapway keeps clogs from forming and allows more waste to move through the drain and into the pipe
• Helps you save on the water that you use annually because this model uses less than 1.3 gallons of water with each flush


• Does not come with any type of seat
• Can incur some minor damage like scratches during the shipping process

Final Verdict


When it comes right down to it, we think that this product is worth using in most bathrooms because it combines great features and a comfortable height with a lower price that makes it more affordable. While you might prefer all the advanced settings and features on the Veil and other intelligent models, you can’t beat the price on this one. It uses 1.28 gallons of water to flush the bowl, but some older models use a higher rating of 1.6 gallons.

We think that many people will like the clean and classic design on this one, which features pedestal steps along the outer edge of the tank and along the base. Those decorative pieces make this the focal point of any bathroom. You can create a more complete look with other products from the Memoirs Collection.

Though there are other models from KOHLER worthy of an investment, this is one of our top picks.