Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review – Should You Get It?


When selecting a new toilet for your bathroom, you need to think about things like the height from the top of the seat to the floor and the finish. Not only should this finish match the look of your bathroom, but it should also be easy to clean because no one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the bowl.

You’ll also want to consider the gallon per flush rating, GPF, which tells you how much water it uses per flush.

One of the top features of the Santa Rosa from KOHLER is that it actually has a GPF of just 1.28, which significantly reduces the amount of water required per flush and pay help you save a little on your water bills.

This toilet has an integrated design too that features both a seat and base with an attached tank that reduces the risk of bacteria lodging inside the seams found on models that use two pieces. We compiled all the things that you need to know about this model to help you decide if it’s best for any bathroom in your home.

Worth the Investment?

This model is really worth the investment is you want an affordable option and you want to save on your high water bills. Though the manufacturer doesn’t market it as a low flow option, it does use less water than comparable models and still does a good job of cleaning the bowl to remove waste with every flush. The comfort height design also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms that adults you because this height helps adults sit down without needing to squat or stretch.

KOHLER also makes the San Souci, which includes some of the same features and costs just a little more. This model has a canister design inside the bowl that allows water to come out when you flush and circulate around inside the bowl to completely remove all waste. You might like the Kathryn too, which uses the same amount of water per flush and comes with a more decorative base.


Product Specifications

• Has a larger surface area inside the bowl to help prevent stains and to keep odors from lingering inside or around the bowl
• Each flush uses more pressure to push debris deeper inside the attached pipe to keep clogs from developing
• Has a standard rough-in of 12 inches that makes it easy to install in larger bathrooms
• Meets the standards needed for getting a refund or a tax rebate in certain cities and states
• Made from a vitreous china that is resistant to stains caused by bacteria and certain types of germs
• Includes mounting holes on the base for mounting on bathroom floors of different types and to keep the base from wobbling once installed
• Comes with a chrome flushing handle on the left side of the tank that uses a chain attached to the flushing valve inside the tank
• Measures 18.75 inches wide across the tank and more than 28 inches from the floor to the top of the tank
• Has a 2-1/8 inch trapway with a special glazing on the surface that prevents clogs because it lets more waste and water go down
• Canister design of the bowl works with the AquaPiston to produce more pressure when pressing the flush handle


• Comes in a classic white finish as well as other finishes like almond and biscuit that are warmer or darker to fit the style of your bathroom
• Aqua Piston Flush Technology allows more water to reach the bowl to eliminate more of the waste left behind by a user
• Integrated design connects the tank to the base to eliminate the seams that might cause dust and debris to stick to the product
• Complete set comes with both a lid that blocks off the bowl and a seat that fits between the lid and bowl
• Uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which helps it meet water usage standards in most areas
• Flush valve is larger and allows more water to come through when you turn the knob to remove more waste from the bowl
• Features a seal that has more coverage around it to seal off the water and to prevent leaks
• Uses up to 20% less water than similar toilets do when flushing
• Deeply sloped sides on the bowl keep debris from sticking to the surface and make the bowl easier to clean
• Comfort height raises the seat to around two inches above the height of other seats to increase the comfort of extended seating and to make it easier to sit down


• More waste inside the bowl will take multiple flushes to remove
• Chain inside the tank can slip off the flush valve

Final Verdict


We highly recommend the Santa Rose for a few reasons, including because it meets the standards for WaterSense certification from the EPA and because it eliminates more waste per flush while still using less water. As it uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, you can save water when using the bathroom, though depending on the size and type of waste in the bowl, you may need to flush more than once. It comes in different finishes like white and almond that you can choose from to go along with the products already in your bathroom.

This model also has a comfort height that increases the height of the seat up to two inches higher than comparable models. You’ll no longer feel too close to the ground or too far away from your bathroom floor. While KOHLER makes some other nice models like the San Souci and some intelligent products, the Santa Rosa is a good choice for those on a budget.