Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review – Should You Get It?

K-3977-0 Those who love the look of KOHLER toilets and the features found on those models but want a more affordable option will appreciate the Wellworth. Though it comes loaded with the top features that made this company such a household brand, it also costs much less than you would pay for one of the intelligent models that the company makes or one of its classic options.

This one has a canister valve at the base of the bowl that is wider and larger to allow more waste to move through the trap when you flush.

Another reason to purchase this model is because it has a lower gallon per flush figure of only 1.28 gallons, which will help you save more than 16,000 gallons of water over the course of a single year when compared to the older model that you already have in your bathroom.

We know that you probably have some questions about other features on this model and worries about whether it will fit with your home, which is why we created a list that includes everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Worth the Investment?

Though the Wellworth uses less water per flush and has an affordable price, it really can’t compete with some of the other models out there. Reviews from past customers point out that it came already damaged or that it suffered damage relatively quickly after installing it and that this model doesn’t have enough water pressure to remove all waste from the bowl, which can cause streaks to form on the sides. It does, however, have a flapper in the tank with a large seal that prevents water from leaking out of the tank.

A better option in this price range is the TOTO Drake, which comes in the same color and features a slightly larger elongated bowl. This model has a G-Max flushing system that uses less water too. Another option is the H2Option from American Standard, which uses less water but puts more power behind each flush to keep the bowl nice and clean.


Product Specifications

• Made from two pieces that ship inside the same box for faster carrying into your bathroom/home and for easier installation
• Has a standard height rather than the comfort height seat found on other models, which lets you sit further off the floor
• Measures 14.5 inches from the floor to the top of the bowl and 16.5 inches from the floor to the top of the seat once you install the seat
• Uses the same 12-inch rough-in that many bathrooms already have to increase the space between the wall and tank
• Has a depth of 27.5 inches, a width of just over 16 inches and a height of more than 26 inches from the floor to the top of the tank
• Rounded shape of the bowl gives you more space around the back but also limits the amount of space in the room needed for the product
• Meets WaterSense certification guidelines and will help you save on water usage because it uses 1.28 gallons of water with every flush
• Designed for use with a floor outlet and comes with the hardware for mounting it on the outlet in your bathroom


• Includes both the tank and bowl/base in the box as well as mounting hardware and a wax ring to prevent leaks once mounted to the floor
• Uses Class Five technology when flushing to keep the bowl clean and to eliminate bulk forms of waste
• Performs as well as models that use two to three gallons of water per flush while using only 1.28 gallons, which helps you save more than 16,000 gallons of wasted water over a year
• Comes with a separate tank that your plumber can install on top of the base and take apart for doing repairs in the future
• Meets all the guidelines for the WaterSense program maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent water wasting
• Has a round bowl that offers more space in the back but is smaller in the front to fit inside more bathrooms
• Works with the existing supply line that you have in your bathroom or with a new one that you purchase
• Available in a classic and traditional white finish as well as other finish options
• Canister valve has a rounded design that forces water into the bowl and around all sides to make each flush more effective
• Red seal on the flapper lasts longer than other seals will because KOHLER designed it to come into contact with less water


• Some customers received boxes with significant damage done to the base or tank
• May not save you as much water as you hoped because you need to flush several times to remove waste


Final Verdict


We recommend this product for anyone doing a bathroom renovation on a budget because it costs much less than other KOHLER models do. We also like that it uses less water per flush and that it features a canister design that lets each flush do more. It has an efficient design that sends water spiraling down from the top of the bowl to remove much of the waste inside.

While we think this is a relatively good choice, we think that you can get a much better product when you spend just a little bit more. The American Standard H2Option is just one of those choices. This model uses more water per flush and does a better job of removing the waste that can leave behind stains on the surface of the bowl.

We highly recommend comparing the H2Option as well as the TOTO Drake before spending a dime. In a head to head comparison, those others models will often come out slightly ahead.